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Until You Loved Me: A Novel (Silver Springs) - Brenda Novak

Let's start with....I COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN!  I loved it that much!

Ellie Fisher is a scientist who spends most of her time at her job where she is trying to find a cure for diabetes.  After Ellie catches her fiance and fellow co-worker, Don, with his best friend, Leo, in their bed, Ellie's life is shattered.  Ellie's best friend, Amy convinces her to come out to the trendy bar Envy in Miami to forget about her problems.  Ellie, who never goes out to clubs, is debating leaving when a guy buys her a drink.  When the guy tries to buy her another one and she rejects it, he decides to come out of his hidden place and talk to her...she has really intrigued him.

Hudson King, starting QB for the LA Devils, isn't used to women NOT throwing themselves at him and he wants to know this woman better.  Hard to believe but she really doesn't know him!  The two of them decide to leave the bar and walk along with water.  Hudson is really enjoying his time with Ellie and quickly they end up at his hotel.  Of course this wonderful night ends up in an unplanned pregnancy.  Too bad Ellie only knows Hudson's first name.

While at a Super Bowl party with co-workers, Ellie sees Hudson's face on the TV and that's where the fun begins.  Ellie realizes she needs to contact Hudson to let him know about the pregnancy but she doesn't get quite the reception she was expecting.  Since Hudson was an orphan he has been very careful not to have any unplanned pregnancies but quickly realizes that he wants to be in this child's life and he will do whatever he can to convince Ellie of that.

Ellie soon finds herself relocating to Silver Springs, California and moving in with Hudson.  Of course sparks are flying but Hudson cannot give Ellie the one thing she wants....commitment.  Over the course of her pregnancy these two begin to grow closer.  It was so fun watching these two go from a one-night stand to their happy ending.  The mystery behind Hudson's abandonment is revealed and it was a doozy!  Never saw that one coming!

Overall this story was awesome!  Ellie is such a sweet, smart female and I could really relate to her.  Hudson had so many walls up because of his past is was fun watching Ellie slowly knock them down.  This story kept me so entertained I just couldn't put it down.  Great job Brenda Novak!