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Mine: A Club Sin Novel - Stacey Kennedy

This is the last book in the Club Sin series and is Dmitri Pratt and Presley Flynn's story. Dmitri owns and runs Club Sin, a private BDSM club and has had Presley as his sub for two years now. Everything in Dmitri's life is going great until he receives a threat to expose all of the members of Club Sin. Since the members are high profiled, important people, this cannot happen. The Masters of Club Sin kick into gear to figure out who is behind the threat. During this time, Dmitri has pulled away from Presley. I had a hard time understanding this. I thought a Dom was supposed to always put his sub first. Presley thought their next logical step was marriage, but with the way Dmitri was treating her, she started to doubt their relationship.

After Dmitri finds out who is behind the threat and puts an end to it, he starts to get together a plan to explain to Presley why he did the things he did. OK, this part made up for the jerk Dmitri was being. What happened next is what fairy tales are made of. Their happy ending was perfect and so romantic and even brought a few tears to my eyes!

I'm sad to see this series end, but I am equally excited to read the new spin off about the Dominants Council men!