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His to Protect: A Bachelor Bad Boys/Masters and Mercenaries Novella - Carly Phillips, Lexi Blake

This novella is part of Lexi Blake's Crossover Collection from her Masters & Mercenaries series.  I have never read any of the books in the original series, but it is not needed to enjoy this story.

Talia Shaw is a scientist for a big pharmaceutical company and is working on a new formula that could change people's lives.  Imagine her surprise when someone tries to break into her lab.  Talia knows they are after her formula and she decides to hide and calls her brother.  He tells her to head to Shane Landon's house to hide, since he is a body guard.  Talia is hesitant to seek help from the one man she has always longed for, but at least she knows she can trust him.  As Talia shows up at Shane Landon's house, she is very surprised to catch him showering outside, and all naked!

Knowing that Shane needs to get Talia to safety, they have to swing by her apartment first to get her work that is safely hidden and then get her to her mentor who has the rest of the work.  Of course on the way they run into all kinds of trouble.

As Talia and Shane are spending more time together, things quickly heat up.  After an explosive, action packed ending, these two finally get their happy ending.  This was a fun, and quick moving story and both of the characters were really fun.

Wanderlust - Lauren Blakely

Joy Danvers-Lively decided to take a new job overseeing the fragrance lab at L'Artisan in PARIS!!!!  She had had enough with her boyfriend, Richard and wanted a break from everything.  Joy has been trying to learn French, but she will still have an interpreter with her during the days at work.  Her first day in Paris Joy wanders into a bakery and hears the most delicious, British accent she has ever heard....coming from a tall, dark man with a sexy butt and he starts flirting with her.

Griffin Thomas has been living in Paris for a year.  It was an item on his brother Ethan's bucket list that they made while his brother was dying.  Just as he was finally able to leave Paris for his next journey, Griffin finds out that he has been reassigned to a different job, not the big cushy one that would have earned him all the money he needed to leave.  Now he has to be an interpreter for and American woman who is an organic chemist.

Griffin is enjoying flirting with Joy.  It's the first time in a long time that a female has excited him since his brother died.  After they part ways, they both keep thinking about the other.  Imagine their surprise when they are introduced later at her new job.  Oh, the fun banter between these two was superb!  Both very quick witted!

As these two spend more and more time together because of work, it quickly turns into more time together after work so Griffin can help her with her French even more.  The sexual tension between these two was explosive.  Once they finally crossed that line it was LOOK OUT!!!!

I really enjoyed both of these characters.  Griffin was chasing a dream and he ended up finding something completely different than he thought he was looking for.  Joy was running from life and ending up finding just what she really always wanted.  I really loved their happy ending.  It was just perfect!

Rumor Has It - Jessica Lemmon

OMG I am in love with Barrett Fox!  He was so cocky, funny and sexy all at the same time!  Barrett was a football player but after a career ending injury, he decides to go into broadcasting.  Well, when his cocky mouth gets him in trouble, he ends up being assigned a job at The Columbus Dispatch in Columbus, OH by the boss Mia Blakely.  Mia decides she wants her prim and proper journalist, Catarina Everhart to fake date bad-boy Barrett and the two of them will each write a column from their own point of view for the on-line Columbus Community Chat.  

These two couldn't be more perfect together.  Fox loves to fly by the seat of his pants.  Cat loves order to her life and only does things pre-planned.  She even picked out her perfect boyfriend based on certain criteria.  What starts out as hate relationship quickly turns into something more.  Cat starts to realize that there is more to Fox than the cocky jock.  The fake dating these two do is so perfect.  They keep trying to one up each other and that just adds to fun.

Overall I just LOVED this book.  I loved both of the characters and loved the journey they went on to get to their happy ending.  If you love fun, sexy, laugh out loud stories, read this one...you will not be sorry!

Breathe - Carly Phillips
I could not put this book down....I read it in one day! This book is the second in the series and Phoebe Ward's story. Phoebe fell in love with Jake Nichols when they were in foster care together. Phoebe gave up her virginity to him as a teenager only to be caught by her foster family and permanently separated from Jake. After finding out she was pregnant, Phoebe couldn't find Jake to tell him and ended up raising her son, Jamie by herself. Now, Phoebe is a realtor, and is helping her friend out with overseeing the work on her house. Imagine Phoebe's surprise when she goes to meet with the contractor and it ends up being Jake Nichols!
It has been 12 years since Phoebe has seen Jake so what does she do? She freaks out and leaves! LOL. After coming to her senses, she realizes that she has to tell Jake about Jamie but of course he finds out before she can tell him and then that's when the fun begins.

Jake of course wants to be a part of Jamie's life, but he also has to deal with his own six year old daughter Callie from his previous marriage as well as an ex-wife. It was fun watching Jake interact with Jamie and I loved all the together time. I also loved how Phoebe and Jake still had such strong feelings for each other after all those years apart and how they quickly picked things back up. I just adored both of the kids in this story. It is funny how sometimes adults can complicate things so much that kids see so matter-of-factly. I really liked how true love prevailed and Jake and Phoebe got their happy ending. This was another great addition to this series. We also get a sneak peak at the missing sister, Juliette. I can't wait for her story. It looks like it is going to be awesome too!
A Duke Like No Other - Valerie Bowman

I just love second chance romances. General Mark Grimaldi's professional life couldn't be any better. He is finally up for the job of the minister of Home Office, the position he has wanted his whole life, but he finds out there is a small problem.....they would prefer it, if he was married. Funny thing, Mark actually is married. He just hasn't seen his lovely bride in 10 years!!!! Mark foolishly married Lady Nicole Huntington, thinking they were in love, but then he came to find out Nicole had a secret that she kept from him, thus breaking his trust. The two of them have been living separate lives, content with how things are. Now, Mark must find Nicole and ask her for a favor....pretend to be his loving wife, at least until he gets the job. Then they can go back to separate lives. Too bad Nicole has a favor of her own! Oh, my lord I loved these two. They are both so stubborn and pig headed, but deep down they both still had feelings for each other. When they make the agreement that they will help each other out with what they each want, that is when things get fun. I loved the banter between these two. I also really enjoyed the mystery revolving around Mark's cousin. It was fun watching the women help solve the "who done it". Overall, this story has some really wonderful characters and a great story line that kept me entertained....and the chemistry between Mark and Nicole was sizzling!

On The Line (Milwaukee Dragons #1) - Liz Lincoln

Carrie is a recently unemployed middle school, science teacher. Seth is a defensive lineman for the Milwaukee Dragons football team and a single dad of a teenage daughter, Madison. Seth was just recently traded and had to move away from his family who usually helped him out with Madison.

The initial meeting between Carrie Heron and Seth Chamberlain was priceless. Such a funny, laugh out loud meeting. While in the grocery store, the chemistry between these two is just off the charts.
They exchange phone numbers in case Seth has more questions regarding his daughter and this starts their fun texting back and forth. Having been a single dad most of his daughter's life, Seth generally doesn't bring woman around, but something about Carrie has Seth wanted to have an actual relationship.

Carrie's brother, Jason works for the Milwaukee Dragons and he knows of a nanny job that is looking for someone to live at the football player's house and take care of his teenage daughter. Unable to find a teaching job, Carrie decides to apply for the nanny job. Imagine her surprise when the football player is Seth! Knowing they both need the help of the other, Carrie and Seth decide they cannot pursue any type of relationship except an employer/employee one. That is when the fun begins! These two have a very hard time keeping things platonic between them. It was fun watching the build up between these two.

I loved how Carrie got along so well with Madison. They had so many fun things in common together and it was a great addition to the overall story. I really enjoyed the road Carrie and Seth went on to get to their happy ending. This was a fun, sexy story that I would highly recommend.

Ruff Around the Edges - Roxanne St. Claire

Aidan Kilcannon thought he would be in the Army for life, but when his best friend, Charlie Spencer, is killed in action, his plans change.  As Charlie is dying, he makes Aidan promise to get his dog Ruff back to Bitter Bark and to take care of him.  Wanting to honor his best friend's dying wish, Aidan calls his dad, Daniel "The Dogfather" Kilcannon for help.  Once Ruff arrives in Bitter Bark, Daniel informs his son that there is a paper stating that the dog was left to Charlie's sister, Rebecca "Beck" Spencer.  

Charlie and Beck were raised by her Aunt Sarah and Uncle Mike when their parents were killed in a car accident.  It just so happens that Beck is here staying in Bitter Bark for awhile because her Uncle Mike had a stroke and he and Aunt Sarah need help running their pizza place Slice of Heaven.  Aidan reluctantly takes Ruff over to Beck because he doesn't have any proof that Aidan wanted him to have the dog.  Ruff is a big, rambunctious, bad dog and Aidan is hoping Beck will change her mind once she sees him.  Unfortunately, Beck is just as stubborn as Aidan and she wants Ruff to help her heal over the loss of her brother, just as Aidan does.

As Beck and Aidan spend more time together between making pizza at Slice of Heaven or dealing with Ruff, sparks start to fly.  These two souls who both feel lost in a new life that they weren't expecting to have, start to form a strong bond.  Aidan is all ready to jump feet first into something more serious but Beck has reservations because everyone she has ever loved has died.  It takes a serious leap of faith for these two to get to their happy ending, but they finally do in such a great way.

As always, I just adore Roxanne St. Clair's books.  She has wonderful characters that go on such an emotional journey together to get to their happy ending.  Aidan is just a sweet, sexy military man and Beck is sweet, friendly and just wants a big family again.  Read this book, you will not regret it.

Murder Notes (Lilah Love) - Lisa Renee Jones

Holy cow!  I could not put this book down.  I just had to keep reading to find out answers.  Imagine my surprise when I realized this book ends on a cliffhanger.  Ugh....I want, no, I NEED to know the answers to this mystery and it is killing me having to wait.

Lilah Love works as an FBI profiler.  She understands how killer's think and is really good at her job.  Lilah is now living in California after running away from her past in the Hamptons, NY.  Imagine her surprise when her latest case is dragging her back into the past she has been trying to run from.

Back in the Hamptons, Lilah finds herself immersed into another murder and having to deal with her father, the mayor, her brother, the police chief, and her ex, now the head of the local crime family after his father was murdered.  As Lilah is investigating things in New York, someone else is leaving her notes taunting her.  Just when you think you have something figured out, the story takes a hard left turn.

Overall I love this story and I really love Lilah.  She is a total bad a$$ type of girl with such a foul mouth, but she really knows her job.  I love this ride Lilah is taking me on and I can't wait to see how it ends.

Fearless: The Rosewood Bay Series, book 1 - Carly Phillips

OMG! I am in love with Kane Harmon. Talk about the sweetest, nicest, perfect guy!

After getting jilted and used by a summer vacationer to his little beach town of Rosewood Bay, Kane has stayed away from any type of relationships. The occasional hookup is fine, but that is it. He has enough to worry about with his gambling addicted father, his single mom sister and running his garage business.

When Kane goes on a tow truck run to pick up a female broken down on the highway, he is surprised to find Halley Ward. He hasn't seen Halley in years, since their emotional connection back in high school when he protected her from school bullies. Instantly attracted to Halley, and finding out that she actually still lives in Rosewood Bay, Kane starts to pursue her. Too bad Halley is not interesting in a relationship. Kane continues to insert himself into Halley's life because he can tell she wants more to her life than she currently has, but is afraid because of things from her past. Little by little Kane wears her down until she sees that having Kane in her life is a beautiful thing.

I just adored Kane. He was so patient and kind and just what Halley needed in her life. Halley had some horrible issues from her past but with Kane's help she was able to overcome them. Overall I loved this story. I sat and read it in one day because I could not put it down! And the sneak peek into Halley's sister Phoebe's story looks so fun! ;)

About That Kiss - Jill Shalvis

Ever since Joe Malone and Kylie Masters shared that earth shattering kiss outside of the bar, they avoid each other like the plague.  Neither of them ever expected a kiss would make them feel all those feelings.  Kylie couldn't understand why Joe wouldn't talk to her.  Joe Malone is a loner.  He was in the Army's special forces, did a stint in the MMA and now works for Archer at his security/investigation company.  Joe also is Molly's brother.

When Joe needs to get Molly a birthday present, a mirror that Kylie made at her woodworking shop, Joe must finally talk to Kylie.  I just loved the smart aleck banter between these two!  When something important to Kylie goes missing, she makes a deal with Joe....he helps her find her penguin and she will make Molly a mirror.

Kylie insists on being with Joe every step of the investigation.  This of course causes a lot of great moments between the two of them.  As they spend more time together, their feelings start to come out.

This was such a fun, sexy story.  I loved these two characters.  They were both stubborn but so great together.  The added mystery with the penguin was fun.  Overall, another great story by Jill Shalvis!

The Secret of Flirting - Sabrina Jeffries

I just adore Sabrina Jeffries' books.  They always provide great characters, a great story, great humor and this book is no exception.

Monique Servais is an actress in Dieppe and lives with her grandmother, who has developed dementia and it is getting harder to look after her while she has to work.  Her grand-maman was born into royalty, but left that life to marry her true love and thus was cut off from her family.  Now years later, the Count de Beaumonde, grand-maman's brother-in-law. was looking for Monique's help.  He would like Monique to pretend to be Aurore, the reigning Princess de Chanay.  If she could pull it off, he would take care of her grand-maman the rest of her life.  The real princess is ill but she needs to be in London because she is the front-runner to becoming the Queen of Belgium, which is seeking its independence from the Netherlands.  It would only be for a short time, and really what could go wrong!  ;)

What Monique did not count on while she was pretending to be Princess Aurore was to run into Gregory Vyse, Baron Fulkham, whom she met three years earlier and has not been able to forget.  Right away Lord Fulkham realized that it was Monique, but she kept denying it.  Now the game was on.  As Gregory and Monique spend more time together, their feelings for each other grow.  When an attempt on their lives happen, secrets start to unravel and Gregory and Monique have an even bigger issue on their hand.  Together they have to work to figure out who is behind all their issues and how they are going to solve their problems.

I loved these two characters.  Gregory's life has always been all about work.  Monique's life has been all about work and taking care of her Grand-maman.  Together these two find something wonderful that they were missing in their lives.  The mystery that they had to figure out to get to their happy ending was so fun and enjoyable.  It kept me constantly guessing at the end results.  Overall, I just adored this book and I highly recommend it.

Fearless: The Rosewood Bay Series, book 1 - Carly Phillips

OMG!  I am in love with Kane Harmon.  Talk about the sweetest, nicest, perfect guy!

After getting jilted and used by a summer vacationer to his little beach town of Rosewood Bay, Kane has stayed away from any type of relationships.  The occasional hookup is fine, but that is it.  He has enough to worry about with his gambling addicted father, his single mom sister and running his garage business.  

When Kane goes on a tow truck run to pick up a female broken down on the highway, he is surprised to find Halley Ward.  He hasn't seen Halley in years, since their emotional connection back in high school when he protected her from school bullies.  Instantly attracted to Halley, and finding out that she actually still lives in Rosewood Bay, Kane starts to pursue her.  Too bad Halley is not interesting in a relationship.  Kane continues to insert himself into Halley's life because he can tell she wants more to her life than she currently has, but is afraid because of things from her past.  Little by little Kane wears her down until she sees that having Kane in her life is a beautiful thing.

I just adored Kane.  He was so patient and kind and just what Halley needed in her life.  Halley had some horrible issues from her past but with Kane's help she was able to overcome them.  Overall I loved this story.  I sat and read it in one day because I could not put it down!  And the sneak peek into Halley's sister Phoebe's story looks so fun! ;)

Fighting Dirty (Blind Jacks MC) - J.C. Valentine, M. Carroll

The story of Ryder and Tiffany continues in this second book.  You should read Marked For Death before you read this one.

As Ryder and Tiffany are getting settled in a life together, she can't help wondering if she is really cut out for the biker lifestyle.  Tiff loves Ryder like no other man before, but certain things that she sees in the biker's way of living she is not too keen on...danger....violence....whores....etc.

When something happens to Darkness, president of the Blind Jacks, all hell breaks loose.  While trying to contain that situation, it becomes apparent that Tiffany's ex has found her again.  Not wanting to bring more problems to the bikers, Tiff makes a rash decision that almost pushes Ryder over the edge.  Tiffany finally realizes that her and Ryder really do belong together and together is how they confront her crazy ex-husband.

All the suspense leading up to the confrontation was really enjoyable and made me want to keep reading.  I really enjoyed the characters of Ryder and Tiffany.  They were both fun and believable.  I also loved the situation between Darkness, Sammy and Rose.  They added some extra fun into the intense drama with Ryder and Tiffany.

The V Card - Lauren Blakely, Lili Valente

This is a wonderful story of friends to lovers.

Caroline Jessica "CJ" Murphy has been friends with Graham Campbell for years.  After all he was her brother, Sean's best friend.  After Sean passed away suddenly, Graham has always looked out for CJ and been a big brother to her.

When CJ and Graham meet up for one of their usual Sunday brunch dates, they both have something they need to ask of the other.  Graham would like CJ to speak at a board meeting to help save the lingerie company that him and Sean started.  This was a perfect opportunity for CJ to ask Graham what she would like.....she would like him to help her lose her virginity and help her be more knowledgeable in that area.  Graham is shocked.....it's Sean's little sister....this goes against everything.  But CJ is so desperate she bribes Graham....she will help him if he spends the next week teaching her and helping her to lose her virginity and then she will speak at the board meeting.  After much soul searching, Graham agrees.

This story was so fun!  I just adored Graham.  To most people he was a playboy, but really deep down he is a great guy.  I just loved his lessons with CJ.  It was entertaining watching her open up and own her sensuality.  Even though CJ always had a crush on Graham, it was fun watching their friendship change to something more with each lesson they went through.  In the end they both got their happy ending that they didn't even know they were looking for!

Peep Show - Isabella Starling

This book was unlike anything I have ever read before. Yes, it was sexy hot, but the hero and heroine were both so messed up emotionally. There were parts in this story that were such an emotional read and at times I wasn't sure if could put myself through their heartbreak, but I am so glad I continued reading until the end.

Bebe Hall comes from a family of money and was always the good, little girl. When she went to college, she quickly became friends with Posy and Arden, cool girls who finally liked her. Together they got into all kinds of trouble until Posy's life unexpectedly ended. Bebe is now living in a shell of her former life, trying to forget what happened to Posy and spends most of her time drinking, partying, doing drugs and sleeping with any guy she can find.

After one night of partying, Bebe comes home to her apartment and notices a guy across the street having sex up against his window. This scene seems to draw Bebe in. The man, Miles Reilly, quickly notices Bebe watching and interacts with her daring her to go next. This starts the little game between Bebe and Miles.

Both Bebe and Miles live for this type of attention, playing off of each other. Both of these characters have such messed up minds it's crazy. As things progress, so does their friendship and relationship. On paper, these two should never be together, but in reality, these two are just what each of them needs. Their relationship was such an up and down roller coaster. It was like a train wreck, you just couldn't help but want to look.

Overall, I really loved this story. It was raw and emotional as well as sexy and hot.

Bought by the Boss - Stacey Kennedy

This book is actually two fun, sexy novellas. Liam Maxwell and Jackson Keller used to be best friends and college roommates at law school, but something happened in the past and now neither of them speak to each other. Each of them are successful lawyers in their own right, but they are still connected through their personal assistants, Aria Finley and Mallory Beckett. Liam has been secretly keeping his attraction to Aria, Jackson's assistant, under wraps for far too long. When a charity auction comes up and Aria and Mallory agree to be auctioned off for a date, Liam jumps at the chance to win Aria. Liam and Aria have always had a flirty relationship but have never acted on it since Aria is great friends with Jackson. Liam and Aria's time together was fun, sexy and very enjoyable. I really liked both of these characters. Aria is a strong woman who has no problem putting Liam in his place. Liam has wanted Aria forever and is willing to do anything to make her happy. Their happy ending was great! Unbeknownst to Liam, Jackson bid on Mallory to get back at Liam for bidding on Aria. What started off as a prank quickly turns into something else. Mallory is stuck between wanting to stay loyal to Liam, but also wanting a shot at Jackson. If only the guys could get past their issues and make up it would make Mallory and Aria's life much easier. These were two fun, quick, sexy reads. I thought for sure I knew how the story would finally end, but was wrong. Overall, it was a great read.