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What Happens Under the Mistletoe - Candace Camp, Sabrina Jeffries, Meredith Duran, Karen Hawkins

This book is a collection of four Christmas novellas from Sabrina Jeffries, Karen Hawkins, Candace Camp and Meredith Duran.

The Heiress and the Hothead is the story of Lord Stephen Corry and Amanda Keane, Jeremy Keane's sister.  I loved these two together.  They both tended to speak their minds and were both also stubborn.  I love how they worked together to find out secret things about the London mills.  And the whole thing about the mistletoe was wonderful!  Great characters and a great happy ending!

Twelve Kisses to Midnight is Marcus Sutherland and Kenna Stuart story of second chances.  This was very entertaining.  I loved how they ended up at the secret cabin.  And I really enjoyed Tata Natasha...this woman was too funny.  

By Any Other Name was Rylla Campbell and Gregory Rose's story.  It was fun how these two met!  I loved how they were both just so drawn to each other.  I loved how they played a game of cat and mouse in the beginning.  I wish we say more of what happened with Elenore and Andrew though.

Sweetest Regret is Georgie Trent and Lucas Godwin's story of second chances.  I just adored this story.  I loved how they both were wrong about past events and how they came together in the end.  It was perfect.

Overall, this was a wonderful book of four great Christmas stories!