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Hope at Christmas: A Novel - Nancy Naigle

I was asked to review this book in exchange for an honest opinion.  I have never read this author and after reading this story, I need to read more of her books.  This author creates such real and genuine characters that you can't help but become friends with them, at least in your mind!

Sydney Ragsdale is going through a divorce and to get away from her soon-to-be ex-husband, Sydney and her daughter RayAnne decide to move to Hopewell, North Carolina.  Sydney grew up in Hopewell and when her grandparents died, they left her their old house.  For once Sydney is getting to make decisions for herself, not having to do everything her ex said she had to do.

Sydney takes RayAnne to school on her first day and they decides to wander around the small little town.  Sydney is shocked to see that The Book Bea is still open and that Bea Marion still runs it.  The two quickly catch up and Bea even offers Sydney a temporary job for the next few weeks until her other job starts in January.  Sydney just feels at home in the little bookstore.  When Bea mentions that she is looking to close the place in January unless someone is interested in buying it (wink wink) Sydney does some serious thinking.

In the meantime, Sydney and RayAnne are meeting and making many new friends, including Kevin "Mac" MacAlee and his son Seth.  What starts off as a fun friendship between kids and single parents quickly turns into something else.  Both of these single parents have to decide if they are ready to trust their hearts again.

When two things happen suddenly, along with an unexpected guest, their worlds collide very emotionally.  I just adored Sydney and Mac.  Sydney was just trying to find herself again and was doing a great job of it.  Mac was just the perfect guy with such a heart of gold.  These two people really deserved a happy ending and they really got a great one!  If you are looking for a sweet, emotional Christmas story....look no further....this is the one!