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Leader of the Pack - Roxanne St. Claire

At almost 40 years old, Liam Kilcannon is the oldest child of Daniel Kilcannon.  Liam is a former marine who now handles the K-9 training of the dogs at Waterford Farm, along with the elite schutzhund training.  The family has always joked that Liam likes dogs better than people!  Liam doesn't show much emotions and the one time he let his walls down and thought he found "the one", his heart was crushed into a million pieces when she left him for the father of her son who recently showed back up.

Andi Rivers was falling in love with Liam when all of a sudden Jeff Scott, the father of her son, came back into their lives wanting to be a father.  Even though Andi was never in love with Jeff, she decided to give him a chance.  Now it has been two years since Jeff was killed in a car accident and Andi has her sights on Liam.  Being a single, working mom, Andi is just looking for some "fun" time, but when Liam realizes that is all that Andi wants he turns her down because he really wants more....MUCH more.  Andi's afraid to bring another man into her 6 year old son Christian's life because he was so affected when he lost his father that she couldn't bear her son going through that hurt again.

When someone breaks into Andi's house, Daniel Kilcannon "Dogfather's" his way into getting Liam to convince Andi that she needs a dog for protection.  Liam's current trainee, Jag would be perfect.  Jag hasn't quite reached full schutzhund level training but he is close and he would be perfect for the job.  When an estranged relative shows up, informing Andi that Christian will be inheriting 6 million dollars because Jeff's mother has passed away, the relative also informs Andi that she will be fighting for adoption of the child.  This bit of news spooks Andi to the point that she looks to Liam for help.  This is where the fun begins!!!!!

The entire Kilcannon group bands together in their over-the-top, laugh out loud ways and by the end of their plan, it looks like Andi and Liam are going to get married because it would help the adoption case.  Of course, Liam would do anything for Andi, even going so far as to pretend to be in love wanting to quickly get married.  As Liam and Andi start to spend more time together, the pretending doesn't seem so hard anymore.  When danger starts lurking around Andi's house, Liam and Jag are at the ready.  It was really interesting to see how these types of dogs are trained to behave.  After a great "didn't see that one coming" reveal, all hell breaks loose.  

This was such a great romance of second chances with a really great little mystery added in.  I really liked Andi.  She was such a hard working, single mom that you just couldn't help but wish that her and Liam get back together.  And I really just adored Liam.  He was one of these quiet, silent types who you think really don't have many emotions, but you quickly realize that he is just exploding with emotions.  The scene with his dad in his dad's bedroom was sooooo emotional and I just loved it.  Overall another awesome story with such a great, fun family!

Eye Candy (Real Love) - Jessica Lemmon

Wow!  I really enjoyed this book!  The two main characters were wonderful!  

Jacqueline "Jackie" Butler is a co-vice president at a marketing firm.  Jackie has been divorced for 3 years now and is fed up with the dating life.  She spends most of her time with her co-VP, Vince Carson.  Vince is recently divorced and is starting to see Jackie in a different light....too bad Jackie has been drooling over some guy who runs past their work place around 11:45 am most days!  Vince thinks...let's get Jackie set up with Runner Guy and then when he breaks her heart, he can jump in and save her!  Vince convinces Jackie that he can coach her on how to get a date with Runner Guy and to do so they must spend a lot of time together.  Of course, Jackie does get a date and that's when the fun begins!

Vince isn't too happy about Runner Guy and his Green Monster really starts to show.  Vince really wants to tell Jackie how he feels but he is afraid of losing one of his best friends.  Through a round of some pretty entertaining "coaching" their true feelings for each other start to emerge, but both of them are hesitant to act on them.  After some fun convincing from Jackie's sister, Bethany and Vince's best friend, Davis these two finally will be moving in the right direction for their happy ending.

This story has such great characters and so many fun, laugh-out-loud moments.  What Bethany did to Runner Guy was perfect! ;)  I'm looking forward to Davis' story next!

Stubborn as a Mule (The Sex and Sweet Tea Series Book 2) - Juliette Poe

I am just loving these fun, sweet stories from Juliette Poe (Sawyer Bennett).  This fun and lively Mancinkus family just keeps on providing such great entertainment!

We met Lowe Mancinkus in Trixie's story.  Lowe is not happy the family's Mainer House has been sold to some "Yankee" who buys and flips homes and he wants to make life as hard as possible for this woman.  Lowe has already boarded up the doors and windows and then sat on her porch with a gun, but now he has painted all the trim work in neon pink!  This last act has landed him in front of Judge Winston Edward Bowe again because "the woman", Melinda Rothschild has pressed charges.  After Lowe is ordered to fix what he has done, to the agreement of Melinda "Mely", all hell breaks loose.  Mely isn't happy to have to deal with Lowe and by the time they leave the courtroom, Lowe has to spend 250 hours doing work on Mely's house!

Oh, it is obvious from day 1 that these two are made for each other.  They both have that fighting streak in them.  I just adored the things these two did to piss each other off.  Of course, this ended up such great chemistry!  As Lowe and Mely spend more time together, they start to realize that they both jumped to wrong conclusions about the other and they both start developing feelings for each other.

I really enjoyed how this story was told through town gossip.  It made for some funny scenes.  And I just LOVED Morri!  He was too funny for words.  The pranks that Lowe and Morri played on each other were priceless.  

Slowly over time, Lowe and Mely started to fall hard.  Lowe was such a sweet, southern gentleman and you couldn't help but fall for him.  I just adored the way Mely felt about Lowe's family....it was something she really seemed to long for in her life.

I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised with what happened with those two and how they go to their happy ending.  Never even saw that coming!

Overall, this was a wonderful story, with such great characters.

4 Carly Phillips Books--Lucky Break, Summer Lovin', Hot Number, - Carly Phillips

It sure has been fun, re-reading these older books of Carly Phillips.  I had forgotten how crazy and funny the Costas clan was!

This is the second book in the Costas Sisters series and Zoe Costas' story.  Having recently left the Secret Service, Zoe has now started up a security specialist company along with Quinn and Connor.  She is also living at her parents home since they now are fostering Sam, with the hopes of adopting her.  When a strange guy shows up at Sam's party, they all assume he is the temporary social worker on Sam's case but in reality he is actually Sam's Uncle Ryan.  When Zoe finds out that Ryan is not a social worker, she calls him on it and he tells her that he is Sam's uncle.  Both of them decide not to let the family know who Ryan really is until they get to know more about each other....which neither of them seem to mind because there is definite chemistry going on there!  It is pretty funny how completely opposite these two are!

When someone is threatening Sam, Zoe and Ryan work together to try and figure out what is going on and end up taking Sam to Boston where Ryan's family lives.  The Baldwin's way of life is night and day different from the Costas way of life.  This was such a fun comparison!  While working together, things are definitely heating up between Zoe and Ryan and have both of them feeling things that they have never felt before.  The mystery behind the threats was fun and entertaining.  I really enjoyed how everything played out in the end and really loved Zoe and Ryan's happy ending.  

Overall, this was a fun and entertaining story with some great, colorful characters!

Jilted: A Love Hurts Novel - Sawyer Bennett

Eden Goodnight and Cooper Mayfield were high school and college sweethearts.  In a strange turn of events, Eden is discovered one day by a big time modeling agency and her life takes a dramatic turn.  Instead of graduating from college, marrying Coop and then having his babies, Eden's new life takes her away from her home town of Newberry, GA and into a life of glitz and glamour where modeling eventually turns into acting.  

Flash forward 14 years and Eden is walking the red carpet with her fiance, Brad, when a bomb is dropped...Brad is cheating on her with his leading lady.  Feeling humiliated, Eden flees the scene and quickly decides to hide out in the only place no one would ever think to look...Newberry, GA...at her childhood home that she inherited from her Grandmother.  Imagine Eden's surprise when she realizes that Coop lives in the house when her grandmother left him half the house too.  From there the fun begins.  The things these two did to each other in the beginning was hysterical....I just kept laughing out loud!

After a while, Eden and Coop get back to being civil towards each other and that's when left over feelings start to emerge.  The two of them come to an agreement  while Eden is still in town and quickly they start to realize that those feelings from 14 years ago have not gone away.  It was a fun and entertaining trip these two went on to get to their happy ending, but it sure was worth it.

I really loved both of these characters.  They were fun and real and their story was perfect!

Three Weeks with a Princess - Vanessa Kelly

I just adore this series!  How can you not love Improper Princesses!  

In this story, Lia Kincaid is the illegitimate daughter of the Duke of York.  The females in her family also tend to be on the notorious side.  Lia's grandmother, a former courtesan, was the mistress to the Marquess of Lendale until his death and had raised her while living on the Marquess' property.  From an early age, Lia was befriended by Jack Easton, nephew to the Marquess, who will now become the next Marquess since Jack's father has passed away.  Lia has always been in love with Jack even though she knows they could never be together because of her family's notorious history.

When Jack becomes the Marquess, he realizes that between his father and uncle, they have left the estate with financial issues.  Jack sees Lia for the first time since being back and he can't believe how much she has changed....no longer is she a young girl...she's now a full woman!  As Jack begins to tell Lia and her grandmother that he plans to still take care of them, Lia starts to realize that her and her grandmother must leave and she will now have to find some way to provide for them.

Lia either needs to find a protector, become a courtesan, or be an actress like her mother.  It was rather enjoyable watching Lia try to reconcile these options while Jack was around.  Lia kept trying to explain to Jack that he needed to find a wealthy woman to marry who would help with the money problems.  Too bad Jack was starting to realize he really wanted Lia instead.

I just loved the story these two went through until they realized that they truly belonged together.  I really enjoyed the new family members that were now in Lia's world, especially Gillian...she is such a hoot!  Glad to see she hasn't lost any of her spunk since her story!  This wonderful story has some great emotions throughout it as well as some great romantic scenes between Lia and Jack.  Overall, this is a wonderful book that I highly recommend!

Mr. Rich - Virna DePaul

Mr. Rich was a fun and entertaining story that had some good, laugh out loud moments (like the first page!!!!).  Julia Rominger used to be in college, as a music major, and was close to graduating when her professor hit on her and when she refused his advances, he made her life miserable so she quit.  Now, she works at a grocery store giving out free samples and not enjoying her life.  At least her best friend Kevin keeps her entertained!  

When Bastian Rich, the drop dead, gorgeous guy Julia has seen a few times comes walking in, Julia and Kevin are both smitten!  Too bad this guy is out of both of their leagues.  Imagine her surprise when he comes up and starts talking to her!  When she goes in the back to get him more samples, Julia comes back to find him passed out on the ground.  She contacts 9-1-1 and then takes his wallet out to find out who he is.  In the commotion of everything she realizes she never gave him his wallet back.  She tries to follow him to the hospital but her car ends up dying on her.  Julia eventually tracks him down to his office, where she ends up meeting Ryland Masters, an up-and-coming musician and rock star and the two of them hit it off because of their love of music.  Bastian  is intrigued by Julia and is not happy to see her with Ryland.  This confrontation was wonderful!  Loved Julia's speech! ;)

When things with Bastian cool off, Julia reevaluates going back to school to finish her degree.  It takes a while but Julia and Bastian finally end up together, even as hard as Bastian tried to push her away because of his secret.  These two finally get their happy ending and realize that being together is better than being apart.

I really enjoyed these characters...they were a lot of fun.  There were some parts that I thought didn't flow all that well, but overall I did enjoy this story.

Blue Hollow Falls - Donna Kauffman

Oh, this story was so fun and such a great start to a new series!

Sunshine Meadow Aquarius Morrison Goodwin just recently lost her carefree, hippie like mother after a long illness. Sunny also just found out that the father she never knew left her an inheritance; she had a 10 year old half sister, Bailey; and a 72 year old stepmother, Addie. Sawyer Hartwell also got part of the inheritance but she hadn't met him yet and didn't know how they were related.

After leaving the courthouse, they made their way up to the old silk mill in Blue Hollow Falls, VA that Sunny was now part owner of where she instantly fell in love with the site. As they arrived, Sawyer walked out of the barn and Sunny lost her breath...this man was beyond gorgeous. I just loved Sunny's reaction to seeing Sawyer for the first time. Evidently, sparks were flying.

As Sunny tries to get to know her new family, she knows she cannot start anything with Sawyer, even after she finds out they are not related. She needs to be mindful of Bailey and what could possible hurt her. Plus, Sunny's life is in Washington, D.C., not Blue Hollow Falls, VA. As Sunny starts to spend more time with Sawyer, she realizes keeping things platonic isn't working out and they finally decide to take the next step! It was fun how everyone around them was pushing for it to happen and they were the stubborn ones! I just LOVED Seth's "talks" with Sawyer! ;)

I really enjoyed how Sunny finally got her happy ending along with a family that she always wanted. It was a great, emotional journey that I loved being a part of. I just adored Sunny and Sawyer as well as Bailey, Addie Stevie and Seth...and I can't wait for Seth's story!

The Pleasures of Passion - Sabrina Jeffries

Reading a Sabrina Jeffries' book is a pure joy. Not only does she write such poetic words, she creates such fun and interesting characters.

In this book, we finally get Niall Lindsey's story. Ten years ago, Niall, who was in line to be the Earl of Margrave, was in love with 17 year old Brilliana "Bree" Payne. Since Brilliana hadn't officially come out yet, they had to keep things quiet.

When an unfortunate act is brought upon Niall's sister, Clarissa, Niall ends up in a duel, killing a man and must quickly leave the country. Niall begs Bree to go with him. When Niall won't tell Bree of the reason for the duel, she refuses to go, plus she can't leave her sick mom. Niall promises that he will be waiting for her and that she should go to his dad if she would want to get in touch with him. When Niall hears from his dad that Bree married someone else shortly after he left, he is heartbroken, and has sworn off women.

Fast forward 10 years. Niall has been pardoned and is able to return to London. He is also delighted to hear that Bree is now widowed with a young son. He may be heartbroken, but he still has strong feelings for Bree, which are proven when he sees her at Edwin and Clarissa's house.

When Lord Fulkham tells Niall that he has one last job for him, Niall is hesitant but it may be just what he needs to be with Bree again. There is money counterfeiting going on and Bree's dad may be involved. Niall convinces Bree that they must "pretend" to be courting for Niall to get close to her dad to see if he is involved....and that is when the fun begins! Since these two have such a fun history, the sparks were flying when they were just in the same room. Once the two of them started talking....all bets were off! Bree isn't the little, timid female he left behind 10 years ago. She is truly a little firecracker. I just loved their sparring together....it really built up the sexual tension between these two. Of course, over time, as Bree and Niall spend more time together, their pretending quickly turns into something else. Both of them are hesitant because of things they misunderstood from the past, but they eventually work through things to get to their happy ending. These two were destined to be with each other, it just took 10 years to finally get there!

Lucky Break - Carly Phillips

The third story is Jason Corwin and Lauren Perkin's story.  That's right...a Corwin and a Perkin's together!!!!

Jason Corwin's life is falling apart.  He was training for the Olympics in snowboarding when he failed his drug test.  Jason had never taken drugs and realized he was set up by the girl he was dating.  Turns out she was actually with Jason's biggest competition and they set him up.  Now back in Stewart, MA, Jason opened up his own construction company and trying to stay out of the limelight.  

Lauren Perkin's is in town to fix up her Aunt Mary's house to sell it and then she's off to Paris because her designs are finally being shown on the runway!  She is also trying to help her sister, Beth, who is in a psych ward because of the fire she created last year.  The last thing she wants is to run into Jason.  She hasn't seen him since they were teenagers and had shared a wonderful summer together up until her Aunt sent her away....but it would be fun to see him from a distance.

When Clara, Uncle Edward's girlfriend reads Jason's tarot cards, she tells him that a lady with a red mask is going to rock his world.  Imagine his surprise when he sees Lauren Perkins' at the fall festival, in a red mask!  When Lauren approaches him, she doesn't tell him who she is and he plays along.  I loved when they snuck off together to the barn.....that was fun.  

When Jason helps his cause to be the person to fix up her Aunt's house, Lauren isn't happy but finally accepts...with the promise that it is all business.  Of course that didn't last too long! ;)  As they work on the house, strange things keep happening causing Lauren to need Jason even more.  Together Lauren and Jason work to figure out who is causing all of their problems and end up with a big surprise.  I enjoyed the way these two worked through their problems to finally get to their happy ending.  I loved what happened regarding the curse too!  Overall it made for a fun, crazy, suspenseful story.

Lucky Streak - Carly Phillips

The second book in this series is Mike Corwin and Amber Brennan's story.  

Amber spent most of her life watching her father pull off con jobs, until she decided to move to California to start her own, legal life where she worked as a hotel concierge.   When her father develops Alzheimer's rather quickly she needs to quit her job and go back to working that lifestyle with her dad's partner, Marshall, to earn some quick money for his care.  After Amber earns what she needs, she tells Marshall she is done.  Problem is Marshall isn't done with her.  He needs her perfect memory to help him get more money that he owes someone else and starts to grab her in the middle of a casino.

Mike is a cop in Boston, MA and is in Las Vegas, NV for his partner's bachelor party.  While he is there he happens upon a female who is being grabbed a little rough by some guy and comes to her rescue.  Mike and Amber end up hanging out together for the rest of the night and have a great time.  So much that they end up married and winning $100,000.  Mike thinks since he just met Amber, and he isn't in love with her, this marriage might just work and he won't invoke the Corwin curse.  Problem is he wakes up in the morning and his bride and his money is gone.

Mike heads back to Boston and a few days later Amber shows up and then the real fun begins.  Mike is determined to ignore her while Amber is determine to get him to forgive her for what happened.  When the entire story unfolds, Mike agrees to help Amber and then they will get divorced.  Of course nothing happens as planned.

I just adored these two.  They were my favorite couple in this series.  They were opposites in many ways but they just worked.  I loved their happy ending and really enjoyed re-reading this story.

Lucky Charm - Carly Phillips

Carly Phillips has re-released an older series of hers after updating some things in the stories to reflect current times.  I read these when they were first released and it was fun revisiting them again.

The first book is Derek Corwin and Gabrielle Donovan's story.  Derek's family has been cursed since the late nineteenth century by Mary Perkins, who was a witch.  Ever since then, every male Corwin that fell in love was destined to lose his love and his fortune.  When Derek knew he was falling in love with Gabrielle in high school, he broke things off with her just before college because he couldn't bear the thought of losing her permanently.  Crushed, Gabrielle tried to move on with her life.  Now, 14 years later she is back in her old hometown, ready to prove to Derek that this curse isn't real, and get her man back.

Derek recently came back to town after his divorce, and the tanking of his job.  For now he has his 11 year old daughter, Holly with him since his ex, Marlene, just got remarried and was on her one month honeymoon.  When Holly runs into Gabrielle at the store, they quickly become friends unbeknownst to Derek.  When Derek happens upon them, he is surprised to see Gabrielle and then even more surprised when Holly gets him to go listen to Gabrielle speak at the library about curses and how they are not real.  Derek and Gabrielle start spending more time together and quickly go back to where they used to be.  While Gabrielle is trying to convince Derek there is no curse, weird things start happening to her.  Everyone has to come together to help figure out what is really happening.

I really enjoyed these two.  They both still really loved only each other and they really needed their happy ending.  I loved the crazy Corwin family along with Fred the dog.  This story has a few good laugh out loud moments.  Overall, it was a fun book to revisit.

Wicked Favor: The Wicked Horse Vegas - Sawyer Bennett

This new series is a spin off from Sawyer Bennett's Wicked Horse series.  A Wicked Horse has opened up in Las Vegas, Nevada and Jerico Jameson owns it along with Bridger Payne.  Because of something that happened in Jerico's past, he likes owning a sex club where he can do as he pleases and even has a different woman every night.  No more settling down with one woman...at least not since his ex-fiance.  Of course, that is not how life works....and Trista Barnes comes crashing into his world.

Trista needs money and she needs it fast.  Her lowlife brother, Jayce, suggested she go to Jerico to borrow it because Jerico owes Jayce a debt and now he wants to collect.  Jerico is intrigued by Trista and agrees to an arrangement that will satisfy all of them.  He will give Trista part of the money up front and then she can spend the next 30 days working at The Wicked Horse Vegas paying off the rest of her debt and then they will all be even.  Reluctantly, Trista agrees and that's when the fun begins.  Jerico can tell she is intrigued by what happens in the club and he would love to be the person to intimately show her the details....as well as exacting revenge on Jayce for he did years ago.

As Trista and Jerico spend more time together, things start to feel different to both of them.  Jerico isn't sure what the heck is happening, but he finds he doesn't want to be with any other woman except for Trista...could he be changing his toon...naw...he still has to exact his revenge.

When Jerico finally realizes Trista is more important to him than exacting revenge, he decides not to follow through with his plan but it all ends up blowing up in his face and fate has dealt him a different hand.  Now, he just needs to see if he can change fate before it's too late.

I just adored Trista and Jerico.  Trista was such a genuinely nice person, who really was starting to embrace things that she never really knew she would want.  She was also fiercely strong and independent and didn't take any crap from Jerico or anyone else.  Jerico was the great sexy, alpha male who really was a teddy bear inside once you knew him.  It just took a little to get that side of him to show.  I also really loved Jerico's best friend Kynan and sure hope he will get his own story! ;)

Shacking Up - Helena Hunting

This is the first book by Helena Hunting I have read, and I've got to say I loved it! Such great characters and a laugh out loud entertaining story! I will certainly read more from this author.

Ruby Scott is having a hard time making it on her own as an actress and dancer but the last thing she wants to do is leave New York City and go back home to Connecticut to work for daddy at his pharmaceutical company. Ruby is hoping for her big break at her audition the next day because she really needs the money. For now, Ruby is at her best friend, Amalie "Amie", engagement party and at least is getting to eat some real food instead of the ramen noodles she has been living on. Ruby decides to head home, stopping at the restroom first. On her way out, she runs into a nicely dressed, huge, sexy guy and almost falls over. He thinks she is his date coming on to him and starts kissing her and Ruby ends up kissing him right back. When said date shows up things go to hell. Ruby finally leaves, gets home and falls asleep thinking of Awesome Kisser. The next day Ruby wakes up not feeling too well....and tanks the audition in a unique way! She also finds out she is being evicted from her apartment because daddy stopped paying the rent! Amie stops by after Ruby is feeling better and convinces her to come to dinner with her. She is meeting her fiance, Armstrong and his cousin, Bane. Amie explains that Bane is leaving the country for a few weeks and needs someone to help take care of his two pets and that maybe Ruby can just stay at his place while he is gone. Imagine Ruby's surprise when Bane is actually Awesome Kisser!

When Bane hears the story about how he ruined Ruby's audition, he agrees to let her stay at his place while he is gone since he feels guilty. Two days later Ruby packs up her apartment and moves in....now the fun can begin! These two are still very attracted to each other but since Bane is leaving, they don't act on it....but the verbal sparring is great!

Bane leaves the country and these two continue their sparring through texting. This quickly changes to phone calls and then video chatting. Over the course of next 5 weeks these two spend most of their free time talking and getting to know each other. As the days go by, their feelings are becoming more intense. I just adored the relationship these two were forming just based on phone calls. It was fun watching their feelings change. The way Ruby was with Francesca and Tiny was great! I loved how fun it all was. Bane is getting anxious to get back home to spend some quality time with Ruby, while Ruby knows she needs to find some type of job so she can move out of Bane's place by the time he gets back. Ruby finds a job, but doesn't admit to Bane what type of job it really is. By the time Bane gets back, the sexual tension between these two is about to explode. I really liked these two together. I loved the part where Bane found out where Ruby was actually working! It was great watching these two slowly build up being a real couple, and having to deal with some real issues and I just loved how their happy ending came to be.

No One but You: A Novel (Silver Springs) - Brenda Novak

Sadie Harris is struggling to make it on her own after she served her husband Sly divorce papers but she has had enough of the way he treats their 5 year old son, Jayden. Unfortunately, Sly is a cop in their small town of Silver Springs and he has blocked every attempt she has made at trying to better herself. With no other choice, Sadie decides to answer a newspaper ad placed by Dawson Reed. Dawson needs someone to help take care of his mentally challenged sister, Angela. Dawson also was just recently released from jail. He was charged with the brutal murder of his adoptive parents, but was ultimately found not guilty. Of course, most people in town still think he really is guilty.

Sadie quickly realizes that Dawson is not at all what she expected him to be. He is actually very nice, sweet and caring. Dawson needs Sadie's help so he can bring his sister home from facility she has been in for the past year and Sadie is grateful for the job. Of course, Sly tries to stop her from working there. Sly always likes to have total control over Sadie and he is having a hard time dealing with the fact that she wants a divorce. Dawson quickly comes to Sadie's defense which irritates Sly even more.

Between the town treating Dawson poorly and Sly trying to make life miserable for Sadie, they bond quickly as "the outsiders" of the town. Dawson and Sadie quickly form a great relationship. They both are attracted to each other, but neither one of them will act on it. Just when their lives are starting to move forward, disaster happens and Dawson and Sadie rely on each other more for emotional support. I loved how these two got together over similar problems and ended up helping each other and ultimately finding love in the process. I really enjoyed the suspenseful part of this story....it really kept me reading to see what was going to happen next. I also really enjoyed the part of the story about who really killed Dawson's adoptive parents....it was a great tie-in! Overall another really great story in the Silver Springs series by Brenda Novak.

Down & Dirty - Tracy Wolff

Man, I loved this book! I just adored the heroine, Emerson Day. She is funny, quirky and doesn't take crap from anyone! She is also smart and sensible. On Emerson's first day of work at her new job as a real estate agent, everything that can go wrong, does...car breaks...Uber late...and it's raining. Finally getting to work by Uber, Emerson steps out of the car on to the curb. A huge, black truck quickly pulls into the spot the Uber was just in and sprays a water puddle all over Emerson....and this is where the fun begins! Enter Hunter Browning....gorgeous, cocky quarterback for the San Diego Lightning and driver of said truck. As Emerson is giving Hunter a piece of her mind, Hunter is really enjoying the sight of her in her white, wet blouse....and really enjoying her smart mouth!

Imagine Hunter's surprise when he finds out that Emerson works at the same company that is trying to find him a house. Instead of having to deal with the handsy owner, Kerry, Hunter insists that Emerson helps him. Wow....these two just exploded with the amount of electricity they were producing! Between Emerson's smart mouth and Hunter's cocky attitude, it was just a matter of time when these two would combust.

I loved watching Emerson realize that there is more to Hunter than what he lets people see....especially the whole story line involving his sister and her two kids. I also enjoyed how Hunter was able to bring more life into Emerson's world. The story line these two went through to get to their happy ending was filled with so much emotions....I was laughing, crying and even swooning at times. Overall this was an awesome story, which such fantastic characters and I couldn't recommend it more!