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Bad to the Bone - Roxanne St. Claire

Roxanne St. Claire has a way of bringing out your emotions with every book she writes.  I admit, I get teary eyed reading every one of Roxanne's books.  She even warned her readers that this one WILL make you cry and boy did it....big, sobbing crying involved in this one!  

Molly Kilcannon is a single mother who got pregnant her freshman year of college during her Thanksgiving break.  Molly had to leave UNC Chapel Hill to go to college locally but she managed to still become a veterinarian.  The only way Molly has been able to be the person she is now is because of her wonderful family.  Prudence "Pru" Anne Kilcannon is now 13 years old, beautiful and smart and Molly couldn't be any prouder.  Molly wished Pru's dad lived to have met his daughter, but unfortunately he died just after she was conceived.  No one in Molly's family knew who Pru's dad was except for her deceased mother.  Imagine Molly's surprise when Pru's dad is actually alive and well and back in Bitter Bark, NC.

Trace Bancroft was the "bad boy" of their high school years and the guy Molly crushed on.  He never forgot his special night with Molly, even when he had to quickly leave Bitter Bark and ended up in trouble spending 14 years in jail.  Now Trace is back with his dog, Meatball who is in need of medical attention.

The attraction between these two is still there in spades.  While Trace and Molly try to figure out their relationship, they realize they need to tell Pru the truth.  Trace is hesitant to tell Pru just yet and Molly agrees to wait until Pru's special project is finished.  All hell breaks loose one day and everyone's life is turned upside down.  It will take an act love and determination to fix everything.

It has been a while since I have sided with the underdog right from the beginning.  Trace has grown so much in the last 14 years.  He has owned up to his mistake and is trying to be a better man.  The way Trace feels for Molly is just perfect and real.  Throw in a newly found daughter and he is finally complete.  Molly was just wading through life, trying to replace her mom in everyone's life but never really taking time for herself.  Maybe deep down she knew it was Trace or no one!  And of course his dog, Meatball who was too cute!  By far, this is my favorite book in the story and my favorite cover!  I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!