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Adam (7 Brides for 7 Soldiers Book 2) - Roxanne St. Claire

This is book 2 in a fun new series from multiple authors.  Each book revolves around a different guy from the town of Eagle's Ridge, Washington.

Adam Tucker thought he was going to be in the Coast Guard for life, but after he failed to save a teenage boy from drowning, he left the Coast Guard and headed back home to Eagle's Ridge.  There Adam and his twin brother Zane are running A to Z Watersports.  Adam is also in the process of opening a youth adventure camp to try and help troubled teens.  Zane loves to bet anybody for anything so he bets Adam that he will not get his camp ready in time for opening day.  Of course Adam takes that bet and is surprised when Zane sends a pretty interior designer his way to help him.  As soon as Adam sees Jadyn, whose real name is Jane, the sparks fly.  What Adam doesn't know is that Jane is hiding out, per the FBI, from something that she shouldn't have seen back in Miami, FL.  Jane doesn't want to get too close to anyone in Eagle's Ridge since she won't be there long, but of course the more she is around Adam, that feeling changes.  The more time Adam and Jane spend together, the more they both open up about things in their past.  When the past comes back to haunt them, it takes a huge leap of faith with both of them so they find their happy ending.

I just adored both of these characters.  I loved how open and honest Adam was.  I really enjoyed how all Jane wanted in life was to belong somewhere and how she finally found it.  I even really liked all of the secondary characters and it will be fun to see how each of their stories will play out.