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Fearless: The Rosewood Bay Series, book 1 - Carly Phillips

OMG!  I am in love with Kane Harmon.  Talk about the sweetest, nicest, perfect guy!

After getting jilted and used by a summer vacationer to his little beach town of Rosewood Bay, Kane has stayed away from any type of relationships.  The occasional hookup is fine, but that is it.  He has enough to worry about with his gambling addicted father, his single mom sister and running his garage business.  

When Kane goes on a tow truck run to pick up a female broken down on the highway, he is surprised to find Halley Ward.  He hasn't seen Halley in years, since their emotional connection back in high school when he protected her from school bullies.  Instantly attracted to Halley, and finding out that she actually still lives in Rosewood Bay, Kane starts to pursue her.  Too bad Halley is not interesting in a relationship.  Kane continues to insert himself into Halley's life because he can tell she wants more to her life than she currently has, but is afraid because of things from her past.  Little by little Kane wears her down until she sees that having Kane in her life is a beautiful thing.

I just adored Kane.  He was so patient and kind and just what Halley needed in her life.  Halley had some horrible issues from her past but with Kane's help she was able to overcome them.  Overall I loved this story.  I sat and read it in one day because I could not put it down!  And the sneak peek into Halley's sister Phoebe's story looks so fun! ;)