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How to Catch a Wicked Viscount (Disreputable Debutantes) - Amy Rose Bennett

Sophie Brightwell comes from a family of lesser means. At her finishing school her and her best friends, Charlie, Olivia and Arabella decide for form a club, the Society for Enlightened Young Women.  Why should the men know about all of the wicked things about marriage, while the women have to be naive and innocent.  While investigating these wicked things they get caught and kicked out of school.  Now they are known as the disgraced debutantes.

When Sophie gets the chance to stay with Charlie's family who will host her debut, she sees Charlie's brother again, Nathanial "Nate" Hastings, Viscount Malverne.  Sophie has been attracted to Nate since she first laid eyes upon him.  When Sophie realizes that Nate is attracted to her, she thinks who better than to teach her about wicked things than the rake viscount himself.  As things start to heat up between the two, Sophie finds herself falling in love with Nate.  Too bad Nate deems himself as the type who will not love anyone.

Between the other gentlemen wanting to call on Sophie and the wicked thoughts Nate constantly has of her, it is going to take some great soul searching for Nate to finally realizes he has fallen in love with her.  Hopefully he is not too late!

I just adored these two.  Sophie was such a fun, forward thinking girl.  I love she behaved when it came to Nate.  I also really loved Nate.  It was fun watching this wicked playboy fall hard.  Together they were just so fun!  Great start to this new series.