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Devoted to Love - Shayla Black

Magnolia "Maggie" West is not looking for love.  After being abandoned by her mother to be raised by her grandparents, Maggie doesn't trust many.  Instead she looks for temporary comfort in the arms of others.  While at her sister's wedding, Maggie catches the eye of Josiah Grant, one of the groom's fellow special operatives working security at the wedding and she is instantly intrigued.  After one adventurous night together, Maggie and Josiah realize that just one night might not be enough.  

When a murder in the small town of Comfort, Tx suddenly happens, Josiah realizes he needs to step up and protect this woman that has stirred something in him that he thought was long dead.  As another murder happens, Josiah realizes that this may be from the Enlightenment Fields group that had recently moved to Comfort and he decides to investigate.

As Maggie and Josiah start to spend more time together, things heat up really quickly and real feelings start to develop.  At the same time danger is heating up just as quick.  Just when it looks like Josiah may have found the woman made just for him, she may end up being lost forever.  As a big showdown comes to a head it will take a lot of trust between Maggie and Josiah, two people who do not trust anyone, to be able to get to their happy ending.

I really liked both Maggie and Josiah.  They both have big skeletons in their past that have stopped them from being in a relationship but together they found something that was missing in order to make them whole.  These two characters scorched up the sheets together too!  Overall this was an enjoyable story filled with a lot of suspense and sexy time.

Once Upon a Bad Boy - Melonie Johnson

Sadie Gold is finally starring in a movie that could be her big break and she is really training hard for the challenging role. Imagine her surprise when she finds out that the stunt coordinator is none other than Bo Ibarra, her first love and the man who still owns her heart.

Bo Ibarra wants to prove to his boss that he is finally ready to take over the stunt company they run together and is excited to work on the big movie that will soon be starting. Imagine his surprise when he realizes the lead actress is Sadie Gold, his first love and the girl who still owns his heart.

It had been 10 years since Bo walked away from Sadie on prom night. Sadie never understood why but thankfully she had her grandmother who helped her through the breakup. Seeing Bo now, it is very obvious that the sexual chemistry is still there, but since they are working on a movie together it has to be hands off......yeah, right! Quickly these two start to connect and eventually the past is discussed. Just when it looks like these two are going to finally get the happy ending the deserved a huge secret threatens to ruin everything. It will take a huge confession and an even bigger leap of faith so Sadie and Bo can finally get their happy ending.

I just adored both of these characters. Sadie was the rich girl who grew up with everything except the love and attention from her parents that she so desperately wanted. Bo grew up with little in his life but had a wonderful family life. Together they both find things that they had always been searching for. Overall this was a great second chance at love story and I hope there will be more books in this fun series!

Project Duchess (Duke Dynasty #1) - Sabrina Jeffries

OMG this story was such fun! What a great background! Lydia Fletcher has been wed three times, each time to a Duke. She has given birth to 5 children in total (3 dukes, a spare and a daughter). This book is her first son's story, Fletcher "Grey" Pryde, the 5th Duke of Greycourt.

Grey has spent much of his life resenting his mother and stepfathers because he was forced to live with an uncle after his father's death. His family didn't realize that Grey was being treated poorly. Now, years later, Grey has proven to everyone that he has become a successful Duke, yet has no interest in taking a wife. When Grey's second stepfather passes away unexpectedly, Grey shows up at his mother's side. Imagine Grey's surprise when he meets Beatrice Wolfe, the young woman who is organizing his stepfather's funeral and they end up having a fun, entertaining meeting and Grey is instantly smitten.

Bea has had a hard upbringing especially after losing both of her parents and having to live with her Uncle Armie while her brother was in the service. Now that her uncle is dead, Beatrice isn't sure what is going to happen to her. Grey's mother would like to help Bea, along with her daughter, Gwen have their coming out and she thinks it would be wonderful if Grey could help. As Grey and Bea spend more time together the attraction starts to grow until they both realize that they may have found something that neither of them was ever looking for. Of course things from the past always have a way of causing trouble and delaying these two from finally getting their happy ending but eventually do.

I just adored Bea. She has a heart of gold and a mouth like a sailor! She has a tendency to tell it like is and that is what drew Grey to her. Grey is tall, dark hair, beautiful cerulean blue eyes and he sounds completely delicious! The chemistry between these two was so much fun! I loved this story and can't wait for more books in this new series!

Going Down On One Knee - Christina Hovland

Velma "Velvet" Johnson's life is going according to plan except for one thing....her Mr. Right.  Unfortunately, her twin sister, Claire, nabbed Dean, the guy she was lusting after.  When Claire tells her that she and Dean had some news and were going to come over the last thing she expected was an engagement!  The second thing she never expected was some hot, arrogant biker showing up at her apartment.  Turns out hot biker is Brek Montgomery, Dean's best friend and her new roommate for the next few months.  

Claire and Dean hire Montgomery Events to plan their wedding....a company owned by Brek's pregnant sister.  When Aspen ends up on bed rest Brek takes over running her business until after the baby is born, since he is on break from managing the band Dimefront.  He then convinces Velma to help him in exchange for helping her find her perfect guy.  

As they spend more time together, their chemistry starts to ignite and Velma is starting to think that eve though Brek doesn't rate very high on her spreadsheet, he might just be what she really needs.  Just when you think Brek and Velma will get their happy ending, misunderstandings come into play and everything explodes, but in the end they find their happiness!

I just adored this story.  Brek was so funny you couldn't help but love him.  He was a hoot as a wedding planner and up against Velma's straight laced approach they made the story so fun!  There happy ever after was just perfect!

Her Submission (Dirtier Duet #2) - Lisa Renee Jones

This is the second book in the Dirtier Duet and you need to read book #1 first.

This book picks up where His Demand left off.  Abbie's ex-husband, Kenneth is dead and it looks like she is going to accused of the crime.  Gabe is determined to help Abbie fight but she is tired of rich, powerful men trying to run her life.  Abbie has to learn that Gabe is not the others and it takes a huge leap of faith for her to accept that.  At the same time Gabe has to try to not control everything about Abbie.  As they work to figure out what happened to Kenneth, it will take a lot of faith and trust to get to their happy ending.

I read this book in 24 hours.  I needed to know how everything ended.  Between Gabe's father, Abbie's mother, Jean Claude, Reid and Walker Security there is so much mind blowing things happening that it was a miracle that Gabe and Abbie did finally get their happy ending.

The Room Mate - Kendall Ryan

When Paige's best friend, Allie, asks her for a huge favor, she reluctantly agrees....sure her little brother, Cannon can stay at her place. It seems Cannon's been having some problems with crazy ex-girlfriends and he ends up getting kicked out of his place. When little Cannon shows up, he's not so little anymore....nope....he's tall, dark and sexy beyond anything she has ever seen. Damn, Paige can't be lusting after Allie's little brother. Imagine her surprise when Cannon is flirting and obviously interested in her! What she doesn't know is that he has always lusted after her since he was 14! One drunken night when Cannon admits that every girl he sleeps with becomes crazy because he is a god in bed she agrees to finally sleep with him to prove his theory wrong but it will have to wait until she is not drunk. It takes awhile but they finally end up together and both are very surprised with the feelings that they are both experiencing. Quickly things start to escalate into something very real. Just when it looks like they are going to get their happy ending, reality comes crashing in. It will take a lot of soul searching for these two to find their way back to each other but in the end it was worth it!

Meet Cute - Helena Hunting

Kailyn Flowers likes her life calm and always in order. On her first day of law school as she is walking to her first class she collides with Daxton Hughes, the ex-actor and guy crush of her teenage years and her inner fan girl comes to life. This starts a fun relationship between these two that continues up until the very end of law school when he ends up betraying her.

Flash forward, they are both lawyers and Dax has come to her company's law firm because she manage his sister's trust. Dax recently has become guardian to his 13 year old sister, Emme, and his aunt is trying to contest the guardianship. Of course the sparks are still flying between these two! The court appoints Kailyn as Emme's conservator and she ends up spending a lot of time with Emme and especially Dax. These two quickly heat up and are finding that they really are great together. As they both try to work again his Aunt, they find that they may found the person they were meant to be with.

I loved this story. I really loved both Dax and Kailyn. They were both smart, sweet people who were making sure things were right for Emme. This was a fun story that made me laugh out loud quite a few times!

Naughty Stranger (Dangerous Love #1) - Stacey Kennedy

Peyton Kerr has had a rough time of it lately. She decides to leave her home in Seattle, WA to start over in the last place she was happy, Stoney Creek, Maine. There Peyton is the new owner of the lingerie shop. Upon arrival Peyton heads to the bar next door to her shop for some food. There she meets Kinsley, the bar owner and they just click. Peyton also notices the hot guy at the bar but steers clear of him until he is suddenly next to her. When Peyton starts to feel nervous she heads to the bathroom. Imagine her surprise when she walks out the door right into the guys arms and ends up kissing him. Imagine Kinsley's surprise when she sees her new friend kissing her brother, Boone a local detective! LOL.

Boone is instantly attracted to Peyton but has stayed away from her because of things from his past. When a dead body is found in Peyton's store, Boone and his partner show up at the store to investigate. When Boone is determined to protect Peyton from any harm, they decide to throw caution to the wind and get together. What they didn't expect was the level of sexual chemistry they had.....off the charts!!!! As Boone and Peyton spend more time together, their feelings keep growing stronger. While it is obvious that there are things from their pasts that neither of them divulged, they can't help but want to be together.

When it appears that there may be someone actually trying to kill Peyton, Boone goes into full protective mode and realizes that he may want more out of this relationship than he originally thought. Between keeping Peyton safe, finding the killer and trying to get beyond their pasts, it will be a long and bumpy ride for these two until they can find their happy ending.

I just loved Peyton and Boone. They both had such emotional pasts and it took a lot for each of them to get past it in order to be able to move forward into the future. Peyton is such a sweet, fun person and I can't even begin to image what she has been through. Boone is such a great alpha male with a big helping of emotions thrown in. Together these two could finally get beyond their pasts to finally find a happy ending. I also loved the mystery that revolved around their story. It really made it fun trying to figure out who the killer was. Overall a great start to a new series!

Hot Under the Collar (The Dogmothers #1) - Roxanne St. Claire

Wow!  What a fun, perfect start to a new spinoff series of The Dogfather.  Now that Daniel Kilcannon has found love again, someone else has to step up to be the family matchmaker.  Who better than Gramma Finnie?  Except she is being joined by Agnes "Yiayia" Santorini....mother-in-law to Daniel's new fiance, Kate....the woman who despises anything that is not Greek.  While Yiayia is usually not the nicest person to be around, because of something that happened she is trying to turn over a new leaf and be a nicer person.  The Santorini's don't believe for a minute that Yiayia has changed, especially her granddaughter, Cassie Santorini.  Too bad The Dogmother's have their sights on matchmaking Cassie and Gramma Finnie's grandson, Braden Mahoney, the hot firefighter.  Cassie and Braden have been attracted to each other since the first time they met but they have never acted on their feelings.  When The Dogmother's find a way to get Cassie and Braden to spend more time together, they don't mind.  In fact they enjoy spending a lot of time together and come to the understanding that it will be only temporary since Cassie has plans to leave and move to a big city.  As these two spend more time together, they both start to realize that they want more than just temporary but both of them are afraid to follow through.  It will take 3 large families, Kilcannon-Mahoney-Santorini and one adorable Weimaraner, named Jelly Bean to get these two to their happy ending.

I just adored Cassie and Braden.  Cassie is an event planner with dreams of working in a big city.  Braden is a firefighter just like his brothers with dreams of getting his dog Jelly Bean to be an arson dog....too bad the dog is having problems smelling.  These two had such great banter together...both of them a little sassy....but both of them perfect!  Their chemistry was off the charts because they both just got each other.  This was a wonderful story that will make you laugh, make you cry and make you love these two characters.

Take the Bride (The Knight Brothers #1.5) - Carly Phillips

Sierra Knight is about to get married....not to the man she always thought she would (Ryder Hammond), but to a safe, secure man that will treat her well (Jason Armstrong).  Imagine her surprise when the priest asks for any objections to her marriage and Ryder stands up and objects!  After Jason storms out and the dust settles, Ryder convinces Sierra to come with him to talk and hear him out.  A few hours later they end up in the Poconos at the type of honeymoon place Sierra always talked about.  Ryder will do everything in his power to convince Sierra that she belongs with him.  Now he just has to hope that she believes the same thing.

This was a fun, sexy novella.  I really enjoyed the characters, the story and the perfect happy ending.

Smitten by the Brit - Melonie Johnson

We met Bonnie Blythe in Getting Hot with the Scot...she is Cassie's best friend. Bonnie is engaged to Gabe whom she has been with for over 10 years. She is patiently waiting for Gabe to finish his PhD, which will finally happen in a few more weeks so she can move on with her perfectly planned life. When Bonnie walks in on the shock of her life, she has had enough and abruptly ends her engagement. Not knowing what to do, Bonnie leaves her apartment and heads to the Waldorf to spend the night. While at the hotel, Bonnie runs into the handsome British friend of Cassie's fiance whom she met last summer in Europe and was attracted to but she was engaged. Theo Wharton cannot believe his luck because he has been smitten by Bonnie since her first met her and he is more than happy when Bonnie wants to spend some time with him.

When Bonnie is offered a summer teaching job in London she jumps at the chance so she can get away from her life for a while and maybe while she is there she can have a little fun with Theo. As Bonnie and Theo spend more time together things get pretty serious. Just when her life looks perfect, a major revelation is found out and Bonnie does was she tends to do....run back to Chicago this time.

Theo is tired of having to run his life for his family and his title. When he finally decides for once he is going after what he wants he realizes that he has to make a huge, major effort to win back the woman he loves.

I just loved this story. These characters are such fun and so colorful and you can't help but root for them to get their happy ending. It was such a fun ride Bonnie and Theo went on but it was really worth it!

Just One of the Groomsmen - Cindi Madsen
This book was pure perfection of a friends to lover's story.

Addison "Murph" Murphy spent her teenage years hanging with a group of guys who are still her best friends. Even though she loves all of her guys the same, Addie was always closest to Tucker Crawford. When the group gets summoned together by Shep to tell them he is getting married to his girlfriend, Lexi, he informs the "guys" that he wants them all as his groomsmen....well technically Murph will be a groomsmen but she will have to wear a dress and stand by the other girls. Murph isn't thrilled with the whole girly thing, especially the dress part, but she will do it for one of her best friends.

When Tuck ends up quitting his big city lawyer job to move back to his home town, Addie and him start spending a lot more time together and start to see each other in a different light. Both of them want to throw caution to the wind and see if what they are each feeling is real, but they also don't want to ruin the best friendship they have. When they finally give in to their feelings, their world explodes....who knew it could be so right. Just when it looks like things are ending up perfect, their world implodes. It will take a huge leap of faith to get these two back on track to their perfect ending but they finally do get it.

I just adored this book. Addie was such a fun, non-girly girl. Tuck was just a perfect balance for Addie and together they were perfect. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this story....I laughed, cried and swooned.
The Earl Next Door (First Comes Love #1) - Amelia Grey

What a fun, delightful story.

Adeline, the Dowager Countess of Wake, is widow at only 22 years old and is finally free from her husband's demanding rule. He treated her poorly because after 2 years of marriage she still hadn't provided him with an heir.....even his mistress has been able to do that! While Adeline was retrieving her husband's personal items that were found from the sunken ship, Salty Dove that he was on, she met two other young widows, Julia and Brina. Together they decided they were going to open a school for females whose families didn't have the money to teach them things like reading and writing and they would start by inviting girls who lost a family member on the Salty Dove.

While getting ready to open the new school, a man shows up at Adeline's house, forcing his way into her house and happens upon her in an uncompromising position. Lord Lyonwood, the Marquis of Marksworth immediately thinks that Adeline is a lady of the night based on how she is dressed. Quickly, he realizes his mistake but is instantly smitten with Adeline. This starts their fun journey of getting to know each other. Lyon would love nothing more than to court Adeline because she is the first woman to have captured his attention but Adeline is not interested in getting married again. She'd be glad to be his lover though!!!! Lyon has never had females turn him down before and is now more determined than ever to make Adeline his.

These two characters went on such a fun journey together to get to their happy ending. I loved both Adeline and Lyon! I really enjoyed all the supporting characters too! This was a wonderful start to this new series and I look forward to reading more stores in it.

Getting Hot with the Scot - Melonie Johnson
I was asked to review this book in exchange for a free copy. I was not familiar with this author but the blurb caught my attention. That being said, I am really glad I took the chance. I just adored this book. I found myself laughing out loud, swooning and just loving the entire ride. Perfect start for a brand new author! She has a fan in me!

Cassie Crow and her 4 best friends are heading to Europe on the vacation of a lifetime! She has a bucket list to fulfill and one of those is a one night stand with a not guy. Cassie was expecting to find her man in Paris, but instead she stumbles on to a hot Scotsman in a kilt while touring Edinburgh Castle. What she didn't realize was that the whole encounter was being filmed for a website called Shenanigans and the hot male was web host Logan f***ing Reid.

Logan Reid is a typical charming playboy but something about Cassie catches his eye. When he realizes that he needs to get her permission to post the video of the two of them he sees this as his chance to get to know Cassie better. After spending the night with Cassie, Logan didn't realize that he would feel a strong connection to the American beauty. Deciding that he needs more time with Cassie, Logan convinces his best friend, Theo Wharton to meet up with him in London.

As Cassie and Logan spend more time together, they both quickly realize that there is more to their feelings than either of them ever expected but how could they possibly have any type of relationship with living so far apart. These two will have to set their priorities straight in order to finally get to their happy ending but boy was it worth it! I just adored Cassie and Logan. They were both so career oriented that neither of them were even thinking of being in a relationship. I also just loved all of their friends and I can't wait read the rest of their stories!
No Other Duke But You - Valerie Bowman

Lady Delilah Montebank hasn't been concerned with finding herself a match...she has been too busy matching up other people for marriage with her best friend Lucy Hunt, Duchess of Claringdon. When her mother informs her that if she does not find a match by the end of the season, she will wed Lord Hilton's hideous son, Clarence. Determined to prove her mother wrong, Delilah sets her sights on the Duke of Branville. Too bad Delilah's best friend, Lord Thomas Hobbs, Duke of Huntley has other thoughts on the matter. He has secretly been in love with his best friend for years and Thomas is going to do whatever he can to get Delilah to fall in love with him!

Oh this was such a great friends to lovers historical romance! I just adored Delilah and Thomas. They were both a little quirky in their own ways but I just loved it! It was obvious they belonged together and it was such a fun ride waiting for them to get there. I loved reading about Thomas hobby...who knew the start of photography went that far back! Overall I just loved this story and its great characters. I highly recommend this!

The Empire (Filthy Trilogy #3) - Lisa Renee Jones

This book is finally the conclusion of Harper and Eric's story.  

While Eric is trying to figure out what is going on, he finds out his father has had a heart attack.  After Eric gets all of the facts, he thinks maybe his dad was poisoned.  At the same time Eric and Harper keep getting cryptic messages that Eric still doesn't understand.

Just when it looks like things are figured out....BOOM....things change.  The path Eric and Harper had to take to get to their happy ending was just crazy.  It was fun watching these two grow closer while also learning to trust each other.

Overall I really enjoyed this series.  Great characters and the story line really kept me intrigued.