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Just Give Me a Reason - Rebecca Rogers Maher

This is book #2 in the Lopez brothers series. Book #1 was about Ray....this one is his brother Tony's story.

Tony is the older brother. The one who had to step up and be in charge when their father was killed in an accident. Tony always does the right thing that is always expected of him. He married his high school sweetheart, Alexa, had two daughters, and helped his wife get through medical school to become a doctor. Somewhere along the way, they drifted apart and Alexa had an affair. They parted friends but Tony just seems to be drifting through life.

The first time Tony met Beth, his brother's girlfriend's best friend, he was intrigued. She stirred something in him that he hasn't felt since his first years with Alexa. The problem is he will see a lot of Beth so he really can't pursue anything with her...and on top of that, Beth is pregnant with another man's baby.

Certain circumstances throw Tony and Beth together....alone. They both feel the strong chemistry brewing between them.....they both know it would be wrong....but they both can't help themselves. Sexually these two were hot! They brought out something in each other that neither of them even realized they had. It was a great story about how two people who seem so wrong for each other, actually fit well together. I really enjoyed their story and loved their happy ending! I hope there will be more of these two!