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Home Field Advantage - Liz Lincoln
Natalie Griffith is working her dream job at Sports and Leisure News Today (SLNT) as a sports beat writer under her idol, Ellen Blake. She has been assigned to follow the Milwaukee Dragons' football team for the season. What Natalie didn't expect was that Quinn Lowry, her ex, would now be on that team. She may be still feeling a little guilty for the article she wrote on him a few years ago.

Quinn cannot believe he is seeing Natalie in person again after all these years. She broke his heart when she left him, and then again when she wrote her article. Now he just wants to concentrate on making the team and doing a good job.

The more Natalie and Quinn see each other it becomes obvious that they both still are attracted to each other so they agree to one night together to get it out of their systems. So much for well thought out plans! LOL These two realize that one night is just not enough and quickly things start to escalate. Pretty soon they both find themselves falling hard but are both afraid to voice their feelings. As these two both take a long look at their lives they realize that they both need to make some changes if they ever want to find their happy ending.

I enjoyed this story. Both of these characters had demons from their past stopping them from having their one true love happy ending. They both needed to really dig deep down and come to terms with a few things in order for that to happen but when they finally did it was all worth it! I loved how they liked to work on old cars....that was fun and interesting to read. Overall a fun addition to this series.