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I Think I Love You - Lauren Layne

I freaking love this series! Lauren Layne writes such great, perfectly flawed characters and gives them such fun and sexy stories!

Hunter Cross loves having Brit Robbins as his best friend, even if she is a female, and one of his employees. She is smart, gorgeous and very dedicated to her job. When Brit comes to him one day complaining that she sucks at dating....everyone just treats her as one of the guys, not as a sexy woman, she decides she needs to take drastic action. She asks Hunter, a huge playboy, to help her learn how to be sexy and how to date. Reluctantly, Hunter ends up agreeing and this is where the fun really begins. Slowly as Hunter is "teaching" Brit dating techniques, their feelings towards each other start to change until they both finally give in. Oh my gosh, the things these two went through were so laugh out loud funny, while being sexy as hell at the same time. The journey they took to get to their happy ending was wonderful and perfect!