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Code Name: Sentinel - Sawyer Bennett

Cruce Britton used to work in the Secret Service protecting Jonathan Alexander, then Vice President of the United States.  Now Jonathan is the President of the United States and has requested that Cruce and his boss, Kynan McGrath, owner of Jameson Force Security, fly into Washington D.C. for a private meeting.

The President is concerned about some chatter that was intercepted regarding the groundbreaking work that his niece, Barrett Alexander is working on and would like to hire Cruce to be her personal security.  Of course Cruce agrees.

Barrett is used to being in her own little world.  Most of her days are spent doing research and that is fine to her so when her uncle informs her that she will be have 24/7 security she is not happy but agrees.  As Cruce and Barrett spend more time together the sparks begin to fly!  When a kidnapping attempt is made, Cruce decides to take Barrett to a hidden destination which happens to be on a private tropical island.....now the real fun will begin!  Being secluded together will push them just enough to give into their desires.  Just when it looks like they may have found their perfect match, outside forces come in to blow everything apart.  It will take two very determined individuals to be able to win against this danger so Barrett and Cruce and finally get their happy ending.

I just adored Cruce...tall, dark and perfect!  I loved how he was so drawn to the quirky, nerdy Barrett.  Barrett is beyond smart and some might say naive to the ways of the world but deep down she is a good person.  I loved how Cruce was able to make her see that there are other parts to a life than just work.  Together they just worked.