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The Secret of Flirting - Sabrina Jeffries

I just adore Sabrina Jeffries' books.  They always provide great characters, a great story, great humor and this book is no exception.

Monique Servais is an actress in Dieppe and lives with her grandmother, who has developed dementia and it is getting harder to look after her while she has to work.  Her grand-maman was born into royalty, but left that life to marry her true love and thus was cut off from her family.  Now years later, the Count de Beaumonde, grand-maman's brother-in-law. was looking for Monique's help.  He would like Monique to pretend to be Aurore, the reigning Princess de Chanay.  If she could pull it off, he would take care of her grand-maman the rest of her life.  The real princess is ill but she needs to be in London because she is the front-runner to becoming the Queen of Belgium, which is seeking its independence from the Netherlands.  It would only be for a short time, and really what could go wrong!  ;)

What Monique did not count on while she was pretending to be Princess Aurore was to run into Gregory Vyse, Baron Fulkham, whom she met three years earlier and has not been able to forget.  Right away Lord Fulkham realized that it was Monique, but she kept denying it.  Now the game was on.  As Gregory and Monique spend more time together, their feelings for each other grow.  When an attempt on their lives happen, secrets start to unravel and Gregory and Monique have an even bigger issue on their hand.  Together they have to work to figure out who is behind all their issues and how they are going to solve their problems.

I loved these two characters.  Gregory's life has always been all about work.  Monique's life has been all about work and taking care of her Grand-maman.  Together these two find something wonderful that they were missing in their lives.  The mystery that they had to figure out to get to their happy ending was so fun and enjoyable.  It kept me constantly guessing at the end results.  Overall, I just adored this book and I highly recommend it.