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The V Card - Lauren Blakely, Lili Valente

This is a wonderful story of friends to lovers.

Caroline Jessica "CJ" Murphy has been friends with Graham Campbell for years.  After all he was her brother, Sean's best friend.  After Sean passed away suddenly, Graham has always looked out for CJ and been a big brother to her.

When CJ and Graham meet up for one of their usual Sunday brunch dates, they both have something they need to ask of the other.  Graham would like CJ to speak at a board meeting to help save the lingerie company that him and Sean started.  This was a perfect opportunity for CJ to ask Graham what she would like.....she would like him to help her lose her virginity and help her be more knowledgeable in that area.  Graham is shocked.....it's Sean's little sister....this goes against everything.  But CJ is so desperate she bribes Graham....she will help him if he spends the next week teaching her and helping her to lose her virginity and then she will speak at the board meeting.  After much soul searching, Graham agrees.

This story was so fun!  I just adored Graham.  To most people he was a playboy, but really deep down he is a great guy.  I just loved his lessons with CJ.  It was entertaining watching her open up and own her sensuality.  Even though CJ always had a crush on Graham, it was fun watching their friendship change to something more with each lesson they went through.  In the end they both got their happy ending that they didn't even know they were looking for!