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Love on Lexington Avenue (The Central Park Pact Book 2) - Lauren Layne

We met Claire Hayes in the first book in this series.  Claire is the widow of Brayden, the man who was having an affair with a few different women.  Outside of Brayden's funeral, Claire meets Naomi and Audrey, two of these women and a great friendship begins.

It's been a year since Brayden's death and Claire thinks she is ready to move on with her life.  First up is renovating her brownstone.  When Naomi's boyfriend Oliver recommends his friend Scott Turner for the job you just know there will be fun.  Scott has always been chasing something in his life, but he just doesn't know what it is.  He prefers to keep life simple, including only one night stands.  Imagine his surprise when he first meets Claire and she is not the old widow he thought she would be.  She is also not the typical Upper East Sider.  

As Claire and Scott spend more time together they fall into an easy rapport.  Claire even starts telling Scott how she wants his help to get her back into the dating world starting with finding just a one night stand.  At first things are fun until Scott realizes that he may want Claire for himself.  It will take a huge leap of faith for this wandering loner to realize that maybe what he has always been looking for is standing right in front of him!

I just adored Claire and Scott.  Claire's life was stuck in a rut and she desperately needed to redefine herself.  I loved how she just jumped right in....sometimes a little hesitant but she still did it.  I also really loved Scott.  I love a man who can work with his hands....one of my weaknesses!  I loved their banter back and forth and quite a few times I found myself laughing out loud!  These two together were perfect and I just adored their happy ending.