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The Widow's Auction - Sabrina Jeffries

Lady Kingsley, Isobel Lamberton, is a young widow at the age of 27 and spends most of her time running her late husbands charities. While at a meeting for the Lamberton Boys' School where the group is trying to decide what to do with the young boys in the school, Justin Antony, the Marquess of Warbrooke is irritating her with the plans he hopes the group will adopt. The banter between these two is great! Isobel gives it as good as she takes it!

Isobel's friend, Phoebe, convinces her that she is missing out on some things in her life and gets her to enter the the Widow's Auction. This is an auction where disguised widows place themselves up for a night of debauchery and they earn a portion of the money that was bid on them. Imagine Isobel's surprise when the Marquess of Warbrooke is the highest bidder! She believes he doesn't know who she really is, but of course he does. Justin just wants to "scare" Isobel and show her that signing up for the auction was a bad idea....he doesn't plan to actually do anything with her. What neither of them expected was the electricity that the two of them produced. These two had such chemistry together they sizzled. Both of them had preconceived ideas about the other that were totally wrong. Once they realize this, their happy ending became very clear!

This was a fun, sexy quick read. I really enjoyed both of these characters and the story line was really fun!