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Barefoot at Moonrise - Roxanne St. Claire

I am really enjoying Roxanne St. Claire's Barefoot Bay Timeless books, especially since the heroes are closer to my age!

This book is firefighter Ken Cavanaugh's story. You know when the story is about firemen it's going to be hot! Ken has loved Beth Endicott since they were in high school. It's been 25 years since Ken broke up with Beth when Ken's dad died at Beth's dad worksite, and Ken has held Ray Endicott responsible since. When Ken sees Beth's name as a volunteer for their upcoming high school reunion, he decides to also volunteer in hopes of talking with Beth. When Ken and Beth finally get some alone time things explode and it's like they are back in high school again. Ken wants to continue a relationship, but Beth, tired of men controlling her life, does not want to. After parting ways after their night together, a special surprise brings them back together.

This love story was wonderful. I just adored Ken. He is the type of guy every girl wants. I really enjoyed all the other firefighters, especially Pookie...she was a hoot! I really loved the path Ken and Beth had to travel. It was hard to overcome the past in order for them to be together. The part with Ray and Josie Endicott was a great twist too! And the ending was just perfect! Another great story from Roxanne St. Claire.....I can't wait for Law's story next!