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The Real Deal  - Lauren Blakely

April Hamilton is living in New York City much to the dismay of her parents.  They want their little girl to find a great guy and settle back in their hometown of Wistful, CT.  Too bad April enjoys her life in NY, especially her job of painting people.  When April has to go back home for the annual family reunion, she decides to hire a pretend boyfriend for the weekend long celebration that her friend Xavier recommended.  

Enter Theo Banks.  He will play any part, bad boy, guy next store, etc based on each person situational needs, but never anything emotional or physical.  So what happens when Theo first meets April.....BAM....instant attraction.  This attraction will make the job easy to pretend, but also hard because he wants more from April than what they agreed to.

Over the course of the weekend, April and Theo are having a hard time keeping their hands off of each other.  When they finally give in to their desires, the past will come back to haunt them.

This was such a great, fun, sexy story that I laughed out loud at many times.  I just adored both Theo and April.  They were both jaded from events in their pasts, but together they were able to move forward.  Read this, you won't regret it!