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Full Exposure - Tracy Wolff

Serena Macafee is running from a tragic past that she would prefer to forget but can't. It's hard to forget being there while your twin sister was being murdered by Damien LaFleur. Instead she throws herself into her work as a photographer. Her latest assignment is with Kevin Riley, famed reclusive sculptor in the wetlands of Baton Rouge, who happens to be drop dead gorgeous and looks like he could provide her some extra benefits! ;)

After spending more time together, things quickly heat up between Serena and Kevin. Kevin realizes that he wants more from Serena than she wants to give but he is going to be patient. As Kevin tries to break through Serena's defenses, he realizes that someone is out to harm her. The incidents seem to be happening since Damien was recently released from prison. Serena and Kevin, along with the Baton Rouge law enforcement, try to figure out if Damien is really involved.

After a final, explosive ending, Serena and Kevin were finally able to have their happy ending. I really enjoyed Kevin. He was a sweet, caring guy who spoke French to Serena all the time.....so sexy! He was just the type of guy to bring Serena back to really living her life again. Overall this was a quick, interesting read with a twist of a mystery added in.

Reed: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel (Carolina Cold Fury Hockey) - Sawyer Bennett

Reed Olson plays for the Cold Fury Hockey team.  He is a typical single playboy type of player.  He has one type....blonde, tall and busty.  Now that the season is over, after having just won their 2nd Stanley Cup, Reed is taking advantage of some fun time.

Josie Ives is an emergency room doctor and recently moved into her new place.  Josie is looking for some nice, quiet down time when she isn't working.  What she ends up getting instead is woken up by her new neighbor whose headboard keeps knocking against her bedroom wall.

Having had enough, Josie knocks on Reed's door at 1:00 am to confront him.  Instantly there is an attraction between the two of them which is surprising since Josie is short, petite and a brunette!  Reed wants to get to know Josie and goes out of his way to do so.  The more time they spend together as just "friends", the more both of them want more.

It was such fun watching these two fall for each other and boy did they fall hard.  I really loved Josie.  She was strong, confident and such a great person.  Reed was a typical cocky jock but for some reason he really wanted to be a better person around Josie.  I'm glad they got their happy ending and I can't wait to hear more about them in the future books.  I also enjoyed the little sneak peek into Reed's friend Marek.  His story sounds like it is going to be really fun!

Hidden Seams - Alessandra Torre

Wow!  This book just blew me away.  Talk about a crazy story!

Marco Lent is living a life he never imagined....having a career he couldn't have wished more for.  Too bad his life was a big lie.  Marco thought being Vince Horace's boyfriend in name only would set him up for life and just when the end is in sight, and he can have his real life back, a tornado in the name of Avery Hartsfield crashes into his world.

Avery was adopted by a wealthy couple but for some reason she rebelled.  At a young age Avery found herself on the streets of Detroit, MI after running away.  Learning to be tough she provided herself a comfortable life.  

Avery wanted to find her birth parents and was able to find her mom shortly before her mom died but she only had a picture of her dad that her birth mom gave her.  She didn't know the guy's name.    Imagine her surprise when one day on the TV she sees one of the men in photo from her birth mom and it's none other than Vince Horace, the biggest name in the fashion industry.  Too bad the TV was talking about Vince's death.  Deciding to see if she could find out more about Vince, Avery heads to New York City.  While there she "bumps" into Vince's boyfriend, Marco, but doesn't let on that she knows who he is.  One thing leads to another and BOOM...these two just explode.  As their lives are slowly meshing together in the utmost crazy way, they are just drawn to each other.  

Both Avery and Marco need to figure many things out in their crazy world and it really leads to a great story.  I just loved Avery and Marco.  They were both so flawed, yet so perfect.  It was crazy how they just fit together.  Overall I really LOVED this story and couldn't put it down.  Just when you think you have something figured out....nope....the author changes directions.  I highly recommend this book.  You will not be sorry.

The Hating Game: A Novel - Sally Thorne

I kept hearing great things about this story so I decided to give it a try.  Boy am I glad I did.  This author has a great career ahead of her if this book is any indication!

Lucy Hutton is the executive assistant of Helene Pascal, who is now the co-CEO of Bexley & Gamin after the two companies merged.

Joshua Templeman is the executive assistant to Richard Bexley, and a general pain in the butt to Lucy.

The two of them hate each other and find different ways to piss the other off by playing games.  But other times, it's as if they want to like each other, but won't.  These games were pretty funny and laugh out loud at times!

When a newly created position of COO is up for grabs, Lucy and Joshua both apply and the competition is on!  Suddenly, Lucy is seeing Joshua in a new light and things take a very interesting twist.

I really loved both of these characters and diving into what drives them.  I just adored the path they took to get to their happy ending....it was just perfect!  I really loved this book and can't wait to read more by this author.

Do Over - Serena Bell

This was a sweet, sexy second chance story.

Jack Parker is a sexy guy who doesn't do relationships which Maddie Adams learned the hard way.    Five years ago Maddie showed up at Jack's door in tears and that night quickly resulted into their 4 year old son, Gabe.  All Maddie ever wanted was to be part of a family with Jack but he is too selfish to every be a husband and father.

Fast forward five years....Maddie is in a serious relationship and life is looking good until she walks in on her live in boyfriend with another female!  Maddie finds herself heading to Jack's house, where Gabe currently is.  After hearing Maddie's story, Jack offers to have Maddie and Gabe stay at his house until Maddie can get back on her feet.  Reluctantly, Maddie agrees, plus there will be no sex!

As Jack and Maddie spend more time together and Jack truly is being a dad, he realizes that maybe being a family isn't so bad.  When emotions between Jack and Maddie start turning deeper, Jack realizes what he really wants now in his life.....his family.

I really enjoyed this story.  It was a fun, sexy second chance story that had a wonderful happy ending.

Bad to the Bone - Roxanne St. Claire

Roxanne St. Claire has a way of bringing out your emotions with every book she writes.  I admit, I get teary eyed reading every one of Roxanne's books.  She even warned her readers that this one WILL make you cry and boy did it....big, sobbing crying involved in this one!  

Molly Kilcannon is a single mother who got pregnant her freshman year of college during her Thanksgiving break.  Molly had to leave UNC Chapel Hill to go to college locally but she managed to still become a veterinarian.  The only way Molly has been able to be the person she is now is because of her wonderful family.  Prudence "Pru" Anne Kilcannon is now 13 years old, beautiful and smart and Molly couldn't be any prouder.  Molly wished Pru's dad lived to have met his daughter, but unfortunately he died just after she was conceived.  No one in Molly's family knew who Pru's dad was except for her deceased mother.  Imagine Molly's surprise when Pru's dad is actually alive and well and back in Bitter Bark, NC.

Trace Bancroft was the "bad boy" of their high school years and the guy Molly crushed on.  He never forgot his special night with Molly, even when he had to quickly leave Bitter Bark and ended up in trouble spending 14 years in jail.  Now Trace is back with his dog, Meatball who is in need of medical attention.

The attraction between these two is still there in spades.  While Trace and Molly try to figure out their relationship, they realize they need to tell Pru the truth.  Trace is hesitant to tell Pru just yet and Molly agrees to wait until Pru's special project is finished.  All hell breaks loose one day and everyone's life is turned upside down.  It will take an act love and determination to fix everything.

It has been a while since I have sided with the underdog right from the beginning.  Trace has grown so much in the last 14 years.  He has owned up to his mistake and is trying to be a better man.  The way Trace feels for Molly is just perfect and real.  Throw in a newly found daughter and he is finally complete.  Molly was just wading through life, trying to replace her mom in everyone's life but never really taking time for herself.  Maybe deep down she knew it was Trace or no one!  And of course his dog, Meatball who was too cute!  By far, this is my favorite book in the story and my favorite cover!  I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!

Chasing Christmas Eve - Jill Shalvis

Colbie Albright is tired of having to run her mom and brother's lives.  All three of them are adults but ever since Colbie's father ran out on them, she has been the adult in the family.  Now that she is a best selling author, she needs a break from her life, her family and New York City.  Colbie decides to "runaway" to San Francisco, CA for a break.  Shortly after arriving, Colbie is walking through the district of Cow Hollow wanting to see the crazy famed love legend fountain when a huge dog runs into her causing her to fall into the fountain.  Guess who's walking the dog....Spencer Baldwin, one of San Francisco's top 10 most eligible bachelors!

Spencer lives a quiet, simple life.  He may be super rich from selling his company, but he has sworn off relationships after Clarissa did such a number on him.  He would rather just be alone and invent new things and hang with his best friends.  He never expected to meet a woman who has captured his interest in every way possible.  Spencer realizes that she doesn't know who he is and he finds that refreshing.  What he doesn't realize is that Colbie is actually famous too and since he doesn't know who she is, that is refreshing for her.

These two quirky people find an instant connection and decide that for the three weeks that Colbie will be in town, they will hang out.  Of course this quickly turns into much more, more than either of them ever thought could happen.  Now they must both decide if this connection is worth keeping.

I just adored both of these characters.  Spencer is my perfect type of guy.  Super smart, cute and just down right sweet and Colbie complimented him perfectly.  I loved their happy ending! 

Tempt Me (Bodyguard Bad Boys Book 2) (Bachelor Bad Boys) (Volume 2) - Carly Phillips

Austin Rhodes works at Alpha Security.  He is also a single dad to his six year old daughter, Bailey.  After being burned by his ex-wife, Austin has sworn off women in general.  Too bad his daughter's live-in nanny has caught his attention.  Austin knows that on paper, it's hands off of the nanny, too bad his brain keeps having other ideas.

Mia Atwood's life hasn't always been rosy.  She grew up in the foster care system but has never felt like part of a family.  The last employer she worked for was arrested for some shady business that Mia witnessed and then testified against him.  All Mia longs for is to be part of a loving family.

The more time Austin spends with Mia, the more he can't get her out of his mind.  The problem is, is that Mia is starting to feel the same way!  When danger from Mia's past comes back into her life, Austin steps up to protect her.  He also finds that he wants to have her in life in every way possible.

I really enjoyed these two characters.  Austin is just perfectly delicious!  He is an alpha, bad a$$ bodyguard, who is the perfect dad to Bailey.  Mia is a sweet, caring woman who just wants to belong somewhere and together these two are just wonderful.  When the two of them finally do get together, they are just explosive.  After having danced around each other for so long, you knew when they finally did get together that they were just going to ignite!  Overall, this was another great addition to the Bodyguard Bad Boys series.

Man Candy: A Real Love Novel - Jessica Lemmon

Dax Vaughn needs a break from his life.  His father recently passed away and he has been stopping his life to take care of his mother.  Now he just needs some quite time and has rented a cabin at Grand Lark Retreat in Tennessee for two weeks.  On the day Dax arrives, he stops at the bar/restaurant on the property and is immediately taken by the bartender/waitress who just showed up and getting chewed out by her boss.

Becca Stone has been wandering through life aimlessly.  She is not sure what she wants to do in her and has tried multiple jobs.  Now she's back in her hometown, living and working for her brother, Tad.  Tad is beyond irritated with his little sister and just wants her to grow up.  After Tad "fires" Becca yet again at the bar, she decides she is going to check out the hot guy sitting by himself.  Maybe she find a quick one-night stand.

Things escalate pretty quickly between Dax and Becca and what was suppose to be only one night is quickly turning into more.  Neither of these two expected the explosion that happened when they hooked up but neither of them can deny it.  Dax thinks he may have actually found someone he could have something real with.....too bad Becca is used to just running away when things get good.

It was great watching the relationship between Dax and Becca play out.  It was a tough rough road, mostly for Becca but it was sure worth it in the end.  Their happy ending was just perfect!  

I really love this series.  If you are looking for some fun, enjoyable, hot stories, give this series a try!

End Game - Lisa Renee Jones

This book picks up right where Bad Deeds ended.  

After the gun goes off, chaos erupts.  Shane feels like his life is imploding.  Afterwards, Shane has to deal with the darkness that is consuming him.  He wants revenge in a big way and he wants to fight for Emily and Derek.  Shane is tired of all the bad in his life and has decided he is going to remove it all one way or another.

There are many twists and turns in the final book in the Dirty Money series, but it sure makes for an awesome read.  I could not put this book down because I needed to see how everything was going to play out and I was not disappointed.  It is real difficult to try and write this review without giving away some major plot points, but all I can say is read this entire series, in order.  You will NOT be disappointed.

Wicked Choice - Sawyer Bennett

Rachel Hart is a bad a$$ mercenary with the Jameson Group. She has never wanted to be that female who settles down and raises a family, but rather the carefree adrenaline junkie looking for her next fun time. After Rachel barely escapes from a life and death mission with her co-worker Bodie Wright, Rachel's emotions are running high, along with a buzz she has from the four shots of bourbon she drank. When Bodie comes to check on Rachel in her hotel room, things quickly from a professional relationship to a lust filled one. What neither of them expected was that this hook up would 1.) knock their socks off and 2.) end up in a pregnancy that neither of them wanted at this point in their lives. After some long discussions, Rachel agrees to carry the baby, but wants nothing to do with raising it. Bodie has decided that he wants this baby and will raise it on his own, but secretly hopes that by the time the baby is born, Rachel will change her mind. In the meantime, they both agree to keep a physical relationship and since they both love their memberships at The Wicked Horse Vegas, it starts to make things more intense. As Rachel and Bodie start to spend more time together, Rachel starts to rethink all the things in her life that she always thought that she wanted and Bodie starts to think he may have just found all the things he has wanted in his life. I really enjoyed Rachel and Bodie. Rachel was such a strong willed female and because of her past, she was very closed up. Bodie on the other hand was such an open and loving guy. Together these two made such a great pair and I really loved the road these two took to get to their happy ending. I'm also excited to see that there will be more books in this series as well as a new spin off series!

Rugged Texas Cowboy - Lora Leigh

This book has two shorter stories included in it, Cowboy and the Captive and Cowboy and the Thief.

In Cowboy and the Captive, Luc Jardin is ready to seek revenge on Miss Maria Catarina Angeles after the stunt she pulled that almost got his best friend, Jack Riley killed.  Maria's brother, Joe ends up meeting Luc and together they decide that Luc will kidnap Maria and have her work off her debt.  What Luc doesn't realize is that he is actually kidnapping Maria's twin, Melina.  Of course Luc doesn't believe Melina when she tries telling him that she isn't Maria.  That's when the fun begins.  I really enjoyed the way these two pushed and pulled with each other.  They didn't want to like the other but then you don't always get what you want! ;)  I really enjoyed these characters and this story line.

In Cowboy and the Thief, Jack Riley is in Ireland visiting his friend, Joseph Manning.  What he didn't expect was to be captivated by his daughter, Angel.  After some fun sparring back and forth, the sparks begin to fly.  Joe thinks Jack just might be the one to bring the fire back into his daughter.  When Joe ends up selling Jack the Irish torque, Angel is furious, but Jack refuses to give it back.  Angel decides that she is going to steal the torque back from Jack once he's back in Texas.  Too bad he was waiting for her!  I really enjoyed the sparring between these two and it was interesting how the Irish history came into play.

The Duchess Deal - Tessa Dare

Emma Gladstone is tired of being pushed around. She may be just a seamstress but she is a damn good one. When an ex-bride-to-be doesn't pay her for the extensive wedding dress she made, Emma decides to confront the jilted Duke of Ashbury to get her final payment. What Emma didn't expect was to get roped into a marriage with the Duke.

Ashbury needs a wife right now who can produce him an heir and when Emma shows up in a wedding dress he makes up his mind and offers to help Emma with her financial problems if she will agree to be his duchess. Because of some other circumstances, Emma reluctantly agrees but she has some of her own stipulations to their marriage.

After spending more time together, Emma and Ashbury start to find a common ground and finally start to have feelings for each other. What started as a strained union, quickly turns into something more.

I just loved both of these characters. Their banter was so great and funny, I found myself laughing out loud often. I really loved Emma's stubbornness and the way she was able to finally get Ashbury to fall in love with her. Overall this was a wonderful book and I would highly recommend it!

Marked for Death (Blind Jacks MC) (Volume 1) - J.C. Valentine

Tiffany is a nurse who moves every few years to try and stay off her ex-husband's radar.  On the last night of her job at a hospital before moving to a new location, she ends up treating Ryder, a sexy as sin biker who has been shot.  The attraction between these two was off the charts and Tiffany feels a pull towards Ryder that she hasn't felt in a long time.

When the crazy biker who is trying to kill Ryder shows up at the hospital, Tiffany jumps into action to protect him.  Spending time alone Ryder while protecting him has Tiffiany's hormones running on overdrive.  Quickly things turn romantic and Tiffany realizes that just maybe she has found a new life that she doesn't want to run away from.

In typical J.C. Valentine style, there is a final showdown that ends completely not how I would have thought but just perfect for these two.  I look forward to more in this new series.

Van - Sawyer Bennett

I just adore this series!  Every hockey player's story have been awesome so far and Van Turner's story is no exception.

Van is currently living with his teammate Lucas Fournier.  When Lucas' little sister Simone comes to temporarily live with them, that is when the fun begins.  Van and Simone are both emotionally guarded and emotionally explosive people and when these two finally hook up....WOW!

Van likes to act like an a$$hole and pretend that nothing bothers him, but in reality, that is not true.  He has a whole past history that has bothered him so much he was withdrawn socially from anyone.  Too bad Simone doesn't care about how Van acts, she just wants Van.....ANYWAY she can get him!

It takes one, stubborn, pushy female to finally get through to Van, but when Simone finally does....it was well worth it.  I just adored Simone.  She is such a strong female and goes after what she wants even if it isn't the normal thing to do.  Van may have seemed like not the world's best guy, but after realizing about his past, you can certainly understand why he is like he is.

Overall I loved the explosive journey these two went on to get to their happy ending.  These two were so hot, it was crazy!  The epilogue was even perfect too, although I must say I never would have guessed at that ending!

Cuffed by His Charm: A Dirty Little Secrets Novel - Stacey Kennedy

This is the 4th book in the Dirty Little Secrets series and we finally get Gabe O'Keefes's story.  Gabe may be rich and likes his sex a little dirty (why else would you own a sex club?) but what most people don't know is that enjoys being a pub owner and serving beer, not the CEO to his huge company.  They might not also know that Gabe has been lusting after McKenna Archer, a bartender that work for him.  Since Kenna is an employee, she is hands off but when she ends up as the source for all the personal leaks of Gabe and his best friends to Gotcha! magazine, all bets are off.

Damn, you do not want to cross Gabe when he is not happy!

It quickly comes to light that Kenna's brother Evan is behind all the leaks and not Kenna, which leaves Gabe feeling a little guilty.  When Kenna realizes something is wrong regarding her brother, Gabe and his friends step in to help.  It was a twisty, turnie ride these two had to go on to find Evan and stop the leaks.  I really loved how Gabe helped Kenna even though he'd rather have her brother rot in hell for the things he did to him and his friends.  Overall, this was another great addition to this series with all your favorite alpha DC men back together.  I really liked how loyal Kenna was, especially to her brother, even if he didn't always deserve it.  And I really enjoyed the happy ending that Gabe and Kenna finally got!