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At the Stroke of Midnight - Tara Sivec

This is the first book in the Naughty Princess Club, but actually the last one of the three in the series that I read.  While I think it would have been better reading the series in order, you really didn't have to.

Cynthia Castle had the picture perfect life.  She lived in the big house on Fairytale Lane, with her perfect husband and her perfect teenage daughter....or at least that is what she let everyone think.  In reality her life was miserable so when her husband up and left, WITH THE BABYSITTER!!! and took all of their money, Cynthia had no idea what to do but still pretend everything was perfect.

When Cynthia meets the divorced, redhead on the street, Ariel, she is thrown for a loop and immediately treats her like an outcast.  Ariel calls her out on her perfect life and then drops a bombshell.  When Cynthia faints, a tall, handsome stranger comes to her rescue and carries her back into her house.  

At the Halloween street party, Cynthia, Ariel and Belle all dress up as Disney princesses.  When one of the guys suggest they show up at his party dressed like that and he will pay them, they decide to do it since they need the money.  When they end up at the guys party, they realize that the guest of honor, PJ Charming, is the handsome man who rescued Cynthia and he is not too happy that the girls are there.  They were the hired strippers only they didn't realizes that was the job they were hired for!  LOL

When PJ explains to Cindy, Belle and Ariel that they are not cut out to be a strippers, they set out to prove him wrong.  This move riles PJ up....he likes this feisty side of Cindy.  The more PJ and Cindy keep crossing paths, the more the attraction starts to escalate until these two finally get to their happy ending.

I just loved the transformation Cindy went through to become the woman PJ fell in love with.  It was fun watching her shred that perfect image.  I also loved the friendship between Cindy, Belle and Ariel.  These girls are fun and entertaining in their own ways.