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Feel the Heat - Kate Meader

Lili DeLuca really wants to get her masters in Fine Arts and pursue her dream job of photography but she is stuck in limbo.  Between helping take care of her mom who had breast cancer and helping her dad run the family's Italian restaurant, Lili is nervous to make the next move.

When Lili's sister, Cara brings her work back to Chicago, it causes many interesting feelings inside Lili.  Enter Jack Kilroy....hot, British, chef extraordinaire!  It seems Jack is going to challenge Lili's dad to cooking contest.  Tired of living her life in limbo, Lili decides to stop playing her life safe and hits on Jack.  Too bad for once in his life Jack has sworn off one-night-stands so he suggests a slower, getting to know each other...dating approach.  Of course this demoralizes Lili because she thinks since she is not the tall, slender type of woman that Jack is just not interested in her.  During the time Lili and Jack are together, it becomes very obvious that there is more heat between the two of them then in the kitchen!  Too bad one of those moments makes it to the internet and causes a huge sensation!

It will take a huge leap of faith from both Lili and Jack for these two to find their happy ending but thankfully they do!

I just adored Jack.  He was just sick and tired of everyone treating him like a piece of meat.  He really just loves to cook and longs for that simpler time in his life.  Lili was the type of person who always wants to please everyone.  Instead of sticking up for herself, she tends to get taken advantage of.  Together these just really balance each other out well and I really enjoyed their love story.