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The Unhoneymooners  - Christina Lauren

These two ladies know how to write some of the best banter in Contemporary Romance books!  This story is a perfect example and is an enemies to lovers story!

Olive Torres is the twin that always has bad luck.  Now Olive's twin sister, Amelia "Ami" is getting married to Dean.  Ami ended up entering contest and won just about everything for her entire wedding, even the seafood buffet that ends up getting the entire wedding sick except for Olive, (because of her seafood allergy she ate chicken) and the best man, Ethan Thomas, brother of Dean (who will not eat food from a buffet).  When everyone is either throwing up or having bathroom issues, Ami and Dean convince Olive and Ethan to go on their Maui, HI honeymoon.  Even though these two don't like each other, they agree to go and pretend to be on their honeymoon.

As these two spend more time together, they start to realize that they actually do like each other and they are having more fun than they thought.  In typical Olive luck, she runs into her new boss and has to lie that she is there on her honeymoon.  Her and Ethan also run into his old girlfriend and continue the ruse.  Half way through the trip, it starts to feel more like a real honeymoon....in all ways! ;)  As these two talk more, Olive starts to realize that Ethan's brother may be cheating on his wife and feels like she needs to tell Ami.  As these two head back to Minnesota as a couple, things start to fall apart when secrets are opened up.  Some hearts end up broken, some hearts end up healed but it will take a huge grand gesture to for Olive and Ethan to find their own happy ending, but thankfully they do.

I just adored these characters.  They were both so fun and I just loved their banter.  I loved the names they kept calling each other!  LOL  I even adored Olive's crazy family!  They all were such a hoot!  Read this book....you will not be sorry!