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Rock Solid - Carly Phillips

This is the 4th book in the Book Boyfriend series and we finally get Connor Prescott's story.  Out of all the four guys, Connor was the one who was looking for love, babies and the white picket fence...problem was he never met the girl that he'd want all that with.  Connor doesn't believe in one night stands, but after getting stranded in Denver because of a snowstorm, his life is about to change.

Something about the mysterious woman is pulling him towards her and quickly things begin to ignite.  After a fun dinner in the airport, and realizing that Katie doesn't have anywhere to sleep because all of the hotels are booked, he offers her the second room in his suite to which she reluctantly accepts.  Connor learns that Katie had her heart broken while in Denver and wants to just make her happier.  Katie decides she wants Connor instead.  Pleading with him they agree to one night, but no sharing last names or even any personal information.  Connor wakes up the next morning wanting to continue things with Kate back in Chicago but finds out she has left.

Imagine his surprise 3 1/2 years later when Katie shows up at his office explaining that he's a dad to 3 year old Leah and she finally found out who he was because she saw his picture on the cover of Chicago Magazine.  Considering Connor has never forgotten Katie, he takes this a great sign....the family he always has wanted.  Katie is just not sure of the situation.  All the men in her past have always proven to be jerks and Katie is not sure that she wants to drag Leah through anything.  Over the course of time Connor and Katie spend more time together, along with Leah.  Problem is is that Katie is not ready to fully commit and Connor is getting tired of waiting.

It took a long time for Connor and Katie to find their happy ending but it was so worth it!  I really loved Connor...such a great, perfect guy.  It was understandable how Katie was being based on her past, but at times I wanted to kick her in the butt and say guys like this don't come around that often!  Then there is Leah...she was such a fun, cute little girl!  Overall, this book was a great ending to this series and I'm sad it's over.  I sure hope Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde are putting out another series together!