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The Big O (An OTT Insta-love STANDALONE) - Nelle L'Amour

This is a book very different than the usual romance book. If you like to laugh out loud, swoon and expect the unexpected, then you will enjoy this book.

Owen King owns the Donut King empire and lately the company hasn't been doing well....Starbeans and other coffee chains have been taking their business. Owen's marketing director, Mallory Clint, convinces him to do a study group to see what their opinions are of their donuts. The study group consists of mostly skinny girls and one larger girl, Olive Cumming. When Owen first sees Olive he is instantly in love. When Olive eats a cream filled donut, Owen knows he needs her in his life, immediately! Owen and Olive bring the Big O ;) back into the donut business. Their chemistry together was hot and sweet. This story was a fun, quick, enjoyable read. If you are looking for something fun to read, give this a try!