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Double Dog Dare - Roxanne St. Claire

Darcy Kilcannon is the last of Daniel "The Dogfather" Kilcannon's kids whom he hasn't helped find her true love yet. Part of Daniel is reluctant because she is his baby girl and is he really ready for an empty nest?

On Darcy's 30th birthday party she informs her dad that she wants to move out on her own and start up her own dog grooming business. She even has already leased a place. While her dad is a little weary, he agrees and helps her find a place to live.

Imagine when Darcy shows up at the brownstone she is moving into to find out the owner is a hunky, sexy, hot guy.....hmm.....dad is up to his old games! Darcy is even more shocked to see that dogs are not allowed in the building!!!! So what does she do, she sneaks Kookie into her new apartment! Of course, Joshua "Hot Landlord" Ranier sees what is going on and that is where the fun begins.

Josh is trying to run from his old life. He has also sworn off woman after the number his last girlfriend played on him. Too bad, because his new tenant has really caught his attention. When Josh ends up with a blind dog that he is now trying to hide, Darcy comes to the rescue. As these two spend more time together, they both start realizing that maybe being independent isn't so important anymore.

I just adored these two. Neither of them were looking for a relationship, but sometimes that isn't the way things work out. These two fell fast and hard and it really scared both of them. Even though Josh is a rule follower and Darcy isn't, they meshed well together and it was fun watching them fall in love! Great addition to this series and I loved all the hints of women for Daniel! I can't wait to see who the lovely lady is going to be!