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Wanderlust - Lauren Blakely

Joy Danvers-Lively decided to take a new job overseeing the fragrance lab at L'Artisan in PARIS!!!!  She had had enough with her boyfriend, Richard and wanted a break from everything.  Joy has been trying to learn French, but she will still have an interpreter with her during the days at work.  Her first day in Paris Joy wanders into a bakery and hears the most delicious, British accent she has ever heard....coming from a tall, dark man with a sexy butt and he starts flirting with her.

Griffin Thomas has been living in Paris for a year.  It was an item on his brother Ethan's bucket list that they made while his brother was dying.  Just as he was finally able to leave Paris for his next journey, Griffin finds out that he has been reassigned to a different job, not the big cushy one that would have earned him all the money he needed to leave.  Now he has to be an interpreter for and American woman who is an organic chemist.

Griffin is enjoying flirting with Joy.  It's the first time in a long time that a female has excited him since his brother died.  After they part ways, they both keep thinking about the other.  Imagine their surprise when they are introduced later at her new job.  Oh, the fun banter between these two was superb!  Both very quick witted!

As these two spend more and more time together because of work, it quickly turns into more time together after work so Griffin can help her with her French even more.  The sexual tension between these two was explosive.  Once they finally crossed that line it was LOOK OUT!!!!

I really enjoyed both of these characters.  Griffin was chasing a dream and he ended up finding something completely different than he thought he was looking for.  Joy was running from life and ending up finding just what she really always wanted.  I really loved their happy ending.  It was just perfect!