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First Earl I See Tonight - Anna Bennett

David Gray, Earl of Ravenport may be an Earl, but having just been dumped by his fiance because of the state of his property, he has sworn off love and marrying. Instead he is concentrating on fixing everything up to its former glory so his Grandma can enjoy it before her sight completely goes.

Miss Fiona Hartley is not titled, but she comes from money and has a very large dowry to offer the right man. Too bad none are calling. When Fiona gets a letter blackmailing her regarding her younger sister, she must take matters into her own hands. If Fiona can find a man who is willing to marry her in the next 2 weeks, in exchange for her nice dowry, she will enter into a marriage of convenience, as long as they give her the money she needs to pay off the blackmailer. Of course who comes to mind, Gray, the Earl who was just dumped.

Gray thinks Fiona is nuts but agrees to think about her offer. He even invites her and her family to his house thinking that she will change her mind once she sees just how bad of shape the property is in. Instead, this ends up backfiring on him. Gray also finds the more time he spends with Fiona, they more he is starting to realize that he is developing feelings for her. It takes a huge leap of faith for these two to trust each other because they both are hiding secrets. In the end, love wins out and Gray and Fiona get their happy ending!

I loved both of these characters. Fiona is such a strong force and so dedicated to her family. Gray's only purpose in life is to make his Grandma happy....he doesn't care about himself....but deep down he is loyal and loving, even if he doesn't always show that side of himself to other people. Overall, I loved this book. It was fun, entertaining and swoon worthy.