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Wicked Wedding - Sawyer Bennett

We met Andrew Collings in the book Wicked Envy, which ended up being Dane and Avril's love story even though Drew was heavily involved in their story line. Now it is time for Drew to get his own happy ending.

Drew just finished throwing his best friends, Dane and Avril, the best wedding reception that money can buy. He truly is happy that they found love. On his way back to his condo from the reception, Drew sees a woman, in a bridal gown along the highway wanting to hitchhike. Drew decides to stop and offer his help.

Brynne Adams is pissed. Having just found out minutes before her wedding ceremony that her fiance cheated on her with her maid of honor AND his best man in a threesome, Brynne bolts out of the church and needs to get out of dodge. While riding with Drew, she gets a feeling of safety. She can't explain it, but she knows it's the right decision to be with him now. Drew proposes that they go get stinking drunk so that she will feel better. While drunk, Drew also proposes that they go get married....why waste a beautiful wedding gown, plus he still had his tux on. They find out they can get it annulled in 2o days, so they go for it.

What neither of them expected was that they would both end up falling hard for the other. Everything was perfect and magical, even the sex...until Brynne finds out Drew's little secret. It takes a lot of love and a huge leap of faith for Brynne to be able get past Drew's little omission. In the end, love wins out and Drew and Brynne get their happy ever after!

I just loved this story! Both of these characters were so fun. I just love a nerdy, sexy guy and Brynne fit his personality perfectly! Great sexy, fun read!