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Sit...Stay...Beg - Roxanne St. Claire

Roxanne St. Claire has started a new series and this is book 1. The entire series will revolve around the Kilcannon family. Daniel Kilcannon is morning the loss of his wife Annie and wishing that his 6 adult children could find the same type of perfect love he did. While he is enjoying everyone being home for the funeral, he wishes they all lived back in Bitter Bark, North Carolina. Daniel's 83 year old mother, Gramma Finnie, tells her son to give the kids a reason to "come home". Daniel is a veterinarian and has always loved dogs. Even his family and friends call him The Dogfather! Then an idea hits him...what if he turned part of his 100 acres of Waterford Farm into a world class dog training and rescue facility and have each of his kids own a part of the company and help run the facility! Of course all the kids love the idea and finally come back home.

Garrett used to be on the west coast where he developed an app for posting pictures of your animals that caught on very fast. After selling his company and their app, Garrett is more than set for life and he jumps at the chance to come back to Bitter Bark where he can get away from the media that have made his life a nightmare. Garrett refuses to discuss what happened so imagine his surprise when little Jessie Curtis shows up at the farm wanting to interview him for her job at Inside the A List and his father is encouraging it! Jessie was best friends with Garrett's younger sister, Molly, and always had a huge crush on Garrett. She even let him feel her up in the barn when she was 15!

After Garrett reluctantly agrees that's when things get fun! Jessie gets to spend time with Garrett and is slowly getting him to open up even against his own plans! I just adored their time together. The chemistry these two had was sizzling...guess things do get better with age! ;) Throw in Garrett's big and crazy family, a certain dog named Lola (who actually stole the show and made me cry for her) and these two reluctant characters who have both been searching for something permanent in their lives and you have one awesome story! I just loved their happy ending....so perfect!

Great start to such a fun family! I can't wait to read each of the Kilcannon's stories!

Sex in the Sticks: A Love Hurts Novel - Sawyer Bennett

OK...after reading this book I am even more excited that I am actually going to Alaska in 2018!  

Valentine French comes from a family of money....a LOT of money.  She had to get a college degree in order to get her trust fund, but since then she has never really worked...she has just run a dating blog, much to the chagrin of her upper crust parents...and let's just say that if Val can rile her parents by what she puts on her blog, all the better.  The only person who understands her is her cousin Jeremy.  Val is tired of all the metro sexual guys that she has gone on dates with in New York City.  They all seem more into themselves than her.  When she's complaining to Jeremy about these dates, he suggests she go some place totally different than NYC and try dating the guys there....it would certainly make for some great blogs!  Jeremy suggests Alaska.  He was there a year ago for a bachelor party and he can attest that the guys there are nothing like NYC guys.  Val lets Jeremy set up her reservations and she heads to Alaska.

OMG!  Imagine a NYC socialite in rugged Alaska.  The scene where Val gets off the boat in Alaska was laugh out loud funny.  Right away Val is helped by the city's mayor, Logan Burke and she is instantly attracted.  Too bad he doesn't seem to return the attraction, but he does end up driving her to where she is staying...and it's not a 5 star hotel like she expecting.

I just loved watching Val try to navigate to the ways of Alaska.  It was a hoot watching all these guys fall over backwards for Val....everyone but Logan.  It was fun how Logan always seemed to "pop" up just when Val needed him.  These two were explosive together.  They had such a fun time hanging out together and it was great watching their feelings change.  I just LOVED this book.  It made me laugh and swoon.  And I really enjoyed the path the Val and Logan had to take to get their happy ending!  It was just perfect!  Great start to a new series!

Walk of Shame (Love Unexpectedly) - Lauren Layne

Party girl, Georgianna "Georgie" Watkins has a wonderful life. She is a pampered heiress, especially since her grandma left her a nice trust fund, and has never had to work a day in her life. She is also an only child with two very well off parents. The most Georgie has to ever worry about is what to buy when she goes shopping or which fundraiser she should be helping out at. While this may sound like a great, her dating life is anything but. It's always the same type of rich, cocky guys which completely bore Georgie. Now, the guy who lives in 79B in her apartment building whom she sees every morning at 5:00 am when she is just getting in from a night of partying does pique her interest. Andrew Mulroney is a very successful divorce attorney and likes his routine life. Out the door every day at 5:00 am to work out at the gym, then off to the office where he spends most of his time, then back home to start the routine all over. What he doesn't like is the bubbly Georgie, or Georgianna as he prefers to call her....or does he? While these two may be polar opposites, they are just drawn to each other. Georgie purposely comes home every morning just before 5:00 am with a dozen donuts for the doormen, just waiting for Andrew to show up. Andrew secretly enjoys sparring with Georgie every morning, although he'd never admit it. The conversations between these two are perfect, laugh out loud awesomeness! Then finally one day the sparring turns to an earth shattering kiss...which just happens to get photographed by the paparazzi and their world explodes! I really loved these characters. They were both so fun and entertaining. I really enjoyed how they balanced each other out so well. While Georgie is outgoing and friendly, Andrew is quiet and reserved. I just adored this story line and couldn't put this book down...it was THAT fun! So if you are looking for two great characters and a wonderful, laugh out loud, swooning story....I highly recommend giving this book a try!

Ain't He Precious? (The Sex and Sweet Tea Series Book 1) - Juliette Poe

This is a new series by Sawyer Bennett's alter ego, Juliette Poe.  This is the first book in her new series Sex and Sweet Tea.

Trixie Mancinkus is from North Carolina and is a sweet, southern type of girl from the town of Whynot.  Trixie ended up going to Harvard and became a lawyer.  While in law school Trixie met Ryland Powers and the two quickly became serious for three years. They made plans to get jobs in Boston and still be together.  Just before graduation, Trixie tells Ryland that she can't stay in Boston and that she is moving back to Whynot, NC and she wants him to go with her.  Ry is conflicted but ends up staying in Boston and they break up.

Fast forward 11 years....Trixie has called Ry out of the blue because she needs help on a case and now that he is a big time lawyer she thinks just having him on the case will help her client.  Ry agrees and flies down to Whynot for the first time ever.  Let's just say that Boston and Whynot are polar opposites.  I just adored how Ry looked at how different life was in the south.  It made him realize that maybe he was missing out on something....a life.  Of course seeing Trixie again was just icing on the cake.  All those old feelings came back quickly.

I loved watching these two rekindle what they had.  It was so sweet and romantic.  I just adored Trixie's family.....they are a hoot...especially Pap!  I really enjoyed the path these two had to take to get back together.  If you are looking for a sweet fun story...give this one a try!  Great start to this new series!

Faking It - Carly Phillips, Erika Wilde

I just devoured this book. I started it around 11:00 am and finished it at 11:00 pm the same day.....I loved it! In the book Big Shot, we met Max Sterling.....he is Wes Sinclair's business partner. Max is also a confirmed bachelor. Sure someday he'd like the whole family, house and kids stuff but for now he is content with his life, at least until Hailey Ellison walks into it.

Hailey is looking for a high end building for her matchmaking company. She is very picky and has a list of certain criteria that are a must. Too bad she's engaged based on the diamond on her left hand and Max doesn't mess with women who are taken....no matter how much they turn him on.

After three months of looking, Max has found Hailey the perfect building. When they go to lunch to celebrate they run into one of Hailey's clients who believes that Max is Hailey's fiance....unbeknownst to him! That's when the fun begins! When Max realizes that Hailey is not engaged and not even dating anyone he has made it his mission to make Hailey his.

I just adored Max and Hailey. What started out as a pretend engagement quickly changes into something real for both of them. Since Hailey has some skeletons in her closet, she doesn't believe that Max could really be that into her and she thinks that he is just putting on a great show. Max starts to realize that Hailey has some insecurities and he is trying really hard to reverse them.

These two had a fun ride to get to their happy ending....Max's well off family....Max's crazy ex that he only dated 3 times...as well as all of Max's friends and Hailey's best friend. This was a wonderful story that I highly recommend!

Faking It - Carly Phillips, Erika Wilde

I just devoured this book.  I started it around 11:00 am and finished it at 11:00 pm the same day.....I loved it!  In the book Big Shot, we met Max Sterling.....he is Wes Sinclair's business partner.  Max is also a confirmed bachelor.  Sure someday he'd like the whole family, house and kids stuff but for now he is content with his life, at least until Hailey Ellison walks into it.

Hailey is looking for a high end building for her matchmaking company.  She is very picky and has a list of certain criteria that are a must.  Too bad she's engaged based on the diamond on her left hand and Max doesn't mess with women who are taken....no matter how much they turn him on.

After three months of looking, Max has found Hailey the perfect building.  When they go to lunch to celebrate they run into one of Hailey's clients who believes that Max is Hailey's fiance....unbeknownst to him!  That's when the fun begins!  When Max realizes that Hailey is not engaged and not even dating anyone he has made it his mission to make Hailey his.

I just adored Max and Hailey.  What started out as a pretend engagement quickly changes into something real for both of them.  Since Hailey has some skeletons in her closet, she doesn't believe that Max could really be that into her and she thinks that he is just putting on a great show.  Max starts to realize that Hailey has some insecurities and he is trying really hard to reverse them.  

These two had a fun ride to get to their happy ending....Max's well off family....Max's crazy ex that he only dated 3 times...as well as all of Max's friends and Hailey's best friend.  This was a wonderful story that I highly recommend!

Hot Property - Carly Phillips

This is the 4th book in the Hot Zone series but it can be read stand alone.  

In this book we finally get to see who John Roper, center fielder for the New York Renegades, and Micki Jordan's best friend will end up with.  In Hot Item we met Amy Stone.  She is Spencer Atkins niece.  Amy and John seemed to be hitting it off good at Sophie and Riley's wedding until John's date intruded.  Amy deciding she needed a big change in her life decides to move to New York and be a PR agent for the Hot Zone.

As Amy is settling in she is finally given her first client....John Roper!  John is coming off of crappy World Series game where he was also injured but instead of concentrating on himself getting better, he is being pulled in many directions by his own family.  After John is shocked to see Amy in New York, Amy explains to him that he needs to stop caving in to his family and start working on himself.  At the same time John wants to work on Amy! ;)

When John doesn't tell his family that he can't be in the middle of every issue they have, Amy takes drastic measures and kidnaps John away to Brandon Vaughn's lodge in upstate New York without letting his family know where they are.  I loved how Amy got rid of John's phone...priceless!

As the two of them are at the lodge, that's when the fireworks finally explode.  Amy is used to being the good girl and has to work hard to curb her wild tendencies.  John tends to go with the flow and just have fun.  Together they balance each other out very well.  I just adored the things John would do with Amy.  These two really meshed well together.  

Add in both of their crazy families....Amy's mom was once arrested for indecent exposure along with her aunt, while John's mom is a famous actress who is past her prime but still acts like she isn't, his sister who is trying to plan a small wedding which her mom keeps trying to change and then his brother who would rather just get money from John instead of growing up and being an adult.

Overall this was a fun story that had me laughing out loud at times along with swooning at others.  Great characters and a great story!

Hot Item - Carly Phillips

This book is the 3rd book in this series and it is Sophie Jordan's story.  Since losing her parents at a young age, Sophie has always dealt with things by trying to control the situation and she especially loves knowing all the facts.  Being the middle child, Sophie tends to keep things to herself and thankfully Spencer has always looked out for her.

I just adored Sophie, probably because I have a daughter that tends to act just like her.  Sophie doesn't like to take any chances because she cannot handle the pains that would come from losing.  She has to over analyze EVERYTHING before she can make any decisions.  Sophie likes everything in her life to be simple and orderly....she doesn't like anything spontaneous.

Sophie has always been attracted to Riley Nash but his carefree lifestyle has kept her from acting on that attraction.  When the news that Spencer Atkins is gay is revealed, Sophie is the only owner in town at the offices of The Hot Zone and Athletes Only and has to handle the crisis.  Spencer is avoiding her phone calls and she is lost on what to do.  Imagine her surprise when Riley comes into the office looking for Spencer.  When Riley reveals why, the two of them set out on a course to find him.

I really enjoyed how Riley was able to loosen Sophie up a little.  Together he showed her that she can have some fun times in her life while being spontaneous.  I really liked how he just understood Sophie and her crazy tendencies.  

I also liked the story with Riley's daughter, Lizzie.  It added to the story pretty well.  I also LOVED Spencer's crazy sisters.  I wish they'd get their own story!  It was interesting seeing why Spencer kept all of his secrets and how Riley's family dealt with everything.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and it was fun to re-read it!

Bossed - Sloane Howell

This was my first book by Sloane Howell and I was impressed.  This story was a fun, laugh-out-loud, really enjoyable read, along with a little sexy and sad times.

Jenny Jackson is on her way to a job interview with a sports agent company, Mason and Associates.  While walking on the sidewalk in a large, Texas city, Jenny accidentally bumps into this gorgeous guy wearing a suit and tie who looks like he should be on the cover of GQ.  Jenny starts apologizing when the suit gets all cocky and arrogant.  Well Jenny was never one to slink back quietly and gets all up in this guys face and lets him have it good.  He may be cute and sexy but he's still a prick!

Jenny barely makes it to her interview on time and guess who is the owner of Mason and Associates????  Yep, the cocky prick who she ran into, Ethan Mason!  Jenny realizes she probably won't be getting this job but sits down at the conference table with all the other guys.  Right away Ethan starts in on Jenny and of course Jenny can't help it, she throws it right back!  Ethan starts treating Jenny like she doesn't know a thing about baseball, which of course she does, and even starts spewing statistics.  Of course what Ethan says is wrong and Jenny gets up to leave, very irritated at Ethan and then corrects him on his statistic.  Now Jenny has really peaked his interest.  No female has done that in a very long time.  Jenny ends up getting the job and then the real fun begins.

I just loved these two together.  There is nothing better than a feisty female putting a male in his place.  I'd say Jenny gave it back better than she got it!  I really enjoyed the journey these two went on to get to their happy ending.  They both were raised by a single father which greatly shaped how they handled things in their lives.  I liked the secondary story about Jenny's dad and especially her friend Kelsey.  Overall this was a fun, sexy read.

The Hard Truth About Sunshine - Sawyer Bennett

Every once in a while you read a book that will really affect you and you can't write the review right away because you need time to process the story. That is what this book did to me. This story is not a typical romance type of story, even though there is a romance. I would probably classify this book as more woman's lit.

A group of 4 individuals are in group therapy for different reasons. Two by choice, two forced by the law. Each person is so different and unique but at the same time they all do have something in common...therapy. Mags is their therapy leader.....loved her!

The story is told from Christopher Barlow's point of view. Christopher is 26 years old and an ex-marine who was wounded in action and lost one of his legs and two fingers over a year ago. To say Christopher is mad at the world is an understatement. He is one of the people being forced into therapy.

Jillian Martel is 21 years old and has depression because of being diagnosed with Kearns-Sayre Syndrome, which means she will eventually be blind. She also has cardiomyopathy because of the eye disease. When Jillian speaks she is always happy and upbeat, something that Christopher is drawn to because of his dark world.

Barb Stiles is 24 years old and looks like a goth chick. She is mad at the world and doesn't talk and is being forced into therapy by the law.

Connor McCann is almost 18 years old and has alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer and only has a few months left to live. He has accepted that he is going to die and wanted to go to therapy just to be around people.

The group has to meet each week and are suppose to discuss their feelings. Christopher and Barb never do. Jillian came up with an idea that the group should go on a week long trip to help cross off many of the things on Connor's bucket list before he dies. Mag's agrees to this and if Christopher and Barb go, they will not have to finish the rest of their weeks of therapy. Both of them reluctantly agree as long as Christopher can drive.

The main story is about the group's trek out west from North Carolina to the Pacific Ocean. They camp and stay in hotels along the way and they slowly start to open up to each other. Some of the things this group did along the way was funny, sweet, swoon worthy and then down right sad. I just adored how they ended up all becoming good friends. Be prepared for a REALLY emotional ride the last 1/4 of the book....I mean a really good cry....but don't let that stop you from reading this story. It was wonderful and I would highly recommend it...tears and all.

Finding Our Forever - Brenda Novak

Cora Kelly knows she was adopted, and loves her life, but was always curious about her birth parents.  Now as an adult she has decided to hire someone to help her investigate who they are.  The search uncovers that Aiyana Turner, owner of the New Horizons Boys Ranch is her birth mom and they just happen to have a position for a new art teacher open.  Cora applies and gets the job.  Now she can interact with her birth mom.  What she didn't expect to find was Aiyana's adopted son, Eli.  Wow, these two were pure electricity together!  HOT-HOT-HOT!  Cora is first hesitant to start up anything with Eli because of who he is but she can't help herself.  Eli doesn't tend to do relationships either but he is just drawn to Cora.  I adored these two.  They each provided something the other was missing in their lives.  I loved how vulnerable Eli was in regards to Cora.  For such a walled off type of guy, Cora quickly broke down that wall!

As Cora and Eli continue their relationship, Cora gets to know Aiyana and really likes her.  Just when things are going well, Cora's ex, Matt shows up to shake things up a bit.  I really liked the honest discussion that Cora finally had with her parents....it was so heartfelt.  Cora gets the best Christmas surprise from Eli and from there things get really interesting.  I loved how the story ended.  It was truly a perfect ending.  

Overall, I loved this book....read it in a day and a half because I couldn't put it down!  Great start to this new series and I can't wait for the next book!

Hot Number - Carly Phillips

It has been fun re-reading these older books of Carly Phillips from her Hot Zone series. In this book, the youngest Jordan sister, Micki has always been just one of the guys. Growing up with her Uncle Yank, she enjoyed being with him or playing sports all her life. Now, working in PR Micki loves being around all these guy athletes until she realizes that they don't actually see her a woman but just as one of them, especially Damian Fuller. Micki has had a crush on Damian since they shared that New Year's Eve kiss but unfortunately Damian doesn't even remember the kiss....or does he????

Damian is towards the end of his baseball career and is trying hard to stay playing the game, but due to injuries that has been a hard battle. Since New Year's Eve he can't get Micki Jordan off of his mind when he needs to be concentrating on his career instead.

When Micki decides to take matters into her own hands, that's when the fun begins. I loved how Damian really had to restrain himself around Micki! Such great chemistry! When Damian challenges Micki into going to a strip club that's when the fun really begins. I really loved Micki and Damian together.....they just sizzled. I really enjoyed the story these two went through to get to their happy ending. It was a crazy, twisted story.

There still is the sub story going on about Uncle Yank and Lola and I'm really enjoying reliving that story too. Two stubborn people who truly belong together.

Madly (The New York Series): A Loveswept Contemporary Romance - Ruthie Knox

Allie Fredericks is from Manitowoc, Wisconson but has found herself in New York City.  Allie is tired of her mom leaving for lengths of time and going to NYC and Allie needs to find out why.  Allie has tracked her mom down to a bar and is hiding in the shadows watching her with another man....a man who just happens to be her birth father.  Allie is suppose to be planning her parents 30th Wedding Anniversary party that is in a few days and she's afraid her mom is ruining everything.

Just as Allie is about to be spotted by her mom, she convinces a strange man in a suit and tie to be her cover.  This man is Winston Chamberlain, a tall, good looking, slightly older man with a British accent.  What Allie didn't expect was that sparks would fly!  Allie explains what she is doing in NYC and Winston ends up helping her.  At first I wasn't sure of these two as a couple.  They are 13 years apart in age.....Allie is closer in age to Winston's daughter, Bea than she is to him....but I am glad I kept reading.  By the end of this story I loved Winston and Allie together.  They just got each other.

As Allie and Winston start spending more time together, they start opening up to each other about all aspects of their lives.  These two are so different, yet so similar in many ways.

I really enjoyed the story line about Allie's mom and how so many people came together to help.  I must admit that the ending really surprised me....wasn't expecting that!  Overall this was a fun story that by the end I couldn't put down.

Hot Stuff - Carly Phillips

Hot Stuff is book one in the Hot Zone series. The three Jordan sisters, Annabelle, Sophie and Micki all had to go live with their bachelor Uncle Yank after their parents are killed in a plane crash when they are 12, 10 and 8 years old. Flash forward and now the girls are all adults and are working with their uncle as PR Agents at his sports agency company, Hot Zone after they each graduated from college. Annabelle's life since losing her parents has been as the peace keeper. She didn't want her and her sisters taken away from Uncle Yank and split up so Annabelle always tries to make things right. She also fears that anything she loves is going to get taken away from her so she has a hard time dealing with that. Annabelle thought she found "the one" but it ended up Randy Dalton cheated on her and broke her heart. Now Annabelle is having a hard time wanting to give her heart away....but it seems Brandon Vaughn has at least caught her attention. To bad he is a player and only wants one thing from a female. When Annabelle is forced to take Brandon on as a client again, sparks ignite! Brandon used to be with The Hot Zone until he abruptly left to be with their rival agency and now he's back asking Yank for forgiveness. What he doesn't know is that Yank is going to play matchmaker between him and Annabelle! After Brandon's new lodge that is under construction keeps having problems and things being sabotaged, Annabelle has to go stay with Brandon for a few weeks to help out with PR until things can get back on track. What neither of them expected was for the sparks to fly! I just loved how Brandon was the one trying to keep his hands off and Annabelle was the one coming at him full steam ahead! I really enjoyed these two and the path that they had to take to get to their happy ending. There was a little suspense thrown in to the story along with meeting Brandon's parents that added some colorfulness to the book. I had read this book when it first came out and have re-read it since it was slightly updated and I still loved it. Great characters, great story!

One Wild Night: A One and Only Texas Novel - Melissa Cutler

Skye Martinez longed for the days of her early 20's where she was wild and carefree. Now approaching 30 she is trying to settle down, take over the family's cleaning business, find a good Catholic man to marry and start a family.

When Skye becomes overwhelmed at work at the Briscoe Ranch Resort, she decides she needs a break and wants to go for a horse ride in the dark the think. What she doesn't expect is to find a gorgeous, sexy man in the horse barn.

Gentry Wells is a big time country star who is staying at the ranch for his music producers daughter's wedding where he is to perform. Gentry's last album tanked and he has one last chance to make a great album. Wanting to escape from the crowds, Gentry heads to barn...a place he always feels at peace.

When Skye and Gentry first see each other it's fireworks! They are both attracted to each other. Skye loves his bad boy vibes and he loves that she doesn't know who he is. Skye convinces Gentry to go out for a late night horse ride and that's when the magic starts.

The next day when Skye and Gentry are stealing some moments together they find Natalie and her fiance, Toby all upset. It seems the couple didn't want this big production wedding that their parents forcing on them. Together with Skye and Gentry they hatch a plan for the couple to elope off to Nashville. Skye's having a great time being fun and carefree with Gentry, especially when he convinces her to come to Nashville with Natalie and Toby for one last fun and wild weekend before she has to be serious and settle down.

I just loved the wedding at the Dolly Parton chapel! Too funny! After the wedding, Gentry shows Skye a great time in Nashville. It was a blast all what they did. These two really were combustible! But, all good things must come to end and they both needed to get back to their real lives.

What neither of them expected was that they just couldn't get the other too far removed from their every thought. After some great soul searching, and even some craziness from her mom's love spell, these two finally find their way back to each other. Of course just when things are going great....BAM!...disaster strikes. It was a long road for these two to finally get to their happy ending but it was really worth the trip. I just adored these two characters. They both had a fun, wild side that needed to be found every now and then and then together they found the life that they both really wanted.

Home at Last - Lily Everett

In the previous book, Close to Home, we met Marcus Beckett and Quinn Harper.  They both grew up on Sanctuary Island, next door neighbors, but are 10 years apart in age.  Quinn always had a crush on Marcus and used to follow him around like a little puppy dog.  While Marcus was away at college, his mom died of cancer.  Mad at his dad for not telling him she was dying, he quit college, joined the army, and never looked back.  14 years later Marcus is back on Sanctuary Island.  

Quinn is tired of her parents believing her to be flighty and never wanting to grow up.  What they don't realize is that Quinn has finally found a job that she really likes and wants to make a career out of it....she just doesn't know how that job came to be!

Quinn and Marcus start dating for a little bit but he quickly breaks it off with her because he feels she deserves better than him.  What he didn't understand was that breaking it off with the town's favorite resident was going to bring him nothing but problems....including no one coming to his newly opened bar.

Quinn's parents marriage has hit a brick wall.  Quinn thinks that if she can show her parents that she is all grown up and settling down that they won't spend so much time arguing about her.  Quinn comes up with a plan....her and Marcus pretend to be back together.  This will make her parents happy and it should get the town folks coming into his bar.  Marcus reluctantly agrees.

What Marcus didn't count on was that he was really enjoying being with Quinn again.  When some marriage guru Quinn's mom has hired suggests that Quinn and Marcus move into her parents home for two weeks so everyone can see how well everyone gets along...that's when the fun begins!

I really liked Quinn.  She was just super sweet and fun.  I really liked Marcus too.  He was a little brooding but based on his background it was understandable.  Together they really brought out the best in each other.  It was fun watching the two of them go from pretending to real very quickly.

I really enjoyed meeting Marcus father.  I wish more of the story had included him...especially after the two of them aired out their grievances.   I really loved Quinn and Marcus happy ending as well as Quinn's parents.  Overall, another really great book from this author in such a fun, quaint town.