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Legend - Sawyer Bennett

If I didn't know better, I'd think that Sawyer Bennett is really a guy hockey player in real life. She really knows how to write a hockey romance!

This book is Legend Bay's story! After first meeting Pepper Nantais in Erik's story....where Legend and Pepper clashed...you just knew these two would get together. Legend grew up in a military household so he likes his life very orderly. As the goalie for the Arizona Vengeance, Legend follows a very strict regiment that has worked well for him. When Legend moved into his house he didn't realize that his new hot neighbor, Pepper, was so over the top. She likes her life loud and colorful and it drives him nuts. These two love to spar and drive each other nuts but when Legend finds something unusual on his front porch, the first person he goes to for help is Pepper.

As Legend and Pepper deal with this new situation, they grow closer and Legend starts to realize that there is way more to Pepper than he ever realized. Just when it looks like these two are going to get a happy ending. someone from Legend's past has to go and cause trouble. In the long run, it ends up just making Pepper and Legend even closer.

This was a wonderful, fun and sexy story. I loved all of the characters involved and can't wait for Dax and Tacker's stories!