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The Inn at Blue Hollow Falls - Donna Kauffman

What a fun, delightful story.  Stevie Franklin, Sunny Goodwin's best friend is coming to Blue Hollow Falls over the Christmas Holiday to help her friend set up the orchids for her new program in the old Victorian greenhouse she inherited.  Stevie isn't close to her family and would rather be working during the holidays and thought being with Sunny would be perfect.  What Stevie didn't expect was big, gorgeous and hunky Noah Tyler.  Noah owns the Inn at Blue Hollow Falls and is one of Sawyer's good friends.

The first meeting between Stevie and Noah was great and of course there was instant attraction.  Stevie ends up staying at Noah's inn since the broken water pipes at Sawyer's forced her to find somewhere else to stay.  While at the inn, a huge snow storm hits and Stevie and Noah are snowed in along with his guests.  Stevie jumps right in to help.  This constant closeness is causing some interesting feelings between the two of them that they both thought they'd never find.  It was fun watching this Christmas loving guy with a huge family slowly get Stevie to love the holiday season just like him.

If you are looking for a fun, quick Christmas story, you will really enjoy this one!