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Handle With Care - Helena Hunting

Wren Sterling's dream job is to work as a PR person for a big charity, preferably something to do with pediatrics. When Wren's mom suggests working with her friend, Gwendolyn Moorehead at Moorehead Media, Wren thinks this could be just what she needs in the form of connections. What Wren didn't expect was that her PR job was more of a babysitter for the younger, narcissistic Moorehead son, Armstrong. When the patriarch of the family suddenly dies, the oldest son, Lincoln, has to come back for the funeral.

Lincoln Moorehead has spent most of his life avoiding his entire family except for G-Mom, his father's mother. When Linc gets blindsided by G-Mom that she wants him to be the acting CEO for 6 months until they can find a suitable replacement he is not happy but reluctantly agrees. Then he meets her.....his brother's babysitter....and he is smitten!

The attraction between Wren and Linc is off the charts and they have a hard time keeping things platonic. When they finally give in to their feelings they both start to rethink things in their lives. Just when it looks like things are going wonderfully, secrets from both of their pasts come back to stir up trouble. It will take a strong faith in each other to get past these issues so they can find their happy ending.

I just adored Wren and Linc. Wren is such a fun, tough woman and she really knows how to handle anyone! Linc is the perfect guy. Tall, sexy and loyal! He really has his priorities on straight. Together these two just fit so well together and made this story such fun!