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Hitched: Imperfect Love, Volume 1 - Kendall Ryan

I loved the blurb for this book and thought I'd give it a chance.  I love marriages of convenience that turn into something more.  Let me tell you....this story does not disappoint.  Fair warning...this first book ended with a cliffhanger, but at least the next two books come out within the next 4 weeks.

Noah is the typical cocky, alpha playboy.  His late father was half owner of Tate & Cane Enterprises but according to his father's will, he must marry his partner's daughter, Olivia, in order to inherit his half of the company.  Noah has known Olivia his whole life and has always had a crush on her, but she hasn't shown any interest in him since their teenage years.  Olivia Cane is an awesome character.  She is such a great, strong female character.  I loved how she would put Noah in his place.

The company is going through some difficult times and Olivia knows she will need to marry Noah to provide a common front but she is still hesitant...so she decides they should date.  Her dad decides to get them an "engagement" present...a new apartment with only one bedroom!  I loved how these two had to try to navigate being together.  There was such great humor as well as great sexual chemistry brewing.  Just as the two decide to finally get married....BAM....cliffhanger!

I loved this first part so much I've gone and pre-ordered the next two parts.  I can't wait to see these two get their happy ending.