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Dirty Filthy Rich Men - Laurelin Paige

Sabrina Lind dreamed her entire life to attend Harvard and was finally accepted along with a huge scholarship.  While in her Intro to Business Ethics class, Sabrina also dreamed of Weston King, the gorgeous, rich freshman who didn't even know she existed.  After hearing about the wild parties that happen at The Keep, the house where Weston lived, Sabrina decided to go.  Imagine her surprise when she finds herself watching Weston getting it on with another girl in a bedroom, one that is off-limits to party guests.  Imagine her complete horror when she is discovered watching by Donovan Kincaid....one of Weston's friends and someone is a few years older than them.  Donovan is also the teaching assistant in her Intro to Business Ethics class.

After a rather frank discussion, Sabrina leaves the party only to run into some very dangerous trouble.  Sabrina is surprised to find that Donovan actually came to her rescue.  Trying to shake off what almost happened to her, Sabrina is happy to realize that Weston is now paying attention to her.  Maybe things are beginning to lookup.....until she goes to confront Donovan then things really get interesting!  When Sabrina gets a phone call to head back home because her father has had a heart attack, her life begins to spiral downward.  Since she missed a lot of school, she ends up losing her scholarship and is forced to attend school back in Colorado and help look after her sister.  

Fast forward 10 years later.  Living in California working in marketing, Sabrina is at a convention in New York where one of the speakers is Weston.  Imagine her surprise when he remembers her.  Things happen quickly and they hook up.  Imagine an even bigger surprise when Donovan is also there!  Weston convinces Sabrina to move to New York and take a job at their company.  Sabrina finally agrees.  Sabrina knows that she should be with Weston....he is safe and reliable, but unfortunately, it is Donovan that draws her in.

As Sabrina spends more time with Donovan, she realizes that he is really the person she wants.  Of course, life has a funny way of ruining everything.  When Sabrina finds out a huge secret that Donovan is keeping from her, all hell breaks loose.  This story ends on a cliffhanger.....a BIG cliffhanger!

Damn....when I started this book, I was not ready for the crazy ride that Laurelin Paige will take you on.  I could not put this book down.  It was filled with such great twists and turns.  I just had to start the next book right away.