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Bishop - Sawyer Bennett
If you liked The Cold Fury series, you will love this new series just as much!

Bishop Scott used to play for the New York Vipers but when a new expansion team, The Arizona Vengeance, was formed, the Vipers didn't protect him and so now he is playing for the Vengeance. Before the season begins, Bishop decides to hit the town and see what the city has to offer. If he finds a hot female for the night, all the better.

Brooke Perron is in Arizona for a new job. Sure, her dad may have gotten her the job, and sure she left her job she loved in New York for it, but she still worries about him since her mom passed away. While at a bar in town by herself just having a drink, she is approached by a man who has actually gotten her attention for a change. When she propositions him, Bishop can't believe his ears....this is too good to be true, and a perfect one night stand!

Imagine Bishop's surprise when he shows up for the first day of training camp and who does he see.....Brooke....in an office....working for the Vengeance! Confronting her, things quickly turn sexy and guess who walks in.....her dad.....his boss.....Coach David Perron! So what does Brooke do....introduces him as her fiance! WHAT THE H***! She explains that she was just trying to help him so Coach doesn't take it out on him! So the two decide to be pretend fiances! As these two spend more time together, they both realize that maybe they are not really pretending.

I loved this story! Both Brooke and Bishop were great characters. I always enjoy a fake engagement story and this one was no exception. It was fun watching how everything played out especially with Coach Perron. Awesome start to a new series!