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Passion on Park Avenue (Central Park Pact #1) - Lauren Layne

Naomi Powell has spent her entire life trying to prove she is better than that little girl who got kicked out of the Park Avenue household her mom worked at because her mom was caught in a compromising position with the man of the house.  Now, Naomi run a billion dollar jewelry company and has the world at her hands.

When Naomi receives a phone call about her application for an apartment at the same Park Avenue building that they were kicked out of she is intrigued.  Once realizing that her deceased mother filled out her application, Naomi is ready to leave when who walks in but Oliver Cunningham, the son of the family that threw them out.  Too bad Oliver doesn't recognize Naomi.  After exchanging a few choice words, Naomi walks out with her head held high.  Imagine her surprise when she is later called and told that she has the apartment.  Imagine her further surprise when Naomi already realizes that her neighbor is Oliver....it seems he is very intrigued by her.  Naomi decides that she must confront her past and confront the Cunningham men but quickly learns that Walter Cunningham is not the same man she knew....he know has Alzheimer's.  As much as Naomi wants to hate the Cunningham men she is starting to realize that she actually likes them.

As Naomi is trying to make her way through all that life has thrown at her, she must decide if she can let go of the past in order to be able to move on into the future.

I really liked Naomi.  She is so strong willed.  Sometimes she is a little stubborn but based on her past it is easy to see why.  I really loved Oliver.  He just seemed like my perfect type of hero....strong, sexy but compassionate and the sexual attraction between these two was crazy.  I really also enjoyed Naomi's friends that she had met through an interesting circumstance and I can't wait to read their story's.  Overall this was a fun, sexy enjoyable read.