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Close to Home - Lily Everett

Johnny Alexander married Terri when she was 18 years old and he found her hiding out in the family barn, obviously on the run and scared. He had the "need" to protect her based on events from his past. Johnny never had an intimate relationship with her because he felt she was so fragile. Johnny left for the Army for 6 years then spent 2 years in the ATF so Terri was pretty much alone for her first 8 years of marriage. Terri decided she was not happy and that Johnny only stayed married to her out of obligation, so she was going to release him from his "duty". She filed for divorce, packed up and moved to Sanctuary Island and started going by the name Tessa.

A year later Johnny is back from being undercover and ready to spend some time with his wife. Surprise...she's gone. He decides to follow her to Sanctuary Island to get his wife back. While Johnny is there, he is required to deal with his emotions from being undercover for so long. He also realizes that his Terri, no Tessa is no longer the timid, afraid little girl she used to be. Instead he sees a strong, determined woman that he really wants to know. Slowly the two of them get to know each other all over again and realizes that they both still want to be together. It was fun watching these two getting to know each other. Johnny was a little too protective at times and Tessa was a little to stubborn at times but it was fun how they found a common ground. Throughout their story a little suspense was also thrown into the mix, which was very enjoyable. I also loved the character of Marcus and can't wait to see what his story is! Overall this was an enjoyable story with really great characters.