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Breathe - Carly Phillips
I could not put this book down....I read it in one day! This book is the second in the series and Phoebe Ward's story. Phoebe fell in love with Jake Nichols when they were in foster care together. Phoebe gave up her virginity to him as a teenager only to be caught by her foster family and permanently separated from Jake. After finding out she was pregnant, Phoebe couldn't find Jake to tell him and ended up raising her son, Jamie by herself. Now, Phoebe is a realtor, and is helping her friend out with overseeing the work on her house. Imagine Phoebe's surprise when she goes to meet with the contractor and it ends up being Jake Nichols!
It has been 12 years since Phoebe has seen Jake so what does she do? She freaks out and leaves! LOL. After coming to her senses, she realizes that she has to tell Jake about Jamie but of course he finds out before she can tell him and then that's when the fun begins.

Jake of course wants to be a part of Jamie's life, but he also has to deal with his own six year old daughter Callie from his previous marriage as well as an ex-wife. It was fun watching Jake interact with Jamie and I loved all the together time. I also loved how Phoebe and Jake still had such strong feelings for each other after all those years apart and how they quickly picked things back up. I just adored both of the kids in this story. It is funny how sometimes adults can complicate things so much that kids see so matter-of-factly. I really liked how true love prevailed and Jake and Phoebe got their happy ending. This was another great addition to this series. We also get a sneak peak at the missing sister, Juliette. I can't wait for her story. It looks like it is going to be awesome too!