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Van - Sawyer Bennett

I just adore this series!  Every hockey player's story have been awesome so far and Van Turner's story is no exception.

Van is currently living with his teammate Lucas Fournier.  When Lucas' little sister Simone comes to temporarily live with them, that is when the fun begins.  Van and Simone are both emotionally guarded and emotionally explosive people and when these two finally hook up....WOW!

Van likes to act like an a$$hole and pretend that nothing bothers him, but in reality, that is not true.  He has a whole past history that has bothered him so much he was withdrawn socially from anyone.  Too bad Simone doesn't care about how Van acts, she just wants Van.....ANYWAY she can get him!

It takes one, stubborn, pushy female to finally get through to Van, but when Simone finally does....it was well worth it.  I just adored Simone.  She is such a strong female and goes after what she wants even if it isn't the normal thing to do.  Van may have seemed like not the world's best guy, but after realizing about his past, you can certainly understand why he is like he is.

Overall I loved the explosive journey these two went on to get to their happy ending.  These two were so hot, it was crazy!  The epilogue was even perfect too, although I must say I never would have guessed at that ending!