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Maybe This Time: A Whiskey and Weddings Novel - Nicole Perkins McLaughlin
Some may say that this past year has been really crappy for Alexis Parker. Not only did she lose her fiance to a horrific accident, it also happened two weeks before their wedding. Now out of the service, Alex heads to Italy for a year before starting her new life because this was the plan they had, their big dream. Just before leaving, Alex has a heartfelt talk with Jake Cooper, one of her brother Dean's best friends and co-owner of his whiskey business. It felt nice to just talk to someone who would listen and not judge. Throughout the past year Alex and Jake have continued this friendship unbeknownst to everyone else. They have shared secrets that no one else even knows about.

A year later, Alex is back in Kansas City, KS and Jake is excited to see her again. Dean offers her a job at Stag Distillery and she accepts for the time being. Alex is nervous seeing Jake. He tends to be the playboy of the group but she finds out she is pleasantly surprised by him. When the opportunity for Alex and Jake to go on a 2 week road tour for Stage Distillery arises, she jumps on the chance. What Alex was hoping for is that Jake could help her get "back in the saddle", after all, he is a playboy! What neither of them expected was for anything to lead to more than just a fling.

As these two come to grips with with who they are, and what they are together they take a long journey throughout their pasts to finally be able to find their happy ending.

I just adored this story. Both characters were wonderful. Alex was having a hard time with finding direction in her life while at the same time Jake felt like he was stuck in a rut. Together they really made each other complete.

I have never read a Nicole McLaughlin book before and I was deeply surprised. This story had such heart and wonderful characters and I am sure I will be reading her books again.