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The Duke I Once Knew  - Olivia Drake
I just adore second chances at love. Abigail "Abby" Linton and Maxwell Bryce, the Duke of Rothwell, were once best friends when they were school aged kids. When Max's mom passed away and his dad sent him away, they agreed to keep in touch through letters until they were both of age and could marry.
What neither of them knew was that the letters that each of them wrote never made it to the other, so they both thought the other didn't want them anymore.

Abby spent most of prime years taking care of her ailing mom. With both parents gone, and nearing 30, Abby decides she has to get out from under her siblings demands and take control of her own life. When she learns that Max's little sister is in need of a governess, she jumps at the chance. After all it has been 15 years since Max left.

Abby gets the job and imagine her surprise when Max shows up at Rothwell Court! Yep, fireworks are still there....too bad Max showed up with another woman and his group of friends!

As these two dance around their real feelings, the truth of what really happened 15 years ago comes to light. It takes a great leap of faith for these two to get their happy ending that they should have had years ago.

I just adored this book. Abby and Max were two young people when they met and their feelings for each other never really died as much as they tried to forget the other. I just love when love and happiness win out in the end. I really enjoyed all the other characters in the story also. Between Abby's crazy family, Lady Gwendolyn and Max's aunt Lady Hester, there is a lot of fun, entertaining craziness going on. Read this book, you will not be sorry!