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Cuffed by His Charm: A Dirty Little Secrets Novel - Stacey Kennedy

This is the 4th book in the Dirty Little Secrets series and we finally get Gabe O'Keefes's story.  Gabe may be rich and likes his sex a little dirty (why else would you own a sex club?) but what most people don't know is that enjoys being a pub owner and serving beer, not the CEO to his huge company.  They might not also know that Gabe has been lusting after McKenna Archer, a bartender that work for him.  Since Kenna is an employee, she is hands off but when she ends up as the source for all the personal leaks of Gabe and his best friends to Gotcha! magazine, all bets are off.

Damn, you do not want to cross Gabe when he is not happy!

It quickly comes to light that Kenna's brother Evan is behind all the leaks and not Kenna, which leaves Gabe feeling a little guilty.  When Kenna realizes something is wrong regarding her brother, Gabe and his friends step in to help.  It was a twisty, turnie ride these two had to go on to find Evan and stop the leaks.  I really loved how Gabe helped Kenna even though he'd rather have her brother rot in hell for the things he did to him and his friends.  Overall, this was another great addition to this series with all your favorite alpha DC men back together.  I really liked how loyal Kenna was, especially to her brother, even if he didn't always deserve it.  And I really enjoyed the happy ending that Gabe and Kenna finally got!

Restrained Under His Duty (Dirty Little Secrets) - Stacey Kennedy

This is book 3 in the Dirty Little Secrets series and Ryder's story.  Ryder has been lusting after Hadley Winters for a long time but since he is her father's bodyguard, it has to be hands off.  Too bad Hadley doesn't see it that way.  She has tried anything and everything to be with Ryder.  While info regarding Ryder and his friends keeps getting leaked to the tabloid paper Gotcha!, the latest one is regarding Ryder and Hadley, and then a sexy photo of Hadley bound and gagged with two guys has been brought to light.  Ryder promises Hadley he will put a stop to this so it doesn't come to her father's attention but of course that means that they must spend more time together.  Ryder realizes that there is a bigger story underneath everything and is stepping up security for Hadley and her dad.  Just when Ryder thinks things are looking up....Bam....his world starts to unravel!  It takes Ryder's security team, his best friends and a leap of faith to fix his problem and get the one thing that he didn't realize meant so much to him before....Hadley.

I really loved this book.  Great characters and a great plot that kept taking me in a different direction than I though it was going to go.

Rock Solid - Carly Phillips

This is the 4th book in the Book Boyfriend series and we finally get Connor Prescott's story.  Out of all the four guys, Connor was the one who was looking for love, babies and the white picket fence...problem was he never met the girl that he'd want all that with.  Connor doesn't believe in one night stands, but after getting stranded in Denver because of a snowstorm, his life is about to change.

Something about the mysterious woman is pulling him towards her and quickly things begin to ignite.  After a fun dinner in the airport, and realizing that Katie doesn't have anywhere to sleep because all of the hotels are booked, he offers her the second room in his suite to which she reluctantly accepts.  Connor learns that Katie had her heart broken while in Denver and wants to just make her happier.  Katie decides she wants Connor instead.  Pleading with him they agree to one night, but no sharing last names or even any personal information.  Connor wakes up the next morning wanting to continue things with Kate back in Chicago but finds out she has left.

Imagine his surprise 3 1/2 years later when Katie shows up at his office explaining that he's a dad to 3 year old Leah and she finally found out who he was because she saw his picture on the cover of Chicago Magazine.  Considering Connor has never forgotten Katie, he takes this a great sign....the family he always has wanted.  Katie is just not sure of the situation.  All the men in her past have always proven to be jerks and Katie is not sure that she wants to drag Leah through anything.  Over the course of time Connor and Katie spend more time together, along with Leah.  Problem is is that Katie is not ready to fully commit and Connor is getting tired of waiting.

It took a long time for Connor and Katie to find their happy ending but it was so worth it!  I really loved Connor...such a great, perfect guy.  It was understandable how Katie was being based on her past, but at times I wanted to kick her in the butt and say guys like this don't come around that often!  Then there is Leah...she was such a fun, cute little girl!  Overall, this book was a great ending to this series and I'm sad it's over.  I sure hope Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde are putting out another series together!

An Ex for Christmas (Love Unexpectedly) - Lauren Layne

If you are only going to read only one Christmas book this season, read this one.  Great story of best friends to lovers during the Christmas season.

Kelly Byrne is a school teacher and is finally on Christmas break.  She splits her time between Manhattan, NY and Haven, which is in upstate New York.  Kelly is on her way to her house in Haven to spend time with her best friend Mark Blakely who lives next door.  While on her trip home, a psychic tells the superstitious Kelly that she has already met her one true love and she will find him again before Christmas.  Kelly decides to make a list of all her ex's and is determined to hunt them all down before Christmas.  What Kelly doesn't know is that her bestie Mark has been in love with her for years and he is not happy with her plan to find her ex's.

Through a series of LOL moments, Kelly reconnects with her ex's, while at the same time the sexual chemistry between the her and Mark is really heating up!  Mark needs to decide if he wants to push Kelly for something real between the two of them or just let her go for good and move on with his life.

I just adored Mark and Kelly.  Mark is such a great guy and the type you want to marry.  Kelly was so fun and quirky you couldn't help but just want to be friends with her.  The road to their happy ending was perfect!  I loved this book and just couldn't put it down!

Christmas in Kilts: A Highland Holiday Box Set - Bronwen Evans, May McGoldrick, Lecia Cornwall, Lavinia Kent, Terri Brisbin

This was a delightful book that included 5 different stories that dealt with Scotland during the Christmas season. Each story had a great alpha Scot and a female ready to make them work for their love. A Highlander's Hope by Terri Brisbin is about a Scott, Iain MacKillop who is widowed and now in love with another clan's town whore, Robena MacKendimen. Iain knows that most people wouldn't be too happy if he were to marry Robena, but he has made it his mission to do just that! Boy I loved Iain! Such a great alpha. Robena seemed like such a sweet lady and she deserved happiness too! A Highland Christmas Wager by Lecia Cornwall is about a Scottish lady, Maighread MacLennan having to unexpectedly stop at a laird's castle for safety from the snow storm. Too bad the laird is someone from Maighread's past. What Maighread didn't expect was that there would be two other Scots there with all three of them vying for her attention....and the best man did win! I loved the guy she ended up with. A Scot For Christmas by Bronwen Evans was a fun story about longing for your brother's best friend. I LOVED this story! Fiona Mackenzie has long wanted Dougray, the Earl of Lorne and now that he is a widower, Fiona is hoping he can give her one gift that she really is hoping for. these two were great together! Leftover Mistletoe by Lavinia Kent was a fun and heartwarming story. Emma Spencer's life as she's known it has been ripped from her after her father's death. On her way to her Uncle's place she shares a ride with a strange man and the two ended up stranded together. James Barran can't believe his bad luck. Of course a forced circumstance leads to just what James needed! Sweet Home Highlands by May McGoldrick is a story about Captain Gregory Pennington being hired to escort 4 adults and one child to Sutherland. Along the way Penn falls hard for Fie and her ward, Ella. Along the way these two fall in love and find their happy ending. I just adored Ella. She was such a blast for a little kid.

Right Where We Belong (Silver Springs) - Brenda Novak

Savanna Gray's life is unraveling apart.  Her husband has been arrested for attacking three women and is currently in jail.  When Savanna starts to believe that her husband is actually guilty, she files for divorced and heads to Silver Springs, CA to live in the house her parents left her and her brother.  
She knows the house needs a lot of work, but Savanna feels she can handle in.  As soon as Savanna arrives late at night with her two kids, she meets Gavin Turner, her next door neighbor, make that sexy next door neighbor.  Spark fly immediately, but Savanna knows she needs to keep her distance with everything going on in her personal life.  Funny how good intentions don't seem to work out.  Gavin finds himself coming to Savanna's aid any chance he can and the more time they spend together, the stronger their feelings are.

For once in his life, Gavin has found someone who really interests him.  Just when Gavin's life looks like it can't get any better, his past shows up to haunt him.  It takes a great leap of faith from both Savanna and Gavin to get to their happy ending, all while trying to deal with a few things from their past.  There is a little bit of suspense added to this story and I can admit that it kept me on the edge of my seat with my heart beating a mile a minute!  Overall, I LOVED this book.  Gavin was such the perfect guy for someone like Savanna, even with all that had happened in his past.  Savanna was such a strong heroine, especially with what was going on in her life.  Together these two just made each other better.  Read this book...you will not be sorry!

Adam (7 Brides for 7 Soldiers Book 2) - Roxanne St. Claire

This is book 2 in a fun new series from multiple authors.  Each book revolves around a different guy from the town of Eagle's Ridge, Washington.

Adam Tucker thought he was going to be in the Coast Guard for life, but after he failed to save a teenage boy from drowning, he left the Coast Guard and headed back home to Eagle's Ridge.  There Adam and his twin brother Zane are running A to Z Watersports.  Adam is also in the process of opening a youth adventure camp to try and help troubled teens.  Zane loves to bet anybody for anything so he bets Adam that he will not get his camp ready in time for opening day.  Of course Adam takes that bet and is surprised when Zane sends a pretty interior designer his way to help him.  As soon as Adam sees Jadyn, whose real name is Jane, the sparks fly.  What Adam doesn't know is that Jane is hiding out, per the FBI, from something that she shouldn't have seen back in Miami, FL.  Jane doesn't want to get too close to anyone in Eagle's Ridge since she won't be there long, but of course the more she is around Adam, that feeling changes.  The more time Adam and Jane spend together, the more they both open up about things in their past.  When the past comes back to haunt them, it takes a huge leap of faith with both of them so they find their happy ending.

I just adored both of these characters.  I loved how open and honest Adam was.  I really enjoyed how all Jane wanted in life was to belong somewhere and how she finally found it.  I even really liked all of the secondary characters and it will be fun to see how each of their stories will play out.

Wicked Envy (The Wicked Horse Vegas) (Volume 3) - Sawyer Bennett

Avril, Dane and Andrew have been best friends since their college days and now they all work at Caterva BioTech, a company that Dane started.  Avril finds her boyfriend of three years in their bed with some other woman and kicks him out of their home.  Beyond pissed, Avril decides that she wants to have a little fun in her life and asks Dane to take her to The Wicked Horse Vegas as his guest because she is ready to explore a few things.  Dane has always had a crush on Avril but has always kept things in the friend department, but against his better judgement he takes her there, along with Andrew.  After one night, Avril is addicted and wants to go back.  Not so much Andrew.  Dane and Avril start spending a lot of time together at the Wicked Horse Vegas and things progress quickly.  Avril wants Andrew more in her life and the next things you know, they are all three together!  It takes a lot of soul searching, but the three of them eventually figure out a way to make them all happy.

I just loved Dane....such a great alpha with a little bit of a sad childhood thrown in.  He really has done well for himself.  Andrew is just the perfect, sweet guy that everyone wants to be friends with.  Avril is very strong and determined when it comes to business but in her personal life she was more wishy washy.  It took a cheating boyfriend to turn her into the true woman she was meant to be!

Overall, this was a fun, sexy read that I couldn't put down and another great addition to such a fun series!

The Inn at Blue Hollow Falls - Donna Kauffman

What a fun, delightful story.  Stevie Franklin, Sunny Goodwin's best friend is coming to Blue Hollow Falls over the Christmas Holiday to help her friend set up the orchids for her new program in the old Victorian greenhouse she inherited.  Stevie isn't close to her family and would rather be working during the holidays and thought being with Sunny would be perfect.  What Stevie didn't expect was big, gorgeous and hunky Noah Tyler.  Noah owns the Inn at Blue Hollow Falls and is one of Sawyer's good friends.

The first meeting between Stevie and Noah was great and of course there was instant attraction.  Stevie ends up staying at Noah's inn since the broken water pipes at Sawyer's forced her to find somewhere else to stay.  While at the inn, a huge snow storm hits and Stevie and Noah are snowed in along with his guests.  Stevie jumps right in to help.  This constant closeness is causing some interesting feelings between the two of them that they both thought they'd never find.  It was fun watching this Christmas loving guy with a huge family slowly get Stevie to love the holiday season just like him.

If you are looking for a fun, quick Christmas story, you will really enjoy this one!

Brash (Spartan Riders) (Volume 4) - J.C. Valentine Curtis "Taco" Nash didn't mean to fall for Bambi Lane, the former FBI agent, turned bunny, who used to be with Country, but now has been banned from the Spartan's compound....but he fell hard. When Bambi ups and disappears one day with not even a goodbye, Taco is a lot pissed and a little hurt. It's been a year and he still hasn't been able to forget her. When whispers that Bambi was seen have come back to Taco, he needs to go and find her for himself. He needs some answers. Boy does he get a few answers. As the two of them try to work things out, things are escalating with the war between the Spartans and the Cruiz drug lords. Just when things are looking promising for Taco, all hell breaks loose and he may lose the only thing he realizes that he really needs in his life....family. I really loved both of these characters. Taco may act all big and alpha, but really deep down he is a fierce and loyal guy. Bambi is a strong individual and knew deep down what she did was the right thing. It really took some soul searching for both of these two, but they were finally able to get their happy ending. I am really enjoying this series. Each Spartan is so fun and colorful and I can't wait for Moose's story next!
Duke of Desire - Elizabeth Hoyt

Iris Daniels, the Lady Jordan has found herself in a rather interesting predicament and she believes she is going to die.  Imagine her surprise when one of the masked and nude Lords of Chaos removes her from the situation.  When the man throws Iris into his carriage she finds a guns and ends up shooting him.  What she didn't realize was that the man was Raphael de Chartres, the Duke of Dyemore and he was actually trying to rescue her.  From there the fun begins!

Raphael is trying to bring down the Lords of Chaos for personal reasons but he also wants to protect Iris.  He decides that in order to protect her, they must marry!  Iris, being a widow would rather remarry for love but Raphael convinces her it is for the best.  Iris accepts but wants a real marriage along with marital relations.  Too bad Raphael is against that.  It was hysterical when Iris kept trying to seduce Raphael.  Love a girl who knows what she wants!

While Iris is trying to put herself into Raphael's life, he is trying protect her and bring down the Lords of Chaos.  It was so enjoyable watching these two start to become more meaningful to each other.  When Iris starts pushing harder, she realizes that there are some ugly things from Raphael's past.  Only the power of love could really help Raphael escape from his past.  It was such an emotional road for these two to get to their happy ending but is was so worth it!

I just have to say....where have I been?  This was the first time I have read this author and all I can say is wow!  I can't believe there have been 11 other books in this series!  These characters are wonderful and perfectly flawed....and their story is beyond wonderful.  Plain and simple....read this story!

Hope at Christmas: A Novel - Nancy Naigle

I was asked to review this book in exchange for an honest opinion.  I have never read this author and after reading this story, I need to read more of her books.  This author creates such real and genuine characters that you can't help but become friends with them, at least in your mind!

Sydney Ragsdale is going through a divorce and to get away from her soon-to-be ex-husband, Sydney and her daughter RayAnne decide to move to Hopewell, North Carolina.  Sydney grew up in Hopewell and when her grandparents died, they left her their old house.  For once Sydney is getting to make decisions for herself, not having to do everything her ex said she had to do.

Sydney takes RayAnne to school on her first day and they decides to wander around the small little town.  Sydney is shocked to see that The Book Bea is still open and that Bea Marion still runs it.  The two quickly catch up and Bea even offers Sydney a temporary job for the next few weeks until her other job starts in January.  Sydney just feels at home in the little bookstore.  When Bea mentions that she is looking to close the place in January unless someone is interested in buying it (wink wink) Sydney does some serious thinking.

In the meantime, Sydney and RayAnne are meeting and making many new friends, including Kevin "Mac" MacAlee and his son Seth.  What starts off as a fun friendship between kids and single parents quickly turns into something else.  Both of these single parents have to decide if they are ready to trust their hearts again.

When two things happen suddenly, along with an unexpected guest, their worlds collide very emotionally.  I just adored Sydney and Mac.  Sydney was just trying to find herself again and was doing a great job of it.  Mac was just the perfect guy with such a heart of gold.  These two people really deserved a happy ending and they really got a great one!  If you are looking for a sweet, emotional Christmas story....look no further....this is the one!

With This Christmas Ring - Manda Collins

This story is a second chance love story.  Five years ago Miss Merry Parks was betrothed to Alex Ponsonby, the Viscount Wrotham but because of some manipulating by Alex's grandmother, the Dowager Viscountess Wrotham, Merry called it off and left Alex.  Now, Merry has promised her friend Charlotte Smithson, on her deathbed, that she would take care of her daughter Lottie and find the baby's father.  Charlotte was secretly married to William Ponsonby, cousin of Alex.  Merry had heard that Alex was back in London and decides to go see him and ask for help in finding William.

One look at Merry and it is obvious that Alex is still in love with her and he decides right there and then that he is going to win her heart again and what a better time to do that then during Christmas.

It was a sweet and fun story seeing these two get to their happy ending.  Five years of time didn't dim their feelings at all.  I enjoyed the time that was spent at the Keep, the Wrotham family home, during the Christmas season.  It was fun seeing how they spent their holidays and the ending of it was just perfect.  Overall I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it.

Christmas at Two Love Lane - Kieran Kramer

I was asked to read this story in exchange for an honest review.  There were parts of this story that I loved and parts I didn't.  Overall, it was a fun story and I enjoyed the characters, but at times it felt like I was reading in circles.  I loved how the story took place in Charleston, SC.  The author's descriptions were dead on.  It made me feel like I was actually there.

The lead heroine, Macy Frost is a descendant of THE Cupid and owns a matchmaking company with her two best friends Ella and Greer.  The hero is Deacon Banks, a wealthy man from New York City, NY, whose Aunt Fran, who raised him, just moved in next door to Macy.  Deacon is looking for Macy to set him up on dates for the next month while he is here with his aunt, as a Christmas present for her....he is not looking for anything serious.  Macy reluctantly agrees as long as she can also try to find his one true love.  Since Deacon doesn't believe in love he agrees.

I really liked both of the characters.  They each had their own reluctance to love and it was fun watching them both fall hard.  I just adored Aunt Fran and her houseman, George.  They were a hoot!  Overall it was a sweet, Christmas story with a little sexy time thrown in.

Bad Reputation: A Bad Boys of Sports Novel - Nicole Edwards

Chase Barrett and Cassie Desrosiers are best friends and have been since college.  They have NEVER crossed that line because they value their friendship too much, but lately they both have been secretly wondering "what if".

Cassie is an executive VP for an IT company and has been selected to be the keynote speaker at the big Technology conference in Las Vegas, NV to talk about her company's new app she is in charge of launching.  

Chase is the bad boy of hockey and even has the nickname of Sin, both on and off the court!  Of course the only person who can put Chase in his place is Cassie.  After losing their game that would have put them into the playoffs, Chase heads to Cassie's place for some cheering up.  He's not happy when he realizes some guy is already at her place.  Chase lets himself into Cassie's place and that's when the fun begins.  This scene was so LOL funny!  One thing leads to another and all of sudden Chase is going to go with Cassie to Vegas.

While in Las Vegas, Chase and Cassie get completely drunk and have the attitude "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".  As most people know, that is never the case.  Now they both must figure out what is happening and where they should from there.

I loved Chase.  He was so fun and cocky and such a dirty talker!  Cassie is fun and sweet and the responsible one.  The journey these two went on to get to their happy ending was fun, adventurous and emotional.  I laughed, cried and swooned.  I really enjoyed this friends to lovers story.

A Talent for Temptation (The Sinful Suitors) - Sabrina Jeffries

Meriel Vyse is a widow and also helps her brother-in-law, Gregory Vyse, the Baron Fulkham by being an undercover spy.  Meriel owes him her life, so she has been helping him for years.  Meriel longs to be in a real relationship with Quinn Raines, her secret love, but she thinks she can't because of being a spy.

Quinn is tired of being the nice guy and waiting for Meriel to return his feelings and decides to take matters into his own hand.  Quinn decides he is going to stage an attempted abduction of Meriel where he will come to her rescue.  Maybe then she will be so grateful, she will profess her undying love.  

Of course, things don't go as planned and in typical Sabrina Jeffries style, this is where the fun really begins.  I really adored Meriel.  She is a fun and feisty lady and I loved that she finally got her happy ending.  Great, fun, short story!