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Hidden Seams - Alessandra Torre

Wow!  This book just blew me away.  Talk about a crazy story!

Marco Lent is living a life he never imagined....having a career he couldn't have wished more for.  Too bad his life was a big lie.  Marco thought being Vince Horace's boyfriend in name only would set him up for life and just when the end is in sight, and he can have his real life back, a tornado in the name of Avery Hartsfield crashes into his world.

Avery was adopted by a wealthy couple but for some reason she rebelled.  At a young age Avery found herself on the streets of Detroit, MI after running away.  Learning to be tough she provided herself a comfortable life.  

Avery wanted to find her birth parents and was able to find her mom shortly before her mom died but she only had a picture of her dad that her birth mom gave her.  She didn't know the guy's name.    Imagine her surprise when one day on the TV she sees one of the men in photo from her birth mom and it's none other than Vince Horace, the biggest name in the fashion industry.  Too bad the TV was talking about Vince's death.  Deciding to see if she could find out more about Vince, Avery heads to New York City.  While there she "bumps" into Vince's boyfriend, Marco, but doesn't let on that she knows who he is.  One thing leads to another and BOOM...these two just explode.  As their lives are slowly meshing together in the utmost crazy way, they are just drawn to each other.  

Both Avery and Marco need to figure many things out in their crazy world and it really leads to a great story.  I just loved Avery and Marco.  They were both so flawed, yet so perfect.  It was crazy how they just fit together.  Overall I really LOVED this story and couldn't put it down.  Just when you think you have something figured out....nope....the author changes directions.  I highly recommend this book.  You will not be sorry.