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An Ex for Christmas (Love Unexpectedly) - Lauren Layne

If you are only going to read only one Christmas book this season, read this one.  Great story of best friends to lovers during the Christmas season.

Kelly Byrne is a school teacher and is finally on Christmas break.  She splits her time between Manhattan, NY and Haven, which is in upstate New York.  Kelly is on her way to her house in Haven to spend time with her best friend Mark Blakely who lives next door.  While on her trip home, a psychic tells the superstitious Kelly that she has already met her one true love and she will find him again before Christmas.  Kelly decides to make a list of all her ex's and is determined to hunt them all down before Christmas.  What Kelly doesn't know is that her bestie Mark has been in love with her for years and he is not happy with her plan to find her ex's.

Through a series of LOL moments, Kelly reconnects with her ex's, while at the same time the sexual chemistry between the her and Mark is really heating up!  Mark needs to decide if he wants to push Kelly for something real between the two of them or just let her go for good and move on with his life.

I just adored Mark and Kelly.  Mark is such a great guy and the type you want to marry.  Kelly was so fun and quirky you couldn't help but just want to be friends with her.  The road to their happy ending was perfect!  I loved this book and just couldn't put it down!