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Rough & Ready - Tracy Wolff

Tanner Green plays for the San Diego Lightning. He has really made a name for himself as one of the nice guys....probably has to do with having to raise 4 younger sisters and being the grandson of a preacher. Tanner always tries to give back to those in need because he remembers a time in his life when things were much harder.

Elara Vance is an ex-WNBA star player, having to retire because of an injury. Now she runs Rebound, a rec-center for underprivileged youth in her San Diego. Imagine her surprise when she finds out the donation she was suppose to receive ends up going to Tanner's foundation instead. Elara is pissed and wants to tell Tanner off and she does it in such a great way....in his locker room, in front of his friends. It was great. Only problem is, is that Tanner didn't realize any of this happened and he wants to help make things right. Too bad Elara isn't biting.

When Tanner shows up to Rebound that is when the fun begins. He doesn't realize that Elara is an ex-WNBA player and agrees to a little 2 on 2 pick up game each of them picking a youth. Imagine Tanner's surprise when Elara blows him away! I just FLOVE Elara!

As Tanner keeps trying to play nice, Elara isn't buying it. All ballers are just a bunch of players and because of something from her past, she is not getting played again. Slowly, Tanner is starting to break Elara's walls down. Just when it looks like they are going to get their happy ending, the past comes back to haunt both of them and together they need to work very hard to get that happy ending.

I loved both of these characters. Tanner really is a perfect guy. Sweet, thoughtful, loving....what more do you need???? Elara is such a strong female and loves to speak her mind. You do not want to cross her! I really enjoyed their happy ending too! Overall this was a great end to such a fun series.