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Do Over - Serena Bell

This was a sweet, sexy second chance story.

Jack Parker is a sexy guy who doesn't do relationships which Maddie Adams learned the hard way.    Five years ago Maddie showed up at Jack's door in tears and that night quickly resulted into their 4 year old son, Gabe.  All Maddie ever wanted was to be part of a family with Jack but he is too selfish to every be a husband and father.

Fast forward five years....Maddie is in a serious relationship and life is looking good until she walks in on her live in boyfriend with another female!  Maddie finds herself heading to Jack's house, where Gabe currently is.  After hearing Maddie's story, Jack offers to have Maddie and Gabe stay at his house until Maddie can get back on her feet.  Reluctantly, Maddie agrees, plus there will be no sex!

As Jack and Maddie spend more time together and Jack truly is being a dad, he realizes that maybe being a family isn't so bad.  When emotions between Jack and Maddie start turning deeper, Jack realizes what he really wants now in his life.....his family.

I really enjoyed this story.  It was a fun, sexy second chance story that had a wonderful happy ending.