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Cheaters Anonymous - Lacey Silks

This story is a continuation from When Things Go Wrong. It picks up from where that book ended.

Scar comes crashing back into Julia's life in such a fun, LOL way, too bad he doesn't realize it is her. When Julia cannot get Scar off of her mind, she decides to head to the strip club Hounds (the same place he was at when he came into the ER) in hopes of seeing him. While Julia is scared and nervous to be in Hounds because of her past, she has a much stronger desire to see Scar.

When she sees Scar all those feelings come crashing back and he seems just as excited to see her. Quickly these two realize that maybe there is more to these feelings than they realized. Too bad neither of them do relationships and Julia has sworn off men for the last two years. Scar wants to be with Julia any way he can and is convinced he can win her over. For the first time in his life he wants to try and have a relationship. Too bad things from Julia's past seem to keep getting in the way. When danger starts to affect Julia's life, Scar has had enough and decides to go into alpha mode.

It will take a crazy, unthinkable story line to get these two to a happy ending but boy is it worth the ride. I just loved both of these broken characters. It took them a long time to realize that what both of them were always searching for was just each other! This story will make you laugh, cry and swoon.