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Completely (New York, #3) - Ruthie Knox

Wow was this story emotional!  I just could not put it down.  In book 2 of the New York series, Madly, we met Rosemary Chamberlain, mom to Beatrice and ex-wife to Winston.  Now Rosemary is back for her own story.

After Rosemary divorced Winston so she could "find" herself again, she joined a group of other British women to climb the Seven Summits - the highest mountains on each of the seven continents.  The first one she was tackling was Everest.  While on Everest, an avalanche hits and Rosemary is rescued by one of the guides, Kalden Beckett....who happens to be very handsome and the son of the most famous female climber, Yangchen Beckett.  After the emotional rescue, Rosemary ends up spending the night with Kal and is thrown for a loop.  Rosemary has never felt such a strong connection to someone before.  The two of them travel together to New York from Nepal and start to quickly have feelings for each other.  Rosemary is conflicted between wanting to be with Kal and wanting to find herself.  Just when Rosemary thinks she has her life figured out, everything changes.

Rosemary was a determined character.  She knew what she wanted, but didn't truly understand what that really was.  Kal didn't really know what he wanted, but because of things from his past, he tended to just ignore everything.  Together they both were able to finally figure out what they each really wanted.  I loved how Kal was younger than Rosemary...it added a little something to the story.  I also really enjoyed the path these two went on to get to their happy ending, but boy was it really emotional!  If you cry easy, have tissues close at hand toward the end of the book!  Overall, this was a great, emotional read!

Lucas: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel (Carolina Cold Fury Hockey) - Sawyer Bennett

Book 8 gives us Lucas Fournier, Max's younger brother.  Luc enjoys his life of hockey, partying and woman and has no interest in settle down just yet.  When Luc is traded to the Cold Fury, he is excited to be playing with his brother and the possibility of winning the Stanley Cup.

While at a team function, Luc flirts Stephanie Frazier, the Museum curator.  One thing leads to another and the two of them find themselves leaving the museum for a night of intense pleasure.  Imagine Luc's surprise when Stephy shows up four weeks later with the news that she is expecting and that's where the fun begins.

Luc comes from a very close and loving family.  While it may not be the perfect time to have a kid, he finally accepts the news.  He explains to Stephy that he wants to be very involved in everything.  This throws Stephy for a loop.  She is used to having to do everything for herself, since she doesn't have a family in the true sense of the word.

I loved Luc.  He was such a great fun and sexy guy.  He rushed head first into the pregnancy with such great excitement.  Stephy reacted very differently.  While she knew she wanted to keep the baby, she just wasn't sure she would be a good mom.  Stephy is very guarded with her life because of her past.  Stephy doesn't let anyone in and certainly doesn't accept any help from others so she is very wary of Luc.  The two of them agree to relationship of mutual pleasure until the baby is born.  Of course this leads to deeper feelings on both of their parts.  Luc wants it all with Stephy, but because of her past, she can't.  It was a VERY long and emotional road for Luc and Stephy to get to their happy ever after, but it was certainly worth it.  

I really enjoyed Luc's little sister, Simone.  She is going to be a real ball buster and I can't wait for her story with Van! 

Royal Pain: A His Royal Hotness Novel - Tracy Wolff

Oh, man did I have fun with the book!  I could not put it down!  The characters, the story...it was all great!

His Royal Hotness, Prince Kian is the second born son of King Wildemar and the spare to the heir.  He spends his days partying and nights with different women...and he is just having fun.  When his twin brother, Garrett, is kidnapped, Kian's life as he knows is over.  He must step into his brother's duties.  While at a function, being harassed by all the eligible females and their mother's, a waitress "accidentally" drops champagne all over him.  Suddenly Kian is VERY attracted to this waitress, Savannah Breslin.  Problem is that Savvy is not falling all over him like most females do and that only makes Kian want her all the more.  Kian continues his pursuit of Savvy, and eventually she gives in.  What neither of them expected was that their union was going to be explosive.  

Savvy knows she should not be with Kian, be he makes her feel so alive, unlike someone else from her past, that she can't let Kian go.  Kian realizes that his feeling for Savvy are something that he has never felt before.  Just when their relationship looks like it headed for happy ever after....a big bombshell is revealed.  

While Kian is trying to handle this bombshell, a rescue of Prince Garrett is finally happening.  As Kian is trying to sort out his life, his feelings for Savvy, and having his twin back, he has some real soul searching to do.  It was a long and emotional road for Kian to find his happy ending, but the ending was so worth it!

I just adored Savvy.  She was such a strong female character, knowing what she wanted and didn't want in her life.  I really loved Kian too!  He went from this fun, sexy playboy, to a man so totally in love!  Read this book...you will not regret it!

Rock Me - Carly Phillips

Ben Hollander works as a body guard at Alpha Security and loves his job.  He was very lucky when Dan Wilson hired him after he was fired from his last job four years ago when he got involved with a contest on the reality show he was working security for.  He was in love with contestant Summer Michelle and was shocked and hurt when she reported him.  Imagine his shock four years later when his next assignment is none other than guarding Summer Michelle 24/7!  Ben really does not want this assignment, but he is the only body guard available and reluctantly agrees.

When Ben and Summer meet up, it's very obvious that their sexual chemistry is still loud and present.  Ben tries to keep his job professional and keep his hands off of Summer but of course that doesn't last long.  When the threat on Summer's life escalates, Ben is more than determined to keep her safe.

The more time these two spent together, the more they start opening up to each other and start to realize a few things.  It was fun watching these two find their way back to each other.  I really loved Ben.  He was just the total alpha package!  Summer was sweet and determined to be a pop star and was just really looking for someone to love her.  Overall this was a great start to a new series by Carly Phillips.  I'm really looking forward to Austin's story in Tempt Me.

Dirty Little Secret (Forbidden Desires Book 1) - Kendall Ryan

Emma Bell is a librarian and recently broke up with a guy who abused her.  All she wants to do is get control of her own life again.  Every day Emma goes into a coffee shop to get her usual tea order and waits until He enters...her "pretend" boyfriend!  One day he orders, looks at Emma, then drops his business card into a glass jar and leaves.  Emma takes this card to find out who he is and that's when the real fun begins.

Gavin Kingsley is President and co-owner of Forbidden Desires, a high end escort service.  He knows he shouldn't be attracted to the sweet girl he sees every day at the coffee shop, but he couldn't help it.  He left his business card hoping she would take it and make the next move.  Imagine his surprise when Emma shows up at his office!  The receptionist thinks she is there to interview for the open escort position and brings her to Gavin's office.  Gavin's brother, Cooper is also there.  Both guys are immediately drawn to her.  Gavin is dark and mysterious while Cooper is open and friendly.  Cooper knows about Gavin's past and his hidden secrets and he is very curious about his brother's obvious attraction to this girl so he sets his brother up to hire her to be their personal escort.  Of course Emma didn't come to the office for this job but she could use the money to fix up her grandma's old house so she agrees to their proposition.

The attraction between Gavin and Emma was so obvious and I just loved the way Cooper played that up, taunting his brother!  Things progress quickly between Gavin and Emma and things seem to be great until Emma finds out about Gavin's hidden secret!

This book ends on a cliffhanger and I can not wait until I get my hands on the next one!  I could not put this book down.  I just loved Emma...she was nice and sweet but she was also getting control of her life again and was a little ballsy at times.  Gavin is an alpha with a tortured soul...everything that makes for a perfect romance!  Great start to a new series!

Love Me If You Dare - Carly Phillips

Rafe Mancuso and Sara Rios used to be partners for the NYPD.  Rafe was engaged at the time but was drawn to Sara so he switched jobs not be tempted.  Now both of them are single and Sara asked Rafe if he was interested in working security for The Lancaster Foundation's fundraiser where they would be auctioning off jewelry for their cause.  What they both thought would be an easy night, turns into mayhem when Rafe takes a bullet meant for Sara.  This earns Rafe the title of New York City's most eligible bachelor.  Trying to escape the craziness, Rafe heads to his other house in Hidden Falls, NY, where he grew up.  Back in New York City, Sara is being threatened because she is a key witness in a murder trial.  To escape the threats, Sara heads to Hidden Falls with the hope of staying with Rafe for awhile until the trial starts.

With both of these two living in the same house, things quickly turn romantic.  Rafe realizes he wants a real relationship with Sara, unfortunately Sara only wants a friends-with-benefits type relationship.  As they spend more and more time together, Sara realizes that she really likes Rafe's big, large, crazy family and maybe being in a real relationship might not be so bad.  Too quickly Sara is spooked and runs away just as dangerous situations are closing in on them.  It takes a lot of soul searching for Sara to realize what she really wants in life, but eventually she decides to take the leap.

Both of these characters were fun and quirky.  Their love story with a little of bit of a mystery thrown in was fun and entertaining.  I just adored Rafe's entire extended family!  Gotta love big Italian families!  Overall, this was a fun story to read.

Vigor: A Spartan Riders Novel - J.C. Valentine, M. Carroll

This is the 3rd book in the Spartan Riders series by J.C. Valentine and it is Garrick "Repo" Stone's story.

Repo is the last original standing member, and VP of the Spartan Riders Motorcycle Club.  At 42 years old, Repo is ready to settle down and take on an ol' lady and he has his sights set on Ginger "Red" Mercury, bartender at the club's compound.  Repo first met Red when she was barely out of high school and they ended up hooking up.  Both of them are now divorced and Repo is looking to change that.  Repo made it known to the club that Red is his and it's hands off for anyone else.

Red, being a very head strong female goes nuts when she finds out about Repo's claim to her.  She does not want to be someone's property and fights against Repo's wishes every step of the way.  When something happens to Repo that ends him up in the hospital, Red has a change of heart.  Funny how a near death experience can change someone's attitude.  While nursing Repo back to health, things start to become more serious between them.  Just when it looks like these two will get their happy ending, Repo opens his mouth and Red goes running.  Of course this is at the same time when the things with the cartel start heating up again and then everything explodes.  It takes a lot to finally get their happy ending.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story.  The characters were both fun and had such great banter.  Repo has such a dirty mouth on him! ;)  I'm glad these two finally got together as the Spartans and the cartel are heading into a war.

That Thing You Do - Kayti McGee

Greta and her two best friends, Amy and Summer make a pact when they were 15....no one can get married to a guy unless the other two both give their approval!  Fast forward 11 years and her friends are making another pact....two of the friends will pick the guy for the other girl to date.
At Greta sister's Angie's wedding, Greta is drowning her sorrows with her two best friends when she notices the cute DJ, Jon.  Ends up he is good friends with the groom.  Also great is that the DJ had already noticed her!  Summer and Amy decide the hot DJ is who Greta has to date!  Greta's on the floor dancing and keeping Jon amused.  Just when he thinks Greta is going to approach him, she takes off.  He asks the bride and groom who that bridesmaid was.  Angie explains it is her sister, and good luck with that.  A small bet ensues and now Jon is up for the challenge.  He meets up with Greta in the coat room with a fun exchange and she ends up with his coat and phone number.

Greta wants to pretend to date Jon to appease her friends, but he really wants to date her so they agree for every pretend date that Greta sets up, Jon will set up a real date.  Oh, was this fun.  Greta kept picking things that she thought would scar off Jon (think Harry Potter!), while Jon picked things that would reel Greta in closer.  It was so enjoyable to watch these two pretend date/really date.  Of course, as things started to get serious, Greta freaked out.  Jon realized that he needed to do something dramatic with Greta to really get her attention....and boy did he.

I really enjoyed both of these characters.  Jon was so dreamy and add in that British accent and SWOON!  Greta just wanted to be loved but was so afraid to try.  Add in Greta's two crazy friends, along with Mina, the tween that Greta was a nanny for for and it makes for a great, enjoyable story.  Be warned, you will laugh and cry during this one.  It really tugged at my heart strings.

Arm Candy (Real Love) - Jessica Lemmon

We met Davis Price in Eye Candy.  He is Vince's best friend.  Davis shows up at almost every day at McGreevy's Pub in a suit, drinks his Samuel Adams, while watching the news on TV.  He spends most of his time flirting and dating any prim and proper blonde he can find.  Davis also enjoys his fun and flirty banter with the bartender, Grace Buchanan.  Problem is Grace is a redhead so she knows that Davis really isn't into her...too bad...because she is really into him.

Grace is not Davis' usual type.  Grace is loud and opinionated with a few tattoos peeking out from places but for some reason he is just drawn to her.  Too bad he has sworn off redheads since the number Hannah did on him.  After a fun round of bantering and a spoken bet, Davis has an actual date with Grace.  Surprising to both of them, they actually really like each other and realize that neither of them is what they thought each other was really like.  What starts as a series of only 3 dates, quickly turns into something more.  Both Grace and Davis have things from their pasts that make them not want to take that next step in their relationship.  It was a tough and emotional road these two had to take to get their happy ending, but it was so worth it.  I just adored Davis.  He acted like he was so sure of himself all the time, but deep down he had some parts that were not so strong.  I really liked Grace too.  Based on things from her past, all she really wanted was for someone to love her unconditionally and always be there for her.  They both just got each other and together they were finally whole.

Mr. Big - Delancey Stewart

I have never read this author before and was asked to read this book in exchange for an honest review.    I must say, I was very impressed.  The characters were likeable...the story was funny and interesting....and I just couldn't put this book down.

Oliver Cody's world has completely imploded.  The world as he knew it has been turned upside down by a horrible event.  First he was on top of the world, and next he was crashing down at the bottom.  Ollie is the CEO of Cody Technology, having taken over the reigns from his dad.  The last thing he wants to be doing is working so he takes a six week break from his life.  When Ollie shows back up at the office one day, he stops at the company coffeehouse and runs into someone who has given him back a spark of life.  Enter Holland O'Dell. Oh, man did I LOVE this meeting.  Great laugh out loud sparring!  Ollie realizes he needs to know more about this girl.

Holland O'Dell has dreamed of working at Cody Technology pursuing her love of statistics and sports.  Fresh from earning her master's degree, Holland gets hired on at Cody Technology, but not doing what she had hoped to be doing.  It seems to get that job, you need to be a male.  Holland just plans to work on a secret project that she can woo upper management with that would guarantee her a promotion.  She is going to improve the company's StrokeStat program that is no longer be used and customize it for Major League Baseball.

Ollie starts hanging out at the coffeehouse hoping to run into Holland again.  Of course he does and then the real fun begins.  He realizes she is working on StrokeStat.  Considering he designed and wrote it, and she has no idea who he really is, he knows this will be fun.  He finally gets Holland to agree to let him help her with the hope of spending more time together.  As they spend more time together, things really begin to blossom and turn serious pretty quickly.  Just when it looks like his life is finally improving, the rug gets pulled out from under him and he has to face his issues and decide what he really wants in his life.

Ollie and Holland together were great.  The awesome banter in the beginning was priceless.  As their relationship progressed, things were only getting better.  Overall, I really loved these two characters and the journey they had to take to get to their happy ending.  I laughed, swooned and even cried. 

Bad Deeds - Lisa Renee Jones
This series sure knows how to mess with your head....as you read this you are not sure who to believe!

This is the 3rd book in the Dirty Money series and it picks up right where Damage Control left off. Shane Brandon is questioning who Emily Stevens really is. After Seth caught her in an uncompromising position, Shane doesn't know what to think. Emily doesn't want to reveal her true identity so she escapes from Shane but that doesn't last for long....he is quickly able to find her. After the two of them hash things out, they realize they need to be together and they both need to not hold back any more secrets.

As the mess with Medina cartel continues to escalate, Shane is even more at odds with his brother, Derek. All the while, Brandon, Sr seems to be getting worse and worse in regards to his cancer.

Emily starts to realize that Shane's thoughts and actions are starting to get darker and tries to reach through to his better side. Shane explains that he needs to hone his darker side to come out on top. Just when it looks like things are getting worse, Shane comes up with a solution that may help everyone. Too bad he didn't expect the loose cannon that shows up and throws everything into a tailspin. When all hell breaks loose, BOOM....it ends on a huge cliffhanger! I thought the previous book's cliffhanger was bad, but this one takes the case....and I have to wait until January for the next book! Ugh! I am really loving this series!
Kiss Me If You Can - Carly Phillips

I forgot what a fun story this was....it has such great laugh out loud moments in it mostly from the heroine's grandma....and such great swoony moments from the hero, Sam "Coop" Cooper.

Sam Cooper tried to be a cop like his father and older brother but because of an old injury he wasn't successful.  Instead, Coop is a crime reporter for The Daily Post in New York City.  It pays the bills but he would prefer to be a successful author.  When Coop is able to stop a robbery at a local jewelry story, he is rewarded with a ring of his choice, which he reluctantly takes.  This ends up earning him the title of The Most Eligible Bachelor on the online blog at his New York City newspaper and brings him a lot of unwanted attention.

When Lexie Davis sees the story about Coop on TV and eyes the ring he ends up with, she realizes it looks like the ring that matches the necklace that her Grandma Charlotte has.  With her grandma's 80th birthday coming up, Lexie wants to see if she can buy the ring off of Coop.  When Coop and Lexie first meet, sparks instantly fly.  When Lexie explains that she'd like to buy the ring from him, Coop is instantly curious because that is the second person who has expressed interest in the ring.  As Lexie and Coop realize that there is a past history to this ring, they both agree to investigate the ring's past.  Of course this means that they must spend more time together and quickly find themselves in each other's arms.  As the mystery unfolds, and romantic feelings quickly form, family secrets also come to the surface.  

This was a fun and entertaining ride.  I really loved the character of Coop.  He was sweet and caution, having been burned before but he was really drawn to Lexie.  Lexie lived her life based on certain things that she always thought were correct, but found herself questioning those things as secrets were exposed.  It took some changing in both of their lives, but these two finally got to their happy ending.  I also just adore Lexie's Grandma Charlotte and her best friend, Sylvia...those two were a hoot!  Overall, this was a fun and sexy story that I really enjoyed.

Wicked Wish (The Wicked Horse Vegas Book 2) - Sawyer Bennett

This story is one of my favorite tropes....best friend's little sister!  

Jorinda "Jorie" Pearce was basically raised by her older brother, Micah, since her mother died during childbirth and her father worked all the time.  When her father died when she was 17, Micah put his life on hold until she was of age.  All her life Micah's best friend, Walsh Brooks, was always around and it was natural that Jorie always had a crush on him.  

Fast forward....Jorie has been married for 8 years to Vince and living in LA.  Vince just told Jorie that he wants a divorce and he wants her to move out...the reason...she sucks in bed.  Feeling dejected, Jorie heads to her hometown, Henderson, NV, where her best friend, Elena lives to crash at her place.  After telling Elena the whole story, Elena suggests they head to Las Vegas and go to the Wicked Horse, Las Vegas where Jorie can get some of her self esteem back.  They are having a masquerade event and it would be perfect...she wouldn't have to reveal her self and she can test out the waters.  When they enter and look around Jorie is drawn to this guy who is setting up some unique type of machine.  He asks for any woman interesting and chooses Jorie.

Walsh Brooks has been in a rut lately but this woman with the peacock mask has him beyond excited.  Things get hot and exciting VERY quickly.  All too soon, something happens and Walsh quickly realizes this woman is actually Jorie, Micah's little sister....Why does she have to be the best woman he's ever been with?????!!!!!

Now the fun begins.  Jorie didn't realize it was Walsh, but she has just lived out a life long fantasy by being with Walsh.  Walsh is freaking out because he just broke the cardinal law....leave your best friend's sister alone!  Problem is, neither of them want to stop!

These two were so hot and so fun together.  Even though they both only wanted this to be a purely physical relationship, feelings quickly started coming into play.  Just when things were looking perfect...all hell breaks loose when Micah finds out.  It took some time for all hurt parties to get past their issues before Jorie and Walsh could have their happy ending but it was worth it when then finally did.

If you are looking for a fun, hot read...pick this up!  Such a great series!

Damage Control - Lisa Renee Jones

This book picks up right where Hard Rules left off.  Shane has confronted Emily about who she really is.  

Emily is afraid that whoever is looking for her is going to find Shane and hurt him and since she has fallen in love with him, she knows she must leave him so he doesn't get harmed.  Too bad Shane is not going to let her go.  After a mad search, Shane finally finds Emily and convinces her that they belong together and he is not letting her go.  After some poking and prodding, Emily finally lets Shane know all her secrets....and compared to his, they are not so bad!  LOL

The Brandon family is still up to all the games they keep playing with each other.  It is crazy how people in the same family treat each other!  While Shane is trying to get the family business to be 100% legit, his brother Derek is too busy trying to bring in the Martina Cartel.  Throw in both of Shane's parents games and this is one crazy ride.  Shane is starting to realize that he needs to start playing the game a little dirtier and I can't wait to see where this will lead! 

Until You Loved Me: A Novel (Silver Springs) - Brenda Novak

Let's start with....I COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN!  I loved it that much!

Ellie Fisher is a scientist who spends most of her time at her job where she is trying to find a cure for diabetes.  After Ellie catches her fiance and fellow co-worker, Don, with his best friend, Leo, in their bed, Ellie's life is shattered.  Ellie's best friend, Amy convinces her to come out to the trendy bar Envy in Miami to forget about her problems.  Ellie, who never goes out to clubs, is debating leaving when a guy buys her a drink.  When the guy tries to buy her another one and she rejects it, he decides to come out of his hidden place and talk to her...she has really intrigued him.

Hudson King, starting QB for the LA Devils, isn't used to women NOT throwing themselves at him and he wants to know this woman better.  Hard to believe but she really doesn't know him!  The two of them decide to leave the bar and walk along with water.  Hudson is really enjoying his time with Ellie and quickly they end up at his hotel.  Of course this wonderful night ends up in an unplanned pregnancy.  Too bad Ellie only knows Hudson's first name.

While at a Super Bowl party with co-workers, Ellie sees Hudson's face on the TV and that's where the fun begins.  Ellie realizes she needs to contact Hudson to let him know about the pregnancy but she doesn't get quite the reception she was expecting.  Since Hudson was an orphan he has been very careful not to have any unplanned pregnancies but quickly realizes that he wants to be in this child's life and he will do whatever he can to convince Ellie of that.

Ellie soon finds herself relocating to Silver Springs, California and moving in with Hudson.  Of course sparks are flying but Hudson cannot give Ellie the one thing she wants....commitment.  Over the course of her pregnancy these two begin to grow closer.  It was so fun watching these two go from a one-night stand to their happy ending.  The mystery behind Hudson's abandonment is revealed and it was a doozy!  Never saw that one coming!

Overall this story was awesome!  Ellie is such a sweet, smart female and I could really relate to her.  Hudson had so many walls up because of his past is was fun watching Ellie slowly knock them down.  This story kept me so entertained I just couldn't put it down.  Great job Brenda Novak!

Well Built - Carly Phillips, Erika Wilde

Kyle Coleman and Ella Fisher were high school sweethearts until one fateful night when their siblings caused their world to come crashing down.  Kyle left Woodmont, IL ten years ago, broke and determined to make something of himself.  Now living in Chicago, Kyle is a part owner of Premier Realty with his 3 best friends, and a successful multimillionaire.

After that fateful night, Ella dropped her dreams of college and took over running the family grocery store since her father was unable to.  Now that the old building next door to the grocery story has finally gone up for sale, Ella has plans of buying that building and expanding the family store.  Imagine Ella's surprise at the bidding sale when someone else also makes a bid on the building....none other than Kyle Coleman...the guy she still has never gotten over.  She may have recently broken off an engagement to another guy, but her heart has always been with Kyle.  Kyle knows he is crushing Ella's dreams, but he has plans of his own....he want to fulfill his mom's dream of owning a bakery and an event center.

In the beginning there was some fun sparring between these two.  It was obvious that the chemistry between these two was still strong.  When Ella tries to convince Kyle that he should sell her the building that is when the fun begins!  Car trouble, stuck in Chicago, Kyle's place....etc....it didn't take long for these two to give in to their feelings.  Afterwards, Ella lets Kyle know that their hookup has to be a one time thing because her father couldn't handle her being with a "Coleman boy" and she couldn't risk his health any more.  Of course this doesn't last long and soon they are sneaking around like they did back in high school.  Eventually problems arise and all hell breaks loose.  It takes some long and hard soul searching for these two to finally make it back to their happy ending, but they finally do.

I just adore these characters.  Kyle was just a perfect dream man...exactly what someone would want in a guy.  Ella had a hard time standing up to her dad because she was always the "good" daughter and this caused her to really end up putting her life on pause.  Once she stood up for herself you just wanted to tell her...way to go Ella!  Overall this was a great, second chance story of two characters who never really gave up the thought of the other, even 10 years later.