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Freed - Carly Phillips

Freed is the third book in the Rosewood Bay series and we finally get to meet the unknown sister, Juliette Collins. Phoebe and Halley Ward knew they had a younger sister but have not been able to find her ever since Juliette's dad took her away. What they didn't know was that she was living a very privileged and sheltered life in New York City. When Juliette finds out she has half sisters and that her dad kept that news from her she is livid. Juliette then decides she is taking her own life into her own hands and travels to Rosewood Bay to get to know her sisters.

What Juliette didn't expect was that Phoebe and Halley are wonderful people and she is so excited to be a part of their lives. Juliette also didn't expect to find a man that she is strongly attracted to, but Braden Clark becomes that man. Too bad Juliette doesn't know that her dad hired Braden to watch over her. While things heat up between him and Juliette, Braden starts to feel guilty about working for her dad. As Braden helps Juliette navigate taking control of her own life, he is quickly fall hard for her and she for him. What seems like a perfect relationship quickly turns into something horrible when Juliette's dad shows up. It takes an act of faith, and some family love for these two to get to their happy ending.

I liked Juliette. Even though she was sheltered her whole life, she still had the will to take control back and it was fun seeing her do many things that others do younger in life. I really loved Braden. He was so sweet and loving and yet sexy at the same time. I really loved how he was with his dad too! Such a hard story line, but he dealt with it the best way he could. I also loved the little sneak peak at Andi's story! I can't wait to read it!