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A Highlander Walks Into a Bar - Laura Trentham

Isabel "Izzy" Buchanan is a strong, sassy girl who still lives with her mom in Highland, GA. It's been 10 years since she lost her dad but together they still host the annual Highland Games, honoring their Scottish tradition. When Izzy's mom goes to Scotland for a vacation and some research, Izzy is completely surprised to find that her mom brought back a souvenir in the form of a tall, Scottish older man! Enter Gareth Connors. What is really strange is that for the first time since her father died, her mom actually looks happy. While Izzy is trying to wrap her head around their new house guest, she is even more surprised when another Scot shows up in the form of a tall, dark, sexy Alasdair Blackmoor, who actually lives in London.

Alasdair is in Highland at the request of his mother to track Gareth down, who is actually his uncle. Alasdair spent his youth with Gareth at the family home....it seems that Gareth is an Earl back in Scotland. When Alasdair meets Izzy he is instantly smitten. He does love a sassy woman! As Izzy and Alasdair spend more time together feelings start to develop and quickly they start up a friends with benefits type of relationship. When Alasdair decides to stay in Highland a little longer than he was expecting, things at his work start to explode. Alasdair finds himself at a crossroad between Izzy, work and his yearning for Scotland. He needs to make some big decisions in order to find his true happiness and be able to keep the woman of his dreams.

I really enjoyed Izzy and Alasdair's story. It was fun learning about things from Scotland and overall this was an enjoyable read.