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Rugged Texas Cowboy - Lora Leigh

This book has two shorter stories included in it, Cowboy and the Captive and Cowboy and the Thief.

In Cowboy and the Captive, Luc Jardin is ready to seek revenge on Miss Maria Catarina Angeles after the stunt she pulled that almost got his best friend, Jack Riley killed.  Maria's brother, Joe ends up meeting Luc and together they decide that Luc will kidnap Maria and have her work off her debt.  What Luc doesn't realize is that he is actually kidnapping Maria's twin, Melina.  Of course Luc doesn't believe Melina when she tries telling him that she isn't Maria.  That's when the fun begins.  I really enjoyed the way these two pushed and pulled with each other.  They didn't want to like the other but then you don't always get what you want! ;)  I really enjoyed these characters and this story line.

In Cowboy and the Thief, Jack Riley is in Ireland visiting his friend, Joseph Manning.  What he didn't expect was to be captivated by his daughter, Angel.  After some fun sparring back and forth, the sparks begin to fly.  Joe thinks Jack just might be the one to bring the fire back into his daughter.  When Joe ends up selling Jack the Irish torque, Angel is furious, but Jack refuses to give it back.  Angel decides that she is going to steal the torque back from Jack once he's back in Texas.  Too bad he was waiting for her!  I really enjoyed the sparring between these two and it was interesting how the Irish history came into play.