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Rumor Has It - Jessica Lemmon

OMG I am in love with Barrett Fox!  He was so cocky, funny and sexy all at the same time!  Barrett was a football player but after a career ending injury, he decides to go into broadcasting.  Well, when his cocky mouth gets him in trouble, he ends up being assigned a job at The Columbus Dispatch in Columbus, OH by the boss Mia Blakely.  Mia decides she wants her prim and proper journalist, Catarina Everhart to fake date bad-boy Barrett and the two of them will each write a column from their own point of view for the on-line Columbus Community Chat.  

These two couldn't be more perfect together.  Fox loves to fly by the seat of his pants.  Cat loves order to her life and only does things pre-planned.  She even picked out her perfect boyfriend based on certain criteria.  What starts out as hate relationship quickly turns into something more.  Cat starts to realize that there is more to Fox than the cocky jock.  The fake dating these two do is so perfect.  They keep trying to one up each other and that just adds to fun.

Overall I just LOVED this book.  I loved both of the characters and loved the journey they went on to get to their happy ending.  If you love fun, sexy, laugh out loud stories, read this one...you will not be sorry!